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List of 32 Named NPCs in the Grand Underground

Sophia Hayes
Vincent Lau

This page lists the names of all the NPCs your must talk to in the Grand Underground in order to complete the Spiritomb quest in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

(1 of 2) These NPCs will have a name above their text box.

These NPCs will have a name above their text box. (left), On top of that, they'll shout their name at you, so they're difficult to miss. (right)

The NPCs spawn randomly inside the Grand Underground. You must talk to 32 of the 35 unique NPCs in order to complete the quest requirements.


This is an example of a "strip".

Each NPC has a higher chance of spawning in a given “strip”. A strip is defined as all the tunnels before reaching a loading zone (or in other words, a Hideaway).

However, on rare occasions (around 10% chance), a different NPC than what’s listed may spawn in the strip instead.

Number Icon Name Main Location
1 Adrienne.png Adrienne Vicinity of Route 206 Entrance
2 blaire.png Blaire Vicinity of Fight Zone Entrance
3 dane.png Dane Adjacent strip east of Typhlo Cavern
4 Dilan.png Dilan Strip adjacent to Big Bluff Cavern; near Route 224 Entrance
5 donn.png Donn Vicinity of Lake Acuity Entrance
6 dugal.png Dugal Strip with Bogsunk Cavern Sector Base Expansion NPC
7 eilieen2.png Eileen Strip adjacent to Still-Water Cavern; near Iron Island Entrance
8 elishah.png Elishah Adjacent strip west of Sunlit Cavern
9 emmy.png Emmy Vicinity of Eterna City Entrance
10 GUY.png Guy Vicinity of Route 216 Entrance
11 harper.png Harper Strip adjacent to Volcanic Cave with TM49 Scald
12 kawika.png Kawika Strip adjacent to Whiteout Cave with Dawn Stone
13 kellyn.png Kellyn Strip south of Bogsunk Cavern
14 kiera.png Kiera Strip with Bogsunk Cavern Sector Medic
15 Leilani.png Leilani Central region accessible via Celestic Town
16 leticia.png Leticia Vicinity of Route 207 Entrance
17 maika.png Maika Vicinity of Snowpoint City Entrance
18 matthew.png Matthew Vicinity of Route 210 Entrance
19 meredyth.png Meredyth Strip adjacent to Dazzling Cave with TM45 Attract
20 meri.png Meri Vicinity of Pastoria City Entrance
21 michelle.png Michelle Vicinity of Floaroma Town Entrance
22 mirelle.png Mireille Adjacent strip north of Bogsunk Cavern
23 perdita.png Perdita Vicinity of Veilstone City Entrance
24 polly.png Polly Vicinity of Sunyshore City Entrance
25 reade.png Reade Vicinity of Route 203 Entrance
26 reggie.png Reggie Strip adjacent to Dazzling Cave with Twisted Spoon
27 reika.png Reika Vicinity of Route 221 Entrance
28 rita.png Rita Adjacent strip west of Typhlo Cavern
29 roy.png Roy Vicinity of Jubilife City Entrance
30 ryuki.png Ryuki Strip adjacent to Spacious Cave with Shiny Stone
31 samuel.png Samuel Strip adjacent to Fountainspring Cave with TM87 Swagger
32 Seamus.png Seamus Vicinity of Hearthome City Entrance
33 shayne.png Shayne Vicinity of Eterna Forest Entrance
34 teena.png Teena Vicinity of Route 201 Entrance
35 troye.png Troye Strip east of Typhlo Cavern Sector Grassland Cave

How to Quickly Cycle NPCs

If you’re dedicated, you can take advantage of the slight randomness of NPCs to try and find NPCs who generally appear in strips found later in the game.

Choose one of the two paths shown here.

First, find a strip that’s small in size. We recommend the strip on the left or right side of Sunlit Cavern. You can quickly reach the right strip by going underground from Route 207.

Let’s say you take the right strip. As it happens, the NPC (Leticia) will always spawn somewhere around the two small, looped pathways near the entrances to Sunlit Cavern. So you can do a figure-eight lap until you find the NPC.

Once you’ve found the NPC, enter the nearest Hideaway, then return to the same strip. The position and identity of the NPC may change. You can then do another lap to find the NPC and hope it’s a different one. More often than not, it’ll be the one that’s usually there, but you can always hope!

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