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Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build

Craig Robinson

The Pyromancer is perhaps one of the most diverse Anomaly Power classes in the game. All the sets offer a unique look at some of the different skills the Pyromancer has on offer. One that is gaining traction in is the Eruption skill, thanks to the new Worldslayer systems making it much more attractiive. The Eruption skill was often just an okay skill in the base game, but it is drastically better thanks to the new systems and mods. Let’s take a look at one of the rising star builds for the Pyromancer and go into detail on the Outriders Worldlslayer Eruption Lava Lich Build.

The Eruption build uses the Lava Lich set from the base game and does solid single target and AOE damage.

Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build overview

The Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build is a Pyromancer build from the base game, but it’s back with a new twist. The build still uses all the same core mods as it used to, including the Lava Lich set from the base game. However, the difference is that the build now uses some of the new mods added to the game, alongwith getting a significant damage and cooldwon reduction through the Pyromaniac tree.

Furthermore, the new additions to the PAX class tree are helping to empower Explosion skills since they were rather lacking in Outriders and New Horizon. The problem of old was that Explosion skills only granted very little bonus Anomaly Power when activated. While that is still the case, you can get a bonus stacking Explosion damage through the PAX Pyromaniac skill tree, along with the Convection perk, drastically making your explosion skills more accessible. The result is more Explosion skills are off cooldown more often, and they are much stronger than before.

The benefit of this is that you now have a build that does much more reliable single target boss killing damage, alongside decent map clearing speeds. However, it is certainly not in the god realms of map clearing like the Heat Seeker build, which by far has the best map clear in the game. However, it does offer more versatility as it has better boss killing. If you’re after a more well-rounded build, especially since the Acari set is nerfed in Wordslayer, the following Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build is worth using over the Heat Seeker playstyle.

Outriders Eruption class and PAX trees

(1 of 2) Here is the class tree we like using for this Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build.

Here is the class tree we like using for this Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build. (left), Here is the PAX tree you need to take for the Eruption build. (right)

You can create your class tree for the Outriders Wordslayer Eruption build in two ways. The first is by staying exclusively in the Tempest tree, taking as much Anomaly Power, Explosive skill cooldown reduction, burn, and marked enemy buffs as possible. These will make your build more consistent, especially against single-target enemies.

Alternatively, you can drop a few of the bonus burn options and head to Hot Situation in the Ash Breaker tree to get more Anomaly Power when you press Ash Blast. You also take the mods that turn your burns into ash on expiration, meaning there’s always something for your Overdraft to take and destroy.

The two choices are entirely up to you, but we prefer the Tempest tree just for the consistency in your spells. Without the extra cooldown reduction for Explosive skills, you will find that your Eruptions have a fairly long cooldown, along with making Overheat shorter. Plus, your damage comes from the PAX tree skill, Trigger Sequence, which increases the damage of your explosive skills by 25% whenever an explosive skill is used. This stack to three times and starts anew when the third stack is extended. Therefore, the more often your explosives are off cooldown, the better. You also need Convection, since that PAX tree reduces your cooldown by four second, on a three second cooldown. This helps drastically lower your CDs, so you can consitently spam you spells.


The three main skills you want to use are the Overheat, Ash Blast and Eruption skills. The theory is Eruption applies burn to your eneimes, while you Ash Blast applies ash. You then use Overheat to go big damage and clear out trash packs, presuming they are still alive after Eruption and its DoT (damage over time) effects go off. You also get two explosive skills with Overheat and Eruption, benefiting from the Explosive improvement in the PAX tree.

Skill Icon Basic description
Overheat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal damage to enemies on the map. It deals bonus damage if it consumes burn on a target.
Ash Blast Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Turns nearby enemies into Ash, applying the ash debuff and temporarily stuns enemies, and very briefly for elite enemies.
Eruption Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Create a Volcanic eruption beneath the selected enemy, dealing damage to all enemies within a small radius of the target. The eruption spews lava, dealing damage over time within a small area.

Weapons and Mods

Like most Anomaly Power builds, you’re going to want a decent weapon that has two very specific mods on them, Fortress and Mage’s Rage. These two are the best mods for improving your damage. Mage’s Rage increases your AP by up to 40% via landing critical shots for 15 seconds, while Fortress improves your defensiveness and grants a 20% damage boost when stacked. These two mods will vastly improve your damage from your skills once you start getting the successful shots and critical shots rolling.

