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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Valor Lakefront (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Valor Lakefront, including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

Where to Find the Suite Key

(1 of 2) Here’s where she dropped the Suite Key.

Here’s where she dropped the Suite Key. (left), And here’s a (literal) cookie as your reward. (right)

A lady towards the north side of the hotel area has accidentally locked herself out of her room. Apparently she dropped her key near the hotel. Forget the Dowsing Machine, if you need help finding the missing key, refer to our screenshot instead.

If the screenshot doesn’t load for some reason, head for the north entrance of the hotel. Enter the hotel, then immediately exit. From your current position, walk one square up (using the D-Pad) and then face left (but don’t move left; so gently tap Left on the D-Pad). Now press A to grab at thin air.

As thanks for returning her key, the lady will give you a Lava Cookie inside her house. Uh, thanks?

Seven Stars Restaurant

Near the far south of Valor Lakefront, where it transitions to Route 213, there’s a fancy building with a signpost outside. From 9 in the morning to 11 at night, you can battle 5 randomly chosen pairs inside the restaurant.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Tall Grass

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
400.pngBibarel pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_water17.png 15%
74.pngGeodude pokemon_bdsp_rock17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png 20%
203.pngGirafarig pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png 30%
75.pngGraveler pokemon_bdsp_rock17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png 15% (Morning/Day), 5% (Night)
402.pngKricketune pokemon_bdsp_bug17.png 5% (Morning/Day), 25% (Night)
397.pngStaravia pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png 15% (Morning/Day), 5% (Night)

Wild Pokémon - Poké Radar

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
30.pngNidorina pokemon_bdsp_poison17.png 10% (Brilliant Diamond), 2% (Shining Pearl)
33.pngNidorino pokemon_bdsp_poison17.png 10% (Shining Pearl), 2% (Brilliant Diamond)

Trainer Battles (Seven Stars Restaurant)

Artist Ishmael

Pokémon Level Type
122.pngMr. Mime 23 pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.pngpokemon_bdsp_fairy17.png

Beauty Harley

Pokémon Level Type
54.pngPsyduck 23 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png

(1 of 2) Rich Boy Roman and Lady Kylie.

Rich Boy Roman and Lady Kylie. (left), Sudowoodo and Bonsly. (right)

Rich Boy Roman

Pokémon Level Type
185.pngSudowoodo 23 pokemon_bdsp_rock17.png

Lady Kylie

Pokémon Level Type
438.pngBonsly 21 pokemon_bdsp_rock17.png
172.pngPichu 21 pokemon_bdsp_electric17.png

Gentleman Leonardo

Pokémon Level Type
396.pngStarly 21 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png
163.pngHoothoot 21 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png

Madame Rebecca

Pokémon Level Type
428.pngLopunny 22 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png
431.pngGlameow 20 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png

Collector Eugene

Pokémon Level Type
35.pngClefairy 20 pokemon_bdsp_fairy17.png
35.pngClefairy 20 pokemon_bdsp_fairy17.png
35.pngClefairy 20 pokemon_bdsp_fairy17.png

Aroma Lady Alison

Pokémon Level Type
315.pngRoselia 23 pokemon_bdsp_grass17.pngpokemon_bdsp_poison17.png

(1 of 2) School Kid Esteban and Poké Fan Meredith.

School Kid Esteban and Poké Fan Meredith. (left), Wooper and Marill. (right)

School Kid Esteban

Pokémon Level Type
194.pngWooper 23 pokemon_bdsp_water17.pngpokemon_bdsp_ground17.png

Poké Fan Meredith

Pokémon Level Type
183.pngMarill 21 pokemon_bdsp_water17.pngpokemon_bdsp_fairy17.png
190.pngAipom 21 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png

Veteran Emanuel

Pokémon Level Type
66.pngMachop 23 pokemon_bdsp_fighting17.png
436.pngBronzor 23 pokemon_bdsp_steel17.pngpokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png

Lass Blythe

Pokémon Level Type
399.pngBidoof 21 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png
399.pngBidoof 21 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png

Cameraman Darryl

Pokémon Level Type
404.pngLuxio 21 pokemon_bdsp_electric17.png
25.pngPikachu 21 pokemon_bdsp_electric17.png

Reporter Valerie

Pokémon Level Type
198.pngMurkrow 23 pokemon_bdsp_dark17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png

(1 of 2) PI Kendrick and Beauty Gabriella.

PI Kendrick and Beauty Gabriella. (left), Goldeen and Finneon. (right)

PI Kendrick

Pokémon Level Type
118.pngGoldeen 22 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png
118.pngGoldeen 22 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png

Beauty Gabriella

Pokémon Level Type
456.pngFinneon 23 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png

Scientist Emilio

Pokémon Level Type
64.pngKadabra 23 pokemon_bdsp_psychic17.png

Pokémon Breeder Kaylee

Pokémon Level Type
434.pngStunky 21 pokemon_bdsp_poison17.pngpokemon_bdsp_dark17.png
418.pngBuizel 21 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png


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