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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Trade Pokémon

Staci Miller

Trading is a game mechanic as old as the Pokémon games themselves. Here’s how to do it in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, as well as where to find trades.

How to Trade

There are three main ways to trade.

Local Trading

After you earn your first Gym badge, you can head to the basement of the Pokémon Center and speak to a nurse to enter the Union Room. After that, you can press ‘Y’ to access it from anywhere.

This will allow you to trade with people on your local network. You can press ‘Y’ inside the room and select ‘Trade’ or ‘Battle’. Then speak to someone with a speech bubble over their head, as this means they want to do the same.

Online Trading

(1 of 2) Speak to the nurse in the middle to enter the Global Room.

Speak to the nurse in the middle to enter the Global Room. (left), Youll see a speech bubble indicating someone wants to interact! (right)

Online trading works the same way, but you will have to access the Global Room from inside the Union Room. You will need a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to do this.

NPC Trades

The other way to trade is by meeting NPCs who are willing to trade one of their Pokémon for yours! They will be very specific in their wants and needs, however.

Some NPCs let you trade in-game.

Location Will Trade For Your
Oreburgh City, left of the Poké Mart Abra.pngAbra Machop.pngMachop
Eterna City, in the Condeminium Chatot.pngChatot Buizel.pngBuizel
Mindy, in Snowpoint City Haunter.pngHaunter holding an Everstone Medicham.pngMedicham
Home in Route 226 Magikarp.pngGerman Magikarp Finneon.pngFinneon

Trading Evolutions

Some Pokémon only evolve by evolution. For this, you’ll have to find a friend willing to trade to ensure you get the Pokémon you want. These Pokémon are as follows.

Pokémon Evolution Item Required
Haunter.png Haunter Gengar.pngGengar None
Kadabra.pngKadabra Alakazam.pngAlakazam None
Machoke.pngMachoke Machamp.pngMachamp None
Graveller.pngGraveler Golem.pngGolem None
Poliwhirl.pngPoliwhirl Politoed.pngPolitoed King’s Stone
Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke Slowking.pngSlowking King’s Stone
Onix.pngOnix steelix.pngSteelix Metal Coat
Scyther.pngScyther Scizor.pngScizor Metal Coat
Seadra.pngSeadra Kingdra.pngKingdra Dragon Scale
Porygon.pngPorygon Porygon2.pngPorygon2 Upgrade
Clamperl.pngClamperl Huntail.pngHuntail Deep Sea Tooth
Clamperl.pngClamperl Gorebyss.pngGorebyss Deep Sea Scale

If an item is required, the Pokémon being traded should hold it to complete the evolution.


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