As for the weapon itself, try to roll a weapon with a third slot Fortress or Mage’s Rage, and equip the other mod in place of a less ideal mod. If possible, get a weapon with increased Status Power on it, as that will strengthen your burns. However, it’s not more important than the Fortress or Mage’s Rage mod.

Weapons and mods Icon Description Comment
Fortress Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Stack up to three times to get increased defence and resistance. Reaching max stacks increases damage by 20% Good to stack before using any of your skills for the extra defensiveness and increase damage.
Mage’s Rage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical hits increase Anomaly Power by 10% for 15 seconds, stacking up to four times This grants 40% Anomaly Power for a small duration, which helps improve all your skill damage, offering a sizeable damage boost ahead of using your Eruption or Overdraft charges.

Outriders Lava Lich Build: Armor and mods

You are going to need to use at least three pieces of the Lava Lich set to get the build going. We highly recommend taking the Charms of the Lava Lich (Gloves), Lower Robe of the Lava Lich (Pants), and the Upper Robes of the Lava Lich (Chest) at a minimum.

We recommend these items because the gloves grant the mod, Etna: Eruption can activate one more time before triggering the cooldown. On the other hand, the legs offer Improved Damage, which increases the base damage of the skill, and the chest piece offers an increased skill radius by 100%. These three mods are key to improving the damage and potential AOE of the build, making it an all-around more effective build for single target and map clearing.

As for the helmet, you’re free to get a purple piece that offers you other interesting mods that enhance your damage, survivability, or Anomaly Power bonus. Moreso, we recommend you take the Boots of the Acari, as that item comes with Master Consumer mod, which allows you to consume Ash and Burn effects for a 150% damage bonus for your Overheat skill.

You’ll also notice the Lava Lich set largely comes with the F.A.S.E.R beam mods. You can easily swap these out for Overheat mods like Phoenix Force and Turn up the Heat, which are both important mods for the build. You also want other generic mods for increasing your damage to elites and general AP buffing armor mods. Though, outside the recommended Overheat mods to repalce the F.A.S.E.R Beam mods, you want to get a third slot on any of the other unmetnioned mods in the table below.

The table below contains all the mods you want on your build to make your Outriders Worldslayer Eruption build pop to its potential.

Armor mods Icon Description Comment
Arms and Anomaly Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots increase your AP for six seconds. General skill and status damage DPS boost, also triggers alongside your Mage’s Rage weapon mod.
Ash Increase Range Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase the Ash Blast skill range by 50%. Affect more targets with Ash Blast on a map.
Bullet Kindling Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deals 12% more damage against enemies afflicted by Burn. Decent DPS boost to burning enemies that your Overheat damage benefits from.
Captain Hunter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase damage to elites by 16%. Huge damage buff to elites and something you ideally want when your legendary gear gets a valuable third slot.
Death Sentence Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Weapon and Anomaly Damage are increased by 40% and 30%, respectively, of targets hit with Ash Blast. Huge DPS boost to map clear and single target damage.
Etna Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Eruption can be cast one more time before going on cooldown. Solid boost to your build’s damage and helps scale the Trigger Sequence PAX talent.
Master Consumer Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat consumes Burn and Ash. Consuming both grants a 150% damage to the skill. Increases damage throughput of Overheat for a general DPS increase.
Giga-blast Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase the skill’s radius by 100%. Easier to land AOE on even more enemies and can be useful in case a single target enemy starts moving during the cast animation.
Improved Damage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increases Explosion damage. General DPS boost.
Magma Coat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increases Eruption’s damage over time. Single target DPS improvement mod for Eruption.
Phoenix Force Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat grants bonus Anomaly Power per status consumed. Stacks 10 times. Great addition for map clear speeds and sligfhtly beneficial for single target DPS improvement.
Turn up the Heat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat can be activated twice before going on cooldown. Overall increase to DPS on burned enemies and offers another repeatable stack of Trigger Sequence from the PAX tree.
Unstoppable Force Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increases your Anomaly Power by 50% of your Resistance Piercing Pyromancers gain additional resistance piercing in the firepower and anomaly power tree. You also get bonus resistance pierce through the Melting Pot perk in the PAX tree, which we take. It equates to around 22-37.5% more Anomaly Power depending on how much resistance piercing you take from the Ash Blaster tree. If you dont go the Ash Blasster route in the class tree then it’s not as viable for your build.


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