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How To Complete The Mausoleum

Shane Williams

Outriders Worldslayer which released on June 30th, 2022 brings a new end-game for players to explore. This page pertains to one of the optional rooms you can explore in the Trial of Tarya Gratar, The Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum is one of the first optional rooms you can do in the Trial of Tarya Gratar

Trial of Tarya Gratar The Mausoleum Rewards

Once you’ve stepped foot into the Trial of Tarya Gratar, follow the path along to the west to find a broken bridge leading to The Mausoleum. This is one of the many optional rooms you can visit during your run of Trial of Tarya Gratar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any specific gear drops, so you’ll want to take this path if your looking for a variety of drops.

The Mausoleum Tips

The Mausoleum will require you to clear out two seperate which contain different types of enemies. In the first area you’ll face a variety of Warzone and Snowland enemies, such Perforo and Shadowbeats. There isn’t much cover here, so you’ll want to keep your distance and take out the smaller enemies first, as they are much faster and could quickly overwhelm you which results in the stronger enemies getting an easy kill.

Next up, you’ll head inside and face Feral Type Enemies, such as Warriors and Bulwarks. However, this time around there is plenty of cover, so you’ll want to sit back and clear out the enemies nearby before progressing further to prevent getting shot from multiple directions.

Make Use of Cover

If you are playing in a group, then you want to send players forward which are using classes that are more designed for close-range combat, such as the Trickster or Devastator. The main reason for these choices is that the Trickster recovers health and shield from getting close-range kills and the Devastator is more of a tankier class.

As for Pyromancer and Technomancer you’ll want them to sit back for a couple reasons. Technomancer have a long range healing ability which could get the close range classes out of sticky situations and put DOTs (Damage Over Time) on enemies from afar. Also, keeping someone back means there will always be someone available to revive.

For solo players you’ll want to follow the same strategy above, so if you’re playing a class which recovers health and deals more damage whilst being up close, then you’ll want to play more aggressively. Alternatively, if your class benefits more with sitting back and dealing damage for afar, then you’ll want to play more defensively.

(1 of 2) Make use of buffs such as Twisted Bullets to deal more damage.

Make use of buffs such as Twisted Bullets to deal more damage. (left), Keep in cover to avoid taking too much damage (right)

Make Use of Buffs

Buffs make a huge difference when tackling these optional rooms at high Apocalypse Tiers, as it allows you take out the enemies quicker, so they get less of an opportunity to group up on you and drain your health. Some good buffs to use are the exclusive rounds for each class, such as Twisted Rounds for Trickster and Blighted Rounds for Technomancer. Additionally, if you have a Technomancer in your party using an Ordnance Skill, such as Tool of Destruction with the Cannonade Perk, then you’ll want to make sure they have this activated to give the party a Weapon Damage increase.

Decrease Apocalypse Tiers

If you are really struggling to complete these optional rooms in the Trial of Tarya Gratar, then you may want to consider lowering your Apocalypse Tier by 1 and work on getting better equipment and saving resources to upgrade it. For those who don’t want to play through a full Trial of Tarya Gratar run without earning XP, then expeditions may be a good shout, as it’ll allow you to acquire Titanium and Drop Pod Resources a lot faster.

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