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Best Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build

Craig Robinson

Outriders: Worldslayer’s new features have expanded upon every class, with the new PAX tree, two new legendary sets for each class and more. The Devastator is no exception, gaining some interesting options in its PAX tree that reward the use of old and new sets alike. However, there is one Outriders Worldslayer build that rewards an old base game set, the Seismic Commander. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best Outriders Worldslayer build in the game. Here is everything you need to know about the meta-defining Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build.

Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build - The Seismic Commander

The Seismic Commander is a base game legendary set that has found a new purpose in Worldslayer expansion. The core of the tier set bonus is useful, applying a 50% damage bonus to enemies afflicted with bleedsOutriders Worldslayer Screenshot. However, the new PAX class tree makes the set even better.

Thanks to the new PAX tree, there is a perk that allows the Devastator to use any Seismic skill to inflict bleeding on enemies. More so, we now find that the typical Anomaly Power playstyle is one of the tankiest builds in the game, while still dishing out plenty of damage on boss and trash packs. Below you’ll find in more detail how this Outriders Devastator build works.

Class tree

Here is an example of how you can build your Devastator class tree.

The Devastator build requires you to invest largely in the bottom tree. You will want to take the Seismic damage buffs, alongside the Seismic cooldowns. There is also an additional Paladin option you want to take, which grants a bonus 45% Anomaly Power for 10 seconds after using a Protection skill. You also want to take the bleed duration and damage bonus options, as that scales with the tier set and your status power attributes and enhancement mods.

PAX tree

The core of the PAX tree for this builds you to head into the Tetonic tree and take the following perks:

  • Impact Point - Your Seismic and Kinetic skill damage is increased by an additional 30% of your Anomaly Power. Bonus Damage is Split amongst all damaged enemies.
  • Puncture - Your Seismic skills inflicts Bleed. Anomaly Damage to enemies afflicted with bleeds is increased by 10%.
  • Earthen Shell - Damage dealt with skills is converted into shield.
  • Upheaval - Enemies damaged by Seismic skills become upheaved for two seconds, storing 10% of the damage received during that time and releasing it once the effect ends.
  • Multistrike - 30% of damage dealt by Seismic skills is stored and added to your next Seismic skill. This effect resets every time you release your stored damage.

Here is an example of how this Devastator PAX build should look.

What you find with these five PAX perks is that you get significant Anomaly Power increases, which also play into the multiple stacks of the skills you get. This scales your damage in your skill damage rotation to do even more damage. Not to mention your rotation will apply additonal bonus damage thanks to the bleeds you inflict.

As for the defensive side, a Devastator’s bleeds heal them naturally. Combine that with Earthern Shell and your high damage skills will shield you, while your bleeds will top you up if they fall off. This makes them incredibly tanky, on top of being one of the sturdiest classes already.

All in all, these PAX perks allow you to create a versatile Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build. You will deal bonus damage to multiple enemies and bosses alike and gain extra defensive capabilities in the form of a second health bar through the shielding.


The core of the build will utilize the following skills:

Skill Icon Basic description
Earthquake Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Punch the floor and send a line forward dealing damage
Impale Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Spikes rupture from the floor, impaling enemies who die to the skill
Reflect Bullets Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Hold the skill and grab hold of rounds as tey come to you. Recast the skill to send the enemies back.

Earthquake and Impale are two Seismic skills worth using, thanks to the buffs you get from the Class and Pax Tree. The build enables both solid map clearing with the Impale spread one-shotting multiple enemies, followed by the single-target bonus of spamming Earthquake stacks onto an elite.

You can use your two or three Eathrquake stacks (depending on mods) on Elites to benefit from the Impact Point, Upheaval, and Multistrike bonus damage buffs, helping to pump out huge Anomaly Power burst. This makes the build extremely efficient at single-target and multi-target maps and missions.

We also recommend taking either Golem or Reflect Bullets. The reason is that you take the Paladin talent in the class tree, which grants bonus Anomaly Power for using a Protective skill. We recommend using Reflect Bullets thanks to the skill cancellation, making it quick to activate. This is alongside the fact you don’t need Golem anymore due to the Earthern Shell talent in the PAX tree.

