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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Route 211 - West (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Route 211 (West), including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

Route 211 is divided into two halves by Mt. Coronet. You can reach this west section by traveling east from Eterna City.

Entering Mt. Coronet (Briefly)

Should you continue east, you can enter the north section of Mt. Coronet. Right now, you cannot pass through to the other side, since you need HM Strength. But, while you’re inside, you can encounter some wild Pokémon at least.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Tall Grass

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
399.pngBidoof pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png 35% (Morning/Day), 25% (Night)
433.pngChingling pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png 10%
74.pngGeodude pokemon_bdsp_rock17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png 10%
307.pngMeditite pokemon_bdsp_fighting17.pngpokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png 35% (Morning/Day), 25% (Night)
163.pngHoothoot pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png 10% (Night)
77.pngPonyta pokemon_bdsp_fire17.png 10%
41.pngZubat pokemon_bdsp_poison17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png 10% (Night)

Wild Pokémon - Poké Radar

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
236.pngTyrogue pokemon_bdsp_fighting17.png 12%

Trainer Battles

Ninja Boy Zach

Pokémon Level Type
41.pngZubat 13 pokemon_bdsp_poison17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png
41.pngZubat 14 pokemon_bdsp_poison17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png
41.pngZubat 15 pokemon_bdsp_poison17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png

Hiker Louis

Pokémon Level Type
74.pngGeodude 15 pokemon_bdsp_rock17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png
95.pngOnix 15 pokemon_bdsp_rock17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png

Bird Keeper Alexandra

You need HM Rock Smash to reach Alexandra.

Pokémon Level Type
163.pngHoothoot 19 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png


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In this remake of the classic Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, you’ll journey through the mystical Sinnoh region to become a Pokémon master. Along the way, you’ll confront the scheming Team Galactic and witness the awesome power of the Legendary Dialga or Palkia.

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