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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Unlock & Receive Mystery Gifts

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to unlock and receive Mystery Gifts.

First appearing in Pokémon Gold and Silver, although its function was slightly different to its modern day version. The Mystery Gift menu allows you to receive special Pokémon and items that are only distributed for a limited period.


To use the Mystery Gift function:

  • Your Nintendo Switch must be connected to the Internet.
  • Your Nintendo Switch should be running the latest system firmware.
  • You have a Nintendo Account (required to play the game).
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is updated to the latest version (please refer to official website).

A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not required to receive gifts.

How to Unlock Mystery Gift

(1 of 2) To unlock Mystery Gift early, visit the Jubilife TV Station.

To unlock Mystery Gift early, visit the Jubilife TV Station. (left), Find the producer on the 3rd floor and pick the last option. (right)

To make the Mystery Gift menu appear earlier, you must have obtained the 1st badge and defeated the Team Galactic Grunts near the north exit of Jubilife City, en route to Route 204. This is when Bebe shows up to give you the Pokémon Box Link and other functions.

Once you’ve been through that, head to the Jubilife TV Station building, which is a short distance to the west, and run up to the 3rd floor. Speak to the man down below, who happens to be a TV producer. When prompted, select the “EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION” option.

If you’re not in a hurry, the Mystery Gift menu will unlock automatically after defeating Maylene, the 3rd Gym Leader.

How to Use Mystery Gift

(1 of 2) By default, the Mystery Gift option is at the bottom-right corner.

By default, the Mystery Gift option is at the bottom-right corner. (left), This is the first screen you’ll see when you enter. (right)

Afterwards, you can access the Mystery Gift menu via the X button menu. It’s located in the bottom-right corner. Inside, you’ll see the following options:

  • Get via Internet: Download gifts via the Internet.
  • Get with Code/Password: Download gifts using a unique or universal serial code.
  • Check Mystery Gifts: Display a log of gifts you’ve received.

Available Mystery Gifts

Additionally, there must be gifts available for you to receive in the first place.

Via Internet

These gifts can be claimed straight away by choosing the “Get Via Internet” option.

Gift Description Redemption Period
"Manaphy" IconManaphy Egg A Pokémon Egg that will hatch into the Mythical Pokémon, "Manaphy" IconManaphy By 21st February 2022
Platinum Style outfit An outfit based on the protagonist’s attire in Pokémon Platinum By 21st February 2022

Via Serial Code

These gifts require inputting a unique code, obtained through various means.

Gift How to Obtain Code Redemption Period
12 Quick Balls Purchase the digital (eShop) version of Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl by 21st February 2022 By 28th February 2022
Color statues of "Turtwig" IconTurtwig, "Chimchar" IconChimchar and "Piplup" IconPiplup Use this universal code: BDSPUNDERGR0UND By 22nd May 2022
Color statues of "Pachirisu" IconPachirisu, "Lucario" IconLucario, "Electivire" IconElectivire, "Rhyperior" IconRhyperior and "Glaceon" IconGlaceon Use this universal code: MERRYCHR1STMAS By 25th December 2021
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