Ascension Tree

The Ascension tree is another place where you can further develop your build. It is considered to be something you change naturally over time, but you will want to fill the Anomaly tree. Focus on improving your Anomaly Power first, since that benefits a lot of your PAX tree, followed by the skill damage, and then synergises with your stored damage bonus. You can then fill in the rest however you prefer.

If you’re still improving your build, you may want to add additional cooldown reduction. This helps those who are starting a fresh Devastator and need extra cooldown reduction until their mods and gear attributes improve. You can even consider adding additional firepower to the build when the three skill are on cooldown. It is also goes hand in hand with some key legendary weapons which we will get to shortly.

Weapons and mods

There are plenty of weapons you can use in the build. The options include extra AOE damage if you wish to include, weapons with decent ammo preservation, status power buffs and more. Below are some legendary weapons worth considering, especially the new addition, Sunfall.

Weapon Icon Description
Damascus Offering Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Damascus Offering is a great LMG, equipped with Claymore Torrent that deals damage to four nearby targets to where the shot landed, alongside adding bonus firepower equal to 40% of your Anomaly with Anomaly Enhancement.
Inferno Seed Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Status Power improvement and crit shots deal burn damage. Adds extra source of damage that scales with your Status Power and Anomaly Power, while preserving ammo via the Brain Eater mod.
Mythos Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Mythos is a new legendary introduced in Worldslayer. Mythos contains a new mod called Omen, adding cover-piercing anomaly projectiles that inflict bleed. This is a nice addition to your arsenal, as it adds more ways to inflict bleeds to targets to further enhance your status power damage at enemies your skills won’t reach, alongside adding to your heath recovery.
Roaring Umbra Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot While the legendary LMG has rather poor mods for the build, it does come with high-status power modification. If you really want to spruce your bleed damage, then the Roaring Umbra is an ideal weapon.
Sunfall Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Sunfall is another new SMG that works incredibly well with the new Outriders Worldslayer Devastator build. The reason why is thanks to the Firestorm mod that inflicts burn to enemies empowering your status power damage, alongside the Mage’s Rage mod which allows crit shots to grant a 10% Anomaly Power bonus for 15 seconds, stacking up to four times. This means that you can get even more Anomaly Power by landing four headshots on your target before unleashing your arsenal of skills on the enemy. This is one we highly recommend using with the Devastator, especially for your boss killing prowes.

We also advise trying to get these weapons with the third slot apocalypse upgrade. Preferably, the weapon should include the Fortress mod. While the Devastator doesn’t need the bonus armor and resistance, it will benefit from the stacking bonus damage. You may also try to get Mage’s Rage as third slot too.

Armor and mods

You’re going to equip a full set of the Seismic Commander legendary tier set. You will modify the gear to remove any mods that add a bleed to Seismic skills. Thanks to the PAX tree allowing all Seismic skills to inflict bleed, you no longer need bleed inflicting mods. This opens an extra slot room to add extra Anomaly Power and bonus damage perks, making your build go further. Examples of armor mods you want to slot in, or find through the third apocalypse slot include:

Mod name Icon Description Comments
Captain Hunter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase damage to Elite enemies by 16%. A solid increase to elite and boss damage in Tarya Gratar.
Power Assimilation Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Boosts your Anomaly Power by an amount for each Elite present on the battlefield. Solid mod for fighting both bosses or multiple elites at once.
Danger Close Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Grants a 6% Anomaly Power bonus for each enemy in close range. This stacks up to 4 times. An ideal mod since you will tend to be in close range to use your spells against enemies.
Arms and Anomaly Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical Shots increase your Anomaly Power for six seconds and has a six seconds cooldown This works incredibly well with the Sunfall SMG if you manage to get that and synchronize its Mage Rage mod, or any other weapon with Mage Rage.
Thunder’s Legacy Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal anomaly lighting damage to three enemies every 8 seconds within a 10-meter range. It has an eight-second cooldown. This works since you tend to be within 10 meters of enemies to apply your Earthquake and Impale skills.
Second Quake Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot This allows you to cast Earthquake another time. Sadly the set only comes with one extra Earthquake stack, so adding this in place of a weaker Impale mod is fine too. This helps you to cast three Earthquakes ramping your damage with the PAX mod just by using Earthquake alone.


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