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Victory Road (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Victory Road, including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

(1 of 2) Victory Road is a maze of bridges and tunnels.

Victory Road is a maze of bridges and tunnels. (left), You'll need to use various HMs, such as Rock Climb. (right)

Similar to past Pokémon titles, Victory Road is the final dungeon of the main story, accessible via the Pokémon League at the end of Route 223. Within, many formidable trainers and wild Pokémon lurk. Be sure you’re fully prepared before venturing forth!

How to Enter the Blocked Cave

(1 of 2) This guy is blocking a cave near the north exit.

This guy is blocking a cave near the north exit. (left), He'll disappear during the postgame. (right)

Not far from the north exit, there’s a suspicious cave towards the east that you cannot enter, because somebody’s standing in the way. Annoyingly, you barely get any hints–and it’s all too easy to forget about this cave.

After you’ve completed the game and obtained the National Pokédex, you’ll be able to enter this cave. Inside, there’s a new area that connects to Route 224.


Full map of Victory Road. Now you shouldn't get lost!

1F (South)

You’ll begin near the south side of 1F, on high ground. Head across the bridge just ahead, then use HM Rock Climb on the nearby rocky wall to descend to the floor. If you want, go all the way east and search the two rocks near the corner for a hidden Ultra Ball.

Anyway, go over to the south-west corner where you can fight Psychic Bryce. Above him, pick up TM41 Torment below the ledge. Then go back around and use Rock Climb to return to higher ground. Go across the next bridge to the east. Next, walk down the steps just below and go around from the left or right.

(1 of 2) TM41 Torment.

TM41 Torment. (left), Hidden Max Elixir. (right)

Further up, you can fight Bird Keeper Hana. You can avoid her by going around from the right. Head across the bridge past her and scoop up the Full Heal. Return to the steps and go across the third bridge, towards the north. Then Rock Climb down on the right.

Back on the floor, head west, then go up the steps just before you reach the wall. Make your way north, underneath the bridge. Next, you’ll have to fight Ace Trainer Mariah. Keep going north from Mariah, ignoring the steps for now. Search the rock at the end for a hidden Max Elixir. Then double back and ascend the stairs on the left.


(1 of 2) Hidden Full Restore.

Hidden Full Restore. (left), Switch to the lower 3rd gear for this ramp jump. (right)

Towards the left, there’s a breakable rock and then a boulder you can push. Use HM Rock Smash and HM Strength to clear a path west. When you reach the small ramp, search the wall behind it for a hidden Full Restore. Now get on your bike, switch to 4th gear, then go over the ramp to leap over the rocks.

Further north, smash the breakable rock in front of the next ramp. This time, drop to 3rd gear before going over the ramp. You should land just before the rock. Go up and pick up the Max Ether from the corner, then hop over the ledge. This time, hit the ramp with your bike in 4th gear. Then jump over the next ledge to return to where you were before.

Moving on, smash the breakable rocks to the south, then continue south towards a cluster of 3 boulders. Push the right-most boulder south, then the boulder to its left, left. Finally, shove the remaining boulder south to break free. From here, head west towards some more boulders. Above is Ace Trainer Omar keeping watch.

(1 of 2) Careful you don't mess up the boulders or you'll need to re-enter the room to reset them.

Careful you don't mess up the boulders or you'll need to re-enter the room to reset them. (left), Hidden Rare Candy. (right)

Push the left boulder south, then go around and smash the breakable rock just below it. Now shove the same boulder north, so it’s back in its original position. Now you can squeeze through to the right. Smash another rock, then get ready to intercept Ace Trainer Sydney to the east.

Head east where another boulder puzzle awaits. Push the top-most boulder one space towards the right. Don’t push it further, because there’s no space ahead. Next, push the left boulder towards the left. Search the wall it was covering for a hidden Rare Candy. Yum.

That’s all you can do right now. Head north and beat up Veteran Clayton. Then go down the stairs past him. After going down the stairs, go back up. Now head south back to the three boulders, whose positions have reset. Push the top bottom south; you can now head east through the narrow path.

(1 of 2) Here's what the easternmost boulder puzzle looks like when solved.

Here's what the easternmost boulder puzzle looks like when solved. (left), TM71 Stone Edge. (right)

Further east, more boulders to push! Carefully push the first boulder all the way right. Go up along the narrow path and shove the second boulder left one square. Smash the rock below the second boulder, then push the third boulder south. Ta-da! You can go left and up through another narrow path.

Above, weave your way through the bike ramps, making your way east. After the corner, a pair of Ace Trainers want a piece of you. Beyond, there are more bike ramps. Switch to 4th gear and jump over the first two ramps, then stop! Just before the third ramp, go up and grab TM71 Stone Edge.

