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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Defeat Champion Cynthia

Vincent Lau

This page includes strategies and tips for defeating Cynthia, the Champion of the Pokémon League.

After fighting your way through the Elite Four, you’ll reach your final opponent of the Pokémon League–and the main story. Veterans will know who to expect, but even if this is your first time in Sinnoh, you should recognize Cynthia, who made a few appearances earlier on.

Champion Cynthia

Pokémon Level Type
SpiritombSpiritomb 61 pokemon_bdsp_ghost17.pngpokemon_bdsp_dark17.png
RoseradeRoserade 60 pokemon_bdsp_grass17.pngpokemon_bdsp_poison17.png
GastrodonGastrodon 60 pokemon_bdsp_water17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png
LucarioLucario 63 pokemon_bdsp_fighting17.png
MiloticMilotic 63 pokemon_bdsp_water17.pngpokemon_bdsp_steel17.png
GarchompGarchomp 66 pokemon_bdsp_dragon17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png

Cynthia has an extremely versatile team–one of the best teams among all the Champions. If you weren’t serious moments ago, you need to be now!

First into the fray is Spiritomb, a bizarre-looking ghoul. Its main claim to fame is originally having no weaknesses, thanks to its unique typing. However, since the 6th Generation, it’s weak to Fairy. So bust out your Fairy-type Pokémon/moves if possible. Watch out for Sucker Punch, which goes first if you use an attacking move.

Roserade is the fully evolved form of Budew. Beware of its high Special Attack. If you can, hit it with physical-based Fire, Flying, Ice or Psychic moves. Infernape is perfect, especially with its high Speed to outspeed Roserade.

Cynthia also has a Gastrodon, an evolved Shellos. Grass-types are the way to go, as their moves deal 4x damage. Otherwise, it has no weaknesses. If you’re lacking Grass moves, use something that’s not Fire, Rock, Poison or Steel. But avoid Water due to Storm Drain.

When you’re up against Lucario, we suggest smacking it with Fire, Fighting or Ground moves. Watch out that Lucario is quite fast and hits hard with its all-special moves. But its defenses are relatively poor. A swift victory is recommended, in case Lucario boosts its Sp. Attack with Nasty Plot.

Milotic is a pure Water-type, so Grass and Electric-types are advantageous. Of the two, Electric-types are preferable, as Grass-types will take heavy damage from Ice Beam. Ironically, Torterra should sit this one out, unless you’re confident. Also, Milotic will be burned by its Flame Orb, boosting its Defense via Marvel Scale and preventing further status conditions.

Finally, Cynthia’s trademark Pokémon is her Garchomp. This monstrosity has high Speed and offensive capabilities, even compared to Lucario, but it relies solely on physical moves. Ice moves deal 4x damage to it, while Fairy and Dragon deal 2x. Be cautious as Garchomp has a Yache Berry, which will weaken your first Ice move by 50%. Also, the fiend is carrying Poison Jab to hurt fairies.

Annoyingly, there aren’t many reliable Pokémon that can handle Garchomp. You can try using an Ice-type like Abomasnow or Mamoswine, although Abomasnow also hates Poison Jab. Both these Pokémon can also use Ice Shard to attack before Garchomp. You can either Ice Shard straight away for guaranteed damage or hope your Ice-type survives the first round to use Blizzard etc., then Ice Shard afterwards.

If you brought your Legendary dragon along (Dialga or Palkia), now’s a great time to use your trump card. Dialga’s Roar of Time or Palkia’s Spacial Rend should KO Garchomp if you trained them a bit. Although keep in mind that Dialga is susceptible to Earthquake and Palkia will take heavy damage from Dragon Claw.


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