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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Solaceon Ruins (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Solaceon Ruins, including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

Where to Find Solaceon Ruins

(1 of 2) Solaceon Ruins is located at the east edge of Solaceon Town.

Solaceon Ruins is located at the east edge of Solaceon Town. (left), Inside is a maze of staircases. (right)

Solaceon Ruins is located along the east side of Solaceon Town. To get there, head east along the northernmost part of town (right before the exit), then jump off the easternmost ledge and continue jumping south, while keeping to the east.

How to Reach the Upper Entrance

At the front of the ruins, there are two entrances: the main one that’s nearby and another entrance that’s higher up. If you’re curious about the second entrance, you can’t actually access it from the ruins itself. Instead, you need to cut through the Ruin Maniac Cave on Route 214.

However, if you rush to the Ruin Maniac Cave now, you may find it’s incomplete. To expand the tunnel, you must catch all 26 alphabetical Unown found in the Solaceon Ruins first. Once you’ve done that, you can reach the endpoint of Ruin Maniac Cave and find a final room containing the ! and ? form of Unown, finishing the set!


Map of Solaceon Ruins.

How to Solve the Solaceon Ruins Puzzle

In the initial room, there’s a plaque with a message spelled out in Unown. If you played the Johto games or use some lateral thinking, the Unown all represent a letter of the English alphabet.

The message is thus:


These directions indicate the stairs you must follow. Going down a different stair will send you to a room that’s a dead end. By the way, despite appearances, this ruin isn’t a “Lost Woods” type of affair, so you won’t loop endlessly if you go the wrong way. Also, some of the dead-end rooms have hidden items, but nothing major.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Ground

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
201.pngUnown pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png 100%

How to Collect all the Unown Forms

(1 of 2) Unown F is wandering the second large room.

Unown F is wandering the second large room. (left), Unown D is found in the final large room with the Mind Plate. (right)

Excluding the initial room, the six large rooms only contain one form of Unown. The first of these rooms has the F Unown, then the next rooms have the R, I, E, N and D Unown, in that order.

Meanwhile, all of the small dead-end rooms contain the 20 remaining alphabetical Unown, with an equal encounter rate (5% for each). So you’ll be spending most of your time there.

After obtaining the first 26 Unown, you can pass through the Ruin Maniac Cave to reach an isolated room containing the ! and ? Unown, again with an equal encounter rate (50% for both).


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