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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What's included in the Happy Home Paradise DLC?

Staci Miller

On November 5th, not only is Animal Crossing: New Horizons releasing a free update, but a paid DLC too. Happy Home Paradise can be purchased for a one-time fee of $24.99, but it’s also included in the new Nintendo Switch Online membership option (which costs $49.99 for 12 months for an individual).

Here’s everything that’s included in the new DLC.

Design Homes On The Paradise Planning Team

You can talk to clients and find out what they want in a dream vacation home, then work with Lottie to make it happen!

The new resort area is made up of a few different islands where you can design homes for others. You’ll choose a location and then use delivered furniture to design the interior of the house.

Each client will have a different personality, and that will affect what they want.

You’ll then be able to decorate the yard.

As you keep designing homes and moving forward, you’ll unlock more things you can do, such as using partitions to divide the space and create more rooms. The requests are varied and have different themes to keep you interested, so no two designs are the same.


As you gain experience as a designer, you’ll be able to go back and make remodeling recommendations for clients’ homes.

You can use your new knowledge to go back and make changes to homes.

Since you unlock more furniture as you progress, this could end up being very useful for creating the dream home. The homes you design in the early days of doing this won’t look as good as the ones you design later, with so much more unlocked.

Roommate Recommendations

Not only will you be able to remodel homes, you can make roommate recommendations.

If you think they’d be well-suited, suggest it!

If you think two clients are well-suited to living with each other, go ahead and say the word. This will combine them into one home. Unlocking the ability to divide the rooms may become particularly useful here.

Design Facilities

The islands Lottie is located on wouldn’t be complete without some facilities. When you start out, there are several empty buildings around.

You’ll notice these buildings right away.

As times goes on, you’ll be able to transform these buildings into impressive schools, cafes, and more.

Online Features

You’ll be able to use the Happy Home Catalog to post your vacation homes online and look at other people’s. You can use this to show off your favorite designs, or browse for inspiration from others.

The ability to connect with others can be very motivational.

Nintendo have also provided the ability to follow other designers. If there’s someone who does good work, you can keep up to date with their future homes.

Bring Your Knowledge Back To Your Island

Perhaps the best thing about this DLC is that you’ll be able to bring the skills and techniques you learn back to your own island. You can overhaul the design of your home with more features unlocked.

These gifts are exclusive to the DLC.

You can also bring back gifts for your residents. Nintendo has hinted that if you do this enough times and stick with the designing, your residents will let you remodel their homes. This is big news since, until now, players have only been able to create yards for their residents’ homes and haven’t been allowed to touch the inside of them.

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