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Spear Pillar: How to Defeat Team Galactic

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for the Spear Pillar, explaining how to defeat Team Galactic during their final stand.

(1 of 2) The Spear Pillar.

The Spear Pillar. (left), You can explore the sides, but there's nothing of interest. (right)

At the heighest point of Mt. Coronet, the Spear Pillar, Cyrus is about to enact his master plan.


Map of the Spear Pillar. Note that the layout is mirrored in Shining Pearl.

From the entrance, go up the steps to confront the last two pair of Galactic Grunts. Once they’ve given up, the real fight begins further ahead. Near the center, two of Team Galactic’s commanders–Mars and Jupiter–will assault you together. To even the odds, your rival will step in to assist.

Finally, you must battle Cyrus again without pause. At this point, your rival will scoot off, but he’ll heal your party at least.

Trainer Battles

(1 of 2) A double battle with two Galactic Grunts.

A double battle with two Galactic Grunts. (left), They'll send out Dustox and Stunky. (right)

Team Galactic Grunt (K)

Pokémon Level Type
269.png"Dustox" IconDustox 38 pokemonbdspbug17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png
453.png"Croagunk" IconCroagunk 38 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png

Team Galactic Grunt (L)

Pokémon Level Type
434.png"Stunky" IconStunky 38 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspdark17.png
431.png"Glameow" IconGlameow 38 pokemonbdspnormal17.png

Even though they’re lowly Grunts, these Grunts are serious about blocking your way.

The first Grunt’s "Dustox" IconDustox can use Bug Buzz for STAB, Light Screen to defend its team from special attacks, Toxic to inflict increasingly potent poison and Protect to stall. Knock it aside with Fire, Flying, Rock or Psychic-types (although the latter won’t like Bug Buzz). Also, Steel-types cannot be poisoned.

Afterwards, they will send out "Croagunk" IconCroagunk. This nasty fella is also carrying Toxic, but it won’t stall. Instead, it can use Venoshock to double the pain, Revenge to hurt faster foes and Sucker Punch to go first if your Pokémon uses an attacking move. Psychic-types will rip it to shreds. But make sure they can survive a Sucker Punch.

The other Grunt’s "Stunky" IconStunky can also use the Toxic and Venoshock combo. Besides that, it’s got Night Slash for Dark-type STAB and Memento to KO itself and lower one of your Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Atk stats. If this happens, consider switching out that Pokémon. Only Ground-types are super-effective, but it’s unevolved so pretty weak.

Next, they’ll send out "Glameow" IconGlameow. There’s nothing scary about this cat, but be mindful of Retaliate (deals double damage if an ally fainted during the previous turn), Aerial Ace (strong against Fighting-types), Charm (lowers Attack) and Taunt (prevents status moves). Like Stunky, it’s unevolved so shouldn’t put up much resistance.

(1 of 2) You'll team up with your rival to take on Mars and Jupiter.

You'll team up with your rival to take on Mars and Jupiter. (left), These Bronzor aren't that strong, but their Reflect and Light Screen will weaken your attacks. (right)

Pokémon Trainer Rival (Ally)

Pokémon Level Type
446.png"Munchlax" IconMunchlax 42 pokemonbdspnormal17.png
398.png"Staraptor" IconStaraptor 41 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
418.png"Buizel" IconBuizel (you didn’t choose "Chimchar" IconChimchar) 42 pokemonbdspwater17.png
315.png"Roselia" IconRoselia (you didn’t choose "Piplup" IconPiplup) 42 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png
77.png"Ponyta" IconPonyta (you didn’t choose "Turtwig" IconTurtwig) 42 pokemonbdspfire17.png
214.png"Heracross" IconHeracross 43 pokemonbdspbug17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png
389.png"Torterra" IconTorterra (you chose "Piplup" IconPiplup) 45 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png
392.png"Infernape" IconInfernape (you chose "Turtwig" IconTurtwig) 45 pokemonbdspfire17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png
395.png"Empoleon" IconEmpoleon (you chose "Chimchar" IconChimchar) 45 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspsteel17.png

Commander Mars

Pokémon Level Type
436.png"Bronzor" IconBronzor 41 pokemonbdspsteel17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat 42 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
432.png"Purugly" IconPurugly 45 pokemonbdspnormal17.png

Commander Jupiter

Pokémon Level Type
436.png"Bronzor" IconBronzor 41 pokemonbdspsteel17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png
42.png"Golbat" IconGolbat 41 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
435.png"Skuntank" IconSkuntank 46 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspdark17.png

You fought Mars back at Lake Verity. Her team is largely unchanged, but she leads with "Bronzor" IconBronzor instead of "Golbat" IconGolbat.