Return to the Ace Trainer pair and go over the first set of ramps at 4th gear. Grab the Full Restore from the corner. That’s everything on this floor (for now). Backtrack until you’re at the stairs north of Veteran Clayton, then go down them again.

1F (Center)

(1 of 2) Please don't jump over this ledge!

Please don't jump over this ledge! (left), Some fights you can't avoid. (right)

Arriving from 2F, you’ll be near the west side, roughly halfway up. Head across the bridge ahead, then Rock Climb to the floor. Being very careful not to jump over the ledge below, go left and up. (If you jumped over the ledge, you’ll need to go left and up, then go all the way through 2F again.)

Further north, there’s a really long ledge. Follow it east towards Black Belt Miles. Beat up Miles, then continue east down the stairs to the next area.


Begin by going down the steps on the right. A short distance away, there are more steps above, leading to a subterranean lake. Use HM Surf to enter the water. Now swim towards the gap near the top-right, where you’ll have to square off against Psychic Valencia. Once she admits defeat, swim around so you’re behind her, then enter the pool to her south-east.

(1 of 2) Hidden Pearl.

Hidden Pearl. (left), Hidden Max Revive. (right)

Head south back to land. Before going up the steps, search the rock on the left for a hidden treasure: a Pearl. Now go up the steps to the south. After the second steps, two Ace Trainers are running around in a circle. Should we interrupt or…? Anyway, dive into the water below them and swim all the way west.

On the other side, ascend the stairs to reach an isolated part of 1F. Retrieve the Rare Candy from the ground and search the nearby rock to the south-west for a hidden Max Revive. Once you’re done, go all the way back towards Psychic Valencia near the center of 2F.

This time, swim north from her. Up here, there’s a waterfall. If you want, you can also fight Ace Trainer Henry, who’s jogging on the right. Ascend the waterfall with HM Waterfall, then proceed west until the next strip of land. Before landing, head south, down a second waterfall. Pick up TM59 Dragon Pulse, then go back up.

(1 of 2) TM59 Dragon Pulse.

TM59 Dragon Pulse. (left), Hidden Big Mushroom. (right)

Hop onto the strip of land from before and challenge Dragon Tamer Andre. Next, enter the water to the west. Follow the stream south until you reach more land. Further south, there are stairs on the left. Before going that way, search the rock in the corner opposite the stairs for a Big Mushroom.

1F (North)

After passing through B1F, you’ll be near the north-east corner of 1F, on the ground. Head west, underneath the bridge. Soon, there’s a T-junction with a Veteran on the left. Knock the Veteran down a peg or two, then carry on west and later south after the corner. Pick up the Razor Claw and return to the Veteran.

Next, go up the nearby steps to higher ground. Head across the bridge towards the next hill. Then go around the hill from the top, passing underneath the bridge from earlier. On the other side, there’s a bloke blocking the entrance to another area of Victory Road–you cannot go past until you’ve beaten the game. For now, scoop up the nearby Zinc.

(1 of 2) TM79 Dark Pulse.

TM79 Dark Pulse. (left), Razor Claw. (right)

Return to the same Veteran again. Now go south until you reach the rocks in a L shape, near the center point of the really long ledge. Try not to jump off the ledge, OK? Carefully head west towards a rocky wall you can ascend with Rock Climb. Cross over the bridge and go up the stairs at the end.

You’ll arrive at an isolated area of 2F. Here’s a little boulder puzzle that Zelda fans should recognize. Push the top-most and bottom-most boulders 1 space left. Then push the middle boulder up or down. Grab TM79 Dark Pulse, then go backwards until you’re at the rocks in a L shape.

This time, go east and ascend another rocky wall with HM Rock Climb. At the top, you’ll need to fight your way past Dragon Tamer Clinton. Once he surrenders, head north across the bridge you went under twice. From here, continue north to reach the exit. Don’t worry: nobody will try and stop you.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Ground (1F)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 20%
75.png"Graveler" IconGraveler pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 20%
67.png"Machoke" IconMachoke pokemonbdspfighting17.png 25%
308.png"Medicham" IconMedicham pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png 15%
95.png"Onix" IconOnix pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 10%
208.png"Steelix" IconSteelix pokemonbdspsteel17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 10%

Wild Pokémon - Ground (2F)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 20%
75.png"Graveler" IconGraveler pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 20%
64.png"Kadabra" IconKadabra pokemonbdsppsychic17.png 25%
308.png"Medicham" IconMedicham pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png 15%
95.png"Onix" IconOnix pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 10%
208.png"Steelix" IconSteelix pokemonbdspsteel17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 10%

Wild Pokémon - Ground (B1F)

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
419.png"Floatzel" IconFloatzel pokemonbdspwater17.png 30%
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 20%
67.png"Machoke" IconMachoke pokemonbdspfighting17.png 25%
308.png"Medicham" IconMedicham pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png 15%
208.png"Steelix" IconSteelix pokemonbdspsteel17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 10%

