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How to Get Feebas & Milotic

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to catch "Feebas" IconFeebas and obtain "Milotic" IconMilotic in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

If you’re a fan of "Milotic" IconMilotic, you may be all too familiar with how bothersome it can be to obtain. This time is absolutely no different!

Feebas Location

The only place where "Feebas" IconFeebas can be found is in the underground lake in the northern section of Mt. Coronet, located between Route 211 and Route 216. However, here’s the tricky part: "Feebas" IconFeebas is only found in 4 specific water tiles and the locations of these tiles is different for every player and changes daily.

Now you could systematically fish in every single tile until you find a "Feebas" IconFeebas tile. But you’re probably going to be there for ages. Plus when the next days rolls over, you have to start again…

(1 of 2) The Jubilife TV Station.

The Jubilife TV Station. (left), Grab a Lotto Ticket from the receptionist. (right)

Thankfully, there’s an easy trick to determine the "Feebas" IconFeebas tiles. First, head to the Jubilife TV station building in Jubilife City. It’s the one to the left of the exit to Route 204. Speak to the main receptionist and request a lottery ticket. Then note down the 5-digit number you’re given.

Next, visit this webpage (external link). Input your lottery number into the space provided. The map below will then show you the possible locations of "Feebas" IconFeebas. There will be two red tiles and two green tiles. Try fishing from one of the red tiles or green tiles.

Even if you’re fishing in the correct tile, there’s a 50% chance to encounter "Feebas" IconFeebas. So try at least 3 or 4 times. Maybe more if you’re unlucky. To boost the odds of hooking a fish, place a Pokémon with No Guard, Arena Trap or Illuminate in your first slot. You can catch "Machop" IconMachop with No Guard in the same room.

(1 of 2) You can use any rod to fish, but we recommend at least a Good Rod.

You can use any rod to fish, but we recommend at least a Good Rod. (left), There we go! "Feebas" IconFeebas found! (right)

If the red or green tile isn’t giving you "Feebas" IconFeebas, switch to the other colored tile. Eg. if red didn’t work, fish from a green tile. Eventually you should catch "Feebas" IconFeebas. Otherwise, double check you’re fishing in the correct tile (you want to face the "Feebas" IconFeebas tile, not be in the "Feebas" IconFeebas tile). Then double check you entered the correct lottery number (and the day hasn’t changed).

Upon hooking "Feebas" IconFeebas, it’s fairly easy to catch since it’s weak. You can use Net Balls to increase your odd.

How to Get Milotic

"Feebas" IconFeebas will evolve into "Milotic" IconMilotic once its Beauty stat reaches 170 and it gains a Level.

You can check your Pokémon’s Beauty stat by opening their status screen and going right, until you reach the 5th tab. It won’t display the numerical value, but you can get a fair idea of it.

(1 of 2) Here's the Pokémon Fan Club building.

Here's the Pokémon Fan Club building. (left), Listen to the president waffle on to get the Poffin Case. (right)

To boost your Pokémon’s Beauty stat, you’ll first need the Poffin Case, which is gotten from the Pokémon Fan Club President in Hearthome City. It’s the house to the right of the Poké Mart.

Next, you’ll need some berries–particularly those with a Dry flavor. You can find berries from various berry patches located across Sinnoh. You can also purchase some common berries from a woman inside the Berry Master’s house on Route 208. After obtaining a berry for the first time, you should plant them to grow more.

Recommended Berries

Dryness Berry
10 Chesto, Oran, Razz, Kelpsy, Grepa, Yache, Coba
15 Wiki, Passho, Kebia
20 Charti
30 Apicot

(1 of 2) The Poffin House.

The Poffin House. (left), Speak to this lady to start cooking Poffins. (right)

Once you have a decent amount of berries, it’s time to visit the Poffin House in Hearthome City. It’s the house to the left of the Poké Mart and to the right of the church. Chat to the lady in front to begin making Poffins.

Now select as many unique berries from the recommended list as possible, prioritizing those with a higher Dryness value. Do not repeat any berries or you’ll end up with something useless. For example, if you want to be cheap, you could use a Chesto, Oran, Razz and Kelpsy.

(1 of 2) We used a Razz, Chesto, Oran and Wiki Berry.

We used a Razz, Chesto, Oran and Wiki Berry. (left), Could've been slightly better, but this'll do just fine! (right)

After finishing the cooking, you’ll get a number of Poffins equal to the number of berries you used. So it’s important to use as many berries as possible. The strength of the Poffin will depend on the total Dryness of the berries used, plus or minus some factors. If you used those 4 berries, you should get close to Level 40 strength.

Last but not least, it’s feeding time! Go to your bag, key items and select the Poffin Case. Then choose the Dry Poffins that you made. The strength (level) of the Poffin is equivalent to the amount of Beauty it will raise.

(1 of 3) "Feebas" IconFeebas will need 4 to 5 Level 40+ Dry Poffins.

If necessary, grab a calculator before feeding your "Feebas" IconFeebas Poffins. Say you have multiple Level 40 Poffins, you’d need to feed your "Feebas" IconFeebas (with a neutral Nature) at least 5 Poffins to reach 170. Or 4 Poffins with a Sp. Attack boosting Nature. Once you’ve hit 170+ Beauty, Level Up your "Feebas" IconFeebas and watch the magic happen!

Just in case, you can only feed Poffins before your Pokémon’s Sheen has maxed out (the bar displayed below the Contest stats). If you’re dealing with a freshly caught "Feebas" IconFeebas, you needn’t worry about this though.


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