Like before, Bronzor can use Gyro Ball for STAB, Confuse Ray to make your Pokémon dizzy and Payback to counter Ghosts somewhat. It can also use Reflect to protect its team from physical attacks. Aim for a swift KO with Fire, Dark or Ghost-types.

Meanwhile, Golbat is completely unchanged. As a reminder, Golbat can use Poison Fang (Poison-type STAB), Bite (good against Psychics), Haze (cancel all stat changes for all Pokémon) and U-Turn (to pivot out). Go with Electric, Ice or Rock-types or Psychic if they’re fast/sturdy enough.

Her ace Purugy is carrying Body Slam (STAB with chance to paralyze), Aerial Ace (cannot miss and hurts Fighting-types), Dig (escape for one turn and hurts Steel and Rock-types) and U-Turn. It’s also holding a Sitrus Berry to restore HP. A healthy Fighting-type should make short work of it.

On the other hand, you last confronted Jupiter way back at Eterna City. Since then, she’s evolved her "Zubat" IconZubat and added a Bronzor to her ranks.

Like Mars, Jupiter leads with a Bronzor. This one knows Extrasensory (Psychic STAB), Confuse Ray, Payback and Light Screen (protects team from special attacks). If Light Screen and Reflect are both up, you may struggle a little. So quickly dispose of the two Bronzor with super-effective Fire/Dark/Ghost moves if possible.

Jupiter’s Golbat can use Air Cutter (Flying STAB and high critical rate), Haze, Giga Drain (strong against Rock-types and restores HP) and Sludge Bomb (Poison STAB). Rock-types are kind of risky, but Electric, Psychic and Ice-types have nothing to fear.

Finally, her "Skuntank" IconSkuntank can unleash Poison Gas (inflicts Poison), Flamethrower (to get around Steel-types), Belch (extremely powerful, but consumes its berry) and Snarl (lowers your Sp. Atk). Similar to "Purugly" IconPurugly, Skuntank is holding a Sitrus Berry. Only Ground-types are super-effective.

Galactic Boss Cyrus

(1 of 2) Cyrus round 2.

Cyrus round 2. (left), His Murkrow has evolved into Honchkrow. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
430.png"Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow 45 pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
169.png"Crobat" IconCrobat 46 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 45 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
461.png"Weavile" IconWeavile 48 pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png

Even though it hasn’t been too long since you invaded Team Galactic’s HQ, Cyrus has beefed up his team considerably.

First up is "Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow, the evolved form of "Murkrow" IconMurkrow. It can use Air Cutter and Night Slash for Flying and Dark-type STAB, with enhanced critical rate thanks to its Scope Lens. Plus Steel Wing to punish Rock, Ice and Fairy-types and Defog, just in case. Field an Electric-type if possible.

Next can be "Crobat" IconCrobat, evolved from Golbat. This agile bat can use Cross Poison and Air Cutter for STAB, U-Turn to pivot out and Tailwind to boost its team’s Speed. If that wasn’t enough, it’s carrying a Quick Claw for a 10% chance to act first. Electric, Rock, Ice or Psychic-types are the way to go.

"Gyarados" IconGyarados is new to Cyrus’s team. This one can use Waterfall for STAB, Earthquake to demolish Electric-types, Ice Fang to annoy Grass-types and Crunch for extra coverage. Be wary of its Intimidate, which lowers Attack, and Wacan Berry, which weakens one Electric attack. Regardless, we’d suggest an Electric-type, but only if they’ve got full HP.

Last but not least, Cyrus has evolved his "Sneasel" IconSneasel into "Weavile" IconWeavile. It can use Metal Claw to hurt Fairy and Rock-types, Aerial Ace to pester Fighting-types, Fling to throw its berry at you (thanks?) and Dig to escape for one turn, then damage Fire, Rock and Steel-types. Despite Aerial Ace and its Chople Berry, Fighting-types are ideal.


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