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How to Get Munchlax & Snorlax

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to catch "Munchlax" IconMunchlax and obtain "Snorlax" IconSnorlax in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

Munchlax Location

Easy Way

(1 of 2) Munchlax can spawn in Spacious Cave.

Munchlax can spawn in Spacious Cave. (left), However, you must've obtained HM Defog first. (right)

The easiest place to find Munchlax is in the Grand Underground after receiving HM Defog from the Great Marsh at Pastoria City. Once you’ve reached that milestone, Munchlax can spawn in the following hideaways:

Like all Underground Pokémon, the best way to encounter Munchlax is to repeately enter and exit the same hideaway. Each time you enter a hideaway, the Pokémon inside will change. Once you’ve spotted a Munchlax wandering around, save your game before approaching it. Just in case an accident happens, so you can reload your save file and try again.

(1 of 2) The Leftovers HP can be quite annoying.

The Leftovers HP can be quite annoying. (left), If you can, catch Munchlax with a Luxury Ball so it gains friendship more easily. (right)

Some Munchlax will be holding Leftovers, which slowly restores its HP. To get around this, you can have a Pokémon use Thief or Covet to steal the Leftovers, providing that Pokémon has no hold item (and won’t KO Munchlax). Also, high Level Munchlax can use Belly Drum to maximize its Attack, making it quite dangerous. But it won’t use it when below half HP.

Hard Way (Don’t Try This)

There’s another way to catch Munchlax, but it’s far more unreliable and not really worth attempting, unless you’re really, really bored.

Located at the various routes of Sinnoh are special honey trees where you can rub Honey on them to attract wild Pokémon. 4 of these trees have a chance of attracting Munchlax–these are the so-called “Munchlax trees”.

There is no physical way to distinguish a Munchlax tree from any old honey tree (except, obviously, if you encounter a Munchlax from it). There are 21 honey trees, so you’ve got a 4 in 21 chance of any tree being a Munchlax tree. Or roughly 19%.

Meanwhile, the chance of encountering a Munchlax in a Munchlax tree is 1%. Therefore, when picking a completely random tree, you’ve got a 19% times 1% chance = 0.19% chance of finding a Munchlax. You’re better off saving that effort for shiny-hunting instead!

How to Obtain Snorlax

To get your own Snorlax, first you’ll need to evolve a Munchlax. Unlike most other Pokémon, which evolve by Leveling Up or using an item, Munchlax is a baby and thus evolves when it gains a Level with a high amount of Friendship (160 to be precise).

There isn’t a quick way to become friends, but here are some ways to increase friendship, in order of most efficient to least:

  • Catch Munchlax in a Luxury Ball.
  • Let Munchlax hold a Soothe Bell (obtained from the Pokémon Mansion on Route 212).
  • Feed Munchlax Grepa, Hondew, Kelpsy, Pomeg, Qualot or Tamato Berries.
  • Level Up Munchlax in battle.
  • Feed Munchlax vitamin items (eg. Calcium) or Rare Candy.
  • Use Battle Items (eg. X Attack) on Munchlax.
  • Walk around with Munchlax in your party.

(1 of 2) Feeding Munchlax friendship-increasing berries is the quickest way.

Feeding Munchlax friendship-increasing berries is the quickest way. (left), Speak to this woman to evaluate your friendship with Munchlax. (right)

To determine how much Friendship Munchlax currently has, you can visit the Pokémon Fan Club in Hearthome City, located east from the Poké Mart. Inside, the lady in the top-left corner can check the status of your top-most Pokémon.

Message Friendship
Oh, my… I think this one really hasn’t taken too kindly to you. 0
Hmm… It seems to dislike you a little. 1 to 49
It’s feeling neutral toward you. It’s up to you to change that. 50 to 99
It’s warming up to you. That’s my impression. 100 to 149
It’s quite friendly to you. It must be happy being with you. 150 to 199
It’s very friendly toward you. I can tell you treat it kindly. 200 to 254
It simply adores you! Why, I feel like I am intruding! 255

In particular, look out for the message for 150+ Friendship, which begins “It’s quite friendly” as this means Munchlax is close to evolving!

By the way, there’s also the Friendship Checker app for your Pokétch, but currently it seems to be bugged and under-represents your Pokémon’s actual Friendship value.


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