Wild Pokémon - Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 100%

Wild Pokémon - Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 100% (Super Rod)
129.png"Magikarp" IconMagikarp pokemonbdspwater17.png 100% (Old Rod), 100% (Good Rod)

Item Locations

Item Location
TM41 Torment 1F: Near south-west corner, north from Psychic Bryce.
Ultra Ball 1F: Near south-east corner, hidden among the two rocks.
Full Heal 1F: Near center. Across the bridge north from Bird Keeper Hana.
Max Elixir 1F: Near north-west corner, hidden in rock north from Ace Trainer Mariah.
Full Restore 2F: West from the entrance. Hidden in wall behind the 1st bike ramp.
Max Ether 2F: North-west corner. Use 3rd gear to jump over the 2nd bike ramp.
Rare Candy 2F: Towards the south. Hidden in the wall covered by leftmost boulder south from Veteran Clayton.
Full Restore 2F: Towards the east side. Jump across the first set of bike ramps in 4th gear.
TM71 Stone Edge 2F: East side, towards the far end. Jump across the second set of bike ramps in 4th gear, but stop before the 3rd ramp.
Pearl B1F: Across the pool south-east from Psychic Valencia. Hidden in the rock on the left.
Rare Candy 1F: Isolated area towards the east. Accessible by heading through the southern portion of B1F.
Max Revive 1F: Isolated area towards the east. Hidden in the rock south-east from the Rare Candy.
TM59 Dragon Pulse B1F: Go south from the right side of Dragon Tamer Andre (near the north-west corner).
Big Mushroom B1F: Towards the west. Hidden in the corner rock opposite the upper stairs leading back to 1F.
Razor Claw 1F: Towards the west. Head all the way west and then south from the upper stairs from B1F.
Zinc 1F: Towards the east. Go south from the left side of Veteran Edgar (towards the north), then go across the bridge and around the back of the next hill.
TM79 Dark Pulse 2F: Isolated area towards the north. Accessible from the northern potion of 1F, by heading south from the right of Veteran Edgar, then using Rock Climb towards the west.

Trainer Battles (1F)

Psychic Bryce

Pokémon Level Type
93.png"Haunter" IconHaunter 43 pokemonbdspghost17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png
65.png"Alakazam" IconAlakazam 46 pokemonbdsppsychic17.png
94.png"Gengar" IconGengar 46 pokemonbdspghost17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png

Bird Keeper Hana

Pokémon Level Type
164.png"Noctowl" IconNoctowl 46 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
398.png"Staraptor" IconStaraptor 48 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Ace Trainer Mariah

Pokémon Level Type
55.png"Golduck" IconGolduck 46 pokemonbdspwater17.png
242.png"Blissey" IconBlissey 48 pokemonbdspnormal17.png

Black Belt Miles

Pokémon Level Type
68.png"Machamp" IconMachamp 49 pokemonbdspfighting17.png

Veteran Edgar

Pokémon Level Type
73.png"Tentacruel" IconTentacruel 45 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png
76.png"Golem" IconGolem 45 pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png
395.png"Empoleon" IconEmpoleon 48 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspsteel17.png

Dragon Tamer Clinton

Pokémon Level Type
443.png"Gible" IconGible 46 pokemonbdspdragon17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 49 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
443.png"Gible" IconGible 46 pokemonbdspdragon17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png

Trainer Battles (2F)

Ace Trainer Omar

Pokémon Level Type
78.png"Rapidash" IconRapidash 45 pokemonbdspfire17.png
455.png"Carnivine" IconCarnivine 45 pokemonbdspgrass17.png
409.png"Rampardos" IconRampardos 48 pokemonbdsprock17.png

Ace Trainer Sydney

Pokémon Level Type
36.png"Clefable" IconClefable 46 pokemonbdspfairy17.png
389.png"Torterra" IconTorterra 48 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png

Veteran Clayton

Pokémon Level Type
398.png"Staraptor" IconStaraptor 47 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
450.png"Hippowdon" IconHippowdon 47 pokemonbdspground17.png

Double Team Kay and Al

Pokémon Level Type
340.png"Whiscash" IconWhiscash 47 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png
398.png"Staraptor" IconStaraptor 47 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Trainer Battles (B1F)

Psychic Valencia

Pokémon Level Type
433.png"Chingling" IconChingling 44 pokemonbdsppsychic17.png
358.png"Chimecho" IconChimecho 46 pokemonbdsppsychic17.png

Double Team Pat and Jo

Pokémon Level Type
308.png"Medicham" IconMedicham 47 pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 47 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Ace Trainer Henry

Pokémon Level Type
430.png"Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow 49 pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Dragon Tamer Andre

Pokémon Level Type
444.png"Gabite" IconGabite 49 pokemonbdspdragon17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png


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