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Route 213 (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Route 213, including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Tall Grass

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
418.png"Buizel" IconBuizel pokemonbdspwater17.png 30%
419.png"Floatzel" IconFloatzel pokemonbdspwater17.png 10%
422.png"Shellos" IconShellos (East Sea) pokemonbdspwater17.png 40% (Morning/Day), 50% (Night)
278.png"Wingull" IconWingull pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 20% (Morning/Day), 10% (Night)

Wild Pokémon - Surfing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
279.png"Pelipper" IconPelipper pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 5%
72.png"Tentacool" IconTentacool pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png 60%
73.png"Tentacruel" IconTentacruel pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png 5%
278.png"Wingull" IconWingull pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 30%

Wild Pokémon - Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
223.png"Remoraid" IconRemoraid pokemonbdspwater17.png 35% (Good Rod)
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 60% (Super Rod)
129.png"Magikarp" IconMagikarp pokemonbdspwater17.png 100% (Old Rod), 65% (Good Rod)
224.png"Octillery" IconOctillery pokemonbdspwater17.png 35% (Super Rod)
319.png"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspdark17.png 5% (Super Rod)

Wild Pokémon - Mass Outbreak

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
359.png"Absol" IconAbsol pokemonbdspdark17.png 40%

Wild Pokémon - Poké Radar

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
277.png"Swellow" IconSwellow pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 12%

Item Locations

Item Location
BagTMFlyingSprite.png TM40 Aerial Ace East of Beauty Cyndy - Need HM Rock Smash.
bigpearl.pngBig Pearl (hidden) Hidden in a rock in the bottom right hand corner of the shallow water - Need HM Surf.
DreamAguavBerrySprite.pngAguav Berry x2 Berry Patch north of Beauty Cyndy.
90pxDreamIapapaBerrySprite.pngIapapa Berry x2 Berry Patch north of Beauty Cyndy.
DreamRawstBerrySprite.pngRawst Berry x4 Berry Patch north of Beauty Cyndy.
DreamCalciumSprite.pngCalcium (hidden) Hidden on the beach, near hotel.
GreatBallIcon.pngGreat Ball (hidden) Hidden on the beach, near hotel.
SuperPotion.png Super Potion (hidden) Hidden on the beach, near hotel.
DreamMaxReviveSprite.png Max Revive On the small island southeast of Dr. Footstep’s House - Need HM Surf.
DreamAwakeningSprite.pngAwakening Near the Honey Tree - Need HM Rock Smash.
pearl.pngPearl (hidden) Near Fisherman Kenneth.
pearl.pngPearl (hidden) In the wall north of the island where you find the Max Revive.
waterstone.pngWater Stone Southeast of the beach in front of the hotel, in the shallow water near two swimmers - Need HM Surf.
DreamRedShardSprite.pngRed Shard West of hotel.
BagSuiteKeySprite.pngSuite Key Hidden above hotel entrance to Route 213.
Psychic.png TM92 Trick Room x3 Gifted from th Clown in the bungalow to the northwest (through hotel entrance way.
Normal.png TM05 Roar On the hill overlooking the beach - Need HM Rock Climb to reach it.
DreamPPUpSprite.pngPP Up South of swimming pool, near hotel.
DreamMaxReviveSprite.pngMax Revive On the same mountain as TM05 - Need HM Rock Climb to reach it.
DreamProteinSprite.pngProtein East of the hotel’s southern entrance - Need HM Rock Smash.

Trainer Battles (Mainland)

Beauty Cyndy

Pokémon Level Type
431.png"Glameow" IconGlameow 23 pokemonbdspnormal17.png

Fisher Kenneth

Pokémon Level Type
129.png"Magikarp" IconMagikarp 19 pokemonbdspwater17.png
223.png"Remoraid" IconRemoraid 19 pokemonbdspwater17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 22 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Tuber Chelsea

Pokémon Level Type
400.png"Bibarel" IconBibarel 23 pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspwater17.png

Tuber Jared

Pokémon Level Type
422.png"Shellos" IconShellos (East Sea) 19 pokemonbdspwater17.png
422.png"Shellos" IconShellos (East Sea) 21 pokemonbdspwater17.png
422.png"Shellos" IconShellos (West Sea) 20 pokemonbdspwater17.png

Trainer Battles (Sea)

Besides the Pokémon trainers on land, there are some out at sea, further south. Naturally, you’ll need to use HM Surf to reach and challenge them.

Swimmer Haley

Pokémon Level Type
183.png"Marill" IconMarill 31 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspfairy17.png
184.png"Azumarill" IconAzumarill 31 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspfairy17.png

Swimmer Sheltin

Pokémon Level Type
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 30 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 29 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 31 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Sailor Paul

Pokémon Level Type
130.png"Gyarados" IconGyarados 31 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
66.png"Machop" IconMachop 31 pokemonbdspfighting17.png

Swimmer Evan

Pokémon Level Type
55.png"Golduck" IconGolduck 30 pokemonbdspwater17.png
55.png"Golduck" IconGolduck 32 pokemonbdspwater17.png

Swimmer Mary

Pokémon Level Type
183.png"Marill" IconMarill 32 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspfairy17.png
279.pngPelipper 30 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png


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