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Status Conditions

Vincent Lau

This page outlines the effects of the various status conditions that Pokémon may sustain in battle.

During a fight, Pokémon can be afflicted by a status condition. Generally, status conditions are caused by another Pokémon’s moves, whether directly or indirectly. For example, Hypnosis has a decent chance of directly causing Sleep. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt primarily inflicts damage, but has a low chance of also causing paralysis.

As you’d expect, status conditions have a negative effect on Pokémon and can cripple their performance. However, just like they can be caused, status conditions can be cured. This can be done by using certain items or by visiting a helpful Pokémon Center.

Status Conditions and their Effects

Name Symptom Cure(s)
Burn The Pokémon suffers residual damage each turn. In addition, their Attack stat is greatly reduced. Burn Heal, Rawst Berry
Confuse The Pokémon may damage itself instead. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Persim Berry, Switch out
Freeze The Pokémon cannot act. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Ice Heal, Aspear Berry
Paralyze The Pokémon occasionally cannot act. In addition, their Speed stat is reduced. Paralyz Heal, Cheri Berry
Poison The Pokémon suffers residual damage each turn. This damage increases exponentially if caused by Toxic. Antidote, Pecha Berry
Sleep The Pokémon cannot act. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Awakening, Chesto Berry

A Pokémon can only be afflicted by one status condition at a given time. Also, status conditions persist after battle, so it’s worth your time to cure them whenever it’s safe. On the other hand, your opponents during the story rarely have the means to cure their Pokémon, so don’t hesitate to apply a status condition of your own

There is an exception though (isn’t there always?). Confusion is a “soft” status condition and can stack with other status conditions. So a Pokémon can be asleep and confused simultaneously. On the plus side, Confusion does not persist when a Pokémon switches out or when a battle ends.


Some Pokémon are immune to certain status conditions. This is useful to know so you can send in an appropriate Pokémon or so you know not to bother trying to apply a status condition.

  • Fire-type Pokemon cannot be burned.
  • Electric-types cannot be paralyzed.
  • Ice-types cannot be frozen.
  • Poison and Steel-types cannot be poisoned.

Besides that above, certain Abilities can also confer or nullify immunities. Eg. Limber prevents the Pokemon with that Ability from being paralyzed.


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