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Diablo IV

How Events Work in Diablo 4

Matt Chard

One of the many features found in Diablo 4 is Events. These are random objectives that appear across Sanctuary indicated by an orange circle on the map/minimap. Completing these events normally reward you with a chest, and depending on if you fully complete the event, the chest can be of a higher quality such as a Radiant chest which offers you better loot. Below you will find more information about Events in Diablo 4, and what to expect.

What Events Are There?

Events will always appear in the same place on the map, but the objective for them will change. Most of these events will involve defeating hordes of monsters, but they will have some type of objective while all that is going on. Below are some of the objectives we encountered, although there is certainly more than what’s listed here.

Then you have event masteries which will offer another objective that will appear either throughout the event, or at the end of it. This can be anything from saving NPCs to killing a boss. If you complete the mastery too, you’ll get bonus exp, and the tier of the chest will increase, for example, a Radiant chest may become a Greater Radiant chest.

(1 of 6) !Hold Your Ground requires you to survive three waves of enemies. If you protect the Wanderer, you’ll also complete the mastery.

How to Find and Start Events

Events have a circular orange marker that can be seen on your minimap if you’re near one, or on the world map if you’re not. These have a relatively short respawn time of approximately 5 minutes, although it won’t necessarily be the same objective. From what we can tell, events will spawn in the same place across Sanctuary, and only the type of event will change, but this still needs to be tested.

To start an event, all you have to do is walk into the area that the orange circle covers. This includes an event that has already been started by another player. Sometimes you’ll need to head towards a small orange marker to activate the event yourself.

(1 of 2) Open the world map, and you’ll see an orange circle showing you there is an event in progress.

Open the world map, and you’ll see an orange circle showing you there is an event in progress. (left), Sometimes, you’ll need to activate the event yourself. (right)

What are Zone Events?

Zone Events are rarer to see and have a much longer spawn time than regular events. Also, these are intended for groups of players, although you can still participate if your gear is good enough. In the beta, a Zone Event appeared for us where the "Kor Dragan" iconKor Dragan Stronghold is with the event being called “The Gathering Legions”. When we entered the event, we had to slay enemies to provoke the Servants of Hell with a mastery of defeating them.

(1 of 2) The Gathering Legions Zone Event spawned where the Kor Dragan Stronghold is.

The Gathering Legions Zone Event spawned where the Kor Dragan Stronghold is. (left), You’ll need to slay three waves of enemies, and three Servant’s of Hell to complete the event. (right)

After provoking the first Servant of Hell, we had to defeat a miniboss that was protected by Blood Blister which needed to be destroyed. With the first Servant down, we had to move to a different location and slay more enemies to provoke another Servant. Regrettably, we didn’t get the second Servant of Hell to spawn due to a lack of DPS, but it still spawned a boss which in our case was the "Blood Bishop" iconBlood Bishop who we’ve fought in a dungeon before. Allegedly there have been sightings of a mount dropping from this event from sources online, although we can’t personally confirm it.

What Rewards Do Events Give??

Completing the mastery of an event will yield greater rewards.

Like most side content in Sanctuary, you’ll get experience, Renown, gold, and a high chance of quality loot. Not only will you get loot from the elites, and bosses that can appear there, but you’ll get a chest to open upon successful completion. If you complete the mastery on top, the quality of the chest will rise which gives you an even better chance of high-tier loot.

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