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Veilstone City (Locations & Items)

Staci Miller

Veilstone City is one of the major cities in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and home to Gym Leader Maylene.

As well as grabbing your next badge, here’s what you need to do in the city.

Main Story

Travel west towards the Gym and briefly speak to Rowan’s assistant. Once you’ve done this, you can head into the Gym and challenge Gym Leader Maylene.

(1 of 2) Maylene will admit defeat graciously

Maylene will admit defeat graciously (left), You'll get TM60 Drain Punch for your trouble (right)

As she uses Fighting-type Pokémon, it’s best to have a Psychic or Flying-type on hand. Fortunately, most trainers have caught "Starly" IconStarly early in the game and should now have a decently leveled Flying-type Pokémon.

Exit the Gym, and you’ll find Rowan’s assistant in distress as Team Galactic have stolen their Pokédex. Head to the Galactic Warehouse to get it back.

You’ll find two grunts outside of the Warehouse and will have to engage in a double battle with them to retrieve the Pokédex.

Team Galactic Grunts

Since you’ve just beaten Maylene, this fight shouldn’t be too challenging. A well-placed Fire-type or Flying-type move will take out Dustox and "Beautifly" IconBeautifly.

"Croagunk" IconCroagunk and Skunky are a little more difficult and have high Defense, but should be at a lower level than you.

Pokémon Level Type
Dustox.png"Dustox" IconDustox 25 pokemonbdspbug17.png pokemonbdsppoison17.png
Beautifly.png"Beautifly" IconBeautifly 25 pokemonbdspbug17.png pokemonbdspflying17.png
Croagunk.png"Croagunk" IconCroagunk 25 pokemonbdspfighting17.png pokemonbdsppoison17.png
Stunky.png"Stunky" IconStunky 25 pokemonbdsppoison17.png pokemonbdspdark17.png

After this battle, you’ll be able to progress onwards in the main story, but there are a few places to go first.


There are a few items you should pick up in Veilstone City.

TM94 Fly

Once you’ve fought the double battle with Team Galactic, head into the Warehouse before moving on. On the right side, you will find TM94 Fly - which you can now use as a Hidden Move to fly to previously-visited locations.

Department Store

One of the major attractions in Veilstone City is the Department Store, which is far larger than your average Poké Mart and has a variety of items on sale.

The Department Store is hard to miss.

Some of these items are only unlocked after beating the Gyms and the Pokémon League.

1F: Left

Item Price
Pokeball.pngPoké Ball 200
GreatBallIcon.pngGreat Ball 600
UltraBall.pngUltra Ball 1,200
EscapeRope.pngEscape Rope 550
RepelIcon.pngRepel 350
SuperRepel.pngSuper Repel 500
MaxRepel.pngMax Repel 700

1F: Right

Item Price
Potions.pngPotion 200
SuperPotion.pngSuper Potion 700
HyperPotion.pngHyper Potion 1,200
MaxPotion.pngMax Potion 2,500
ReviveIcon.pngRevive 1,500
Antidote.png Antidote 100
ParalyzeHeal.png Paralyze Heal 200
AwakeningIcon.pngAwakening 250
BurnHeal.pngBurn Heal 250
IceHeal.pngIce Heal 250
FullHeal.pngFull Heal 600

2F: Top

Item Price
X Speed 350
X Attack 500
X Defense 550
Guard Spec 700
Dire Hit 650
X Accuracy 950
X Sp. Attack 350
X Sp. Defense 350

2F: Bottom

Item Price
Protein 9,800
Iron 9,800
Calcium 9,800
Zinc 9,800
Carbos 9,800
HP Up 9,800

You can also receive the Counter App for the Pokétch by talking to the cashier on 2F.

3F: Top

Item Price
Low Sweep (TM27) 3,000
Bulldoze (TM83) 3,000
U-turn (TM89) 3,000
False Swipe (TM54) 2,000
Rest (TM44) 3,000
Protect (TM17) 2,000
Safeguard (TM20) 2,000
Reflect (TM33) 2,000
Light Screen (TM16) 2,000
Substitute (TM90) 2,000
Endure (TM58) 2,000
Work Up (TM10) 1,500
Swords Dance (TM75) 1,500
Double Team (TM32) 1,000
Flash (TM70) 1,000

3F: Bottom

Item Price
Fire Blast (TM38) 5,500
Thunder (TM25) 5,500
Blizzard (TM14) 5,500
Focus Blast (TM52) 5,500
Flamethrower (TM35) 3,000
Thunderbolt (TM24) 3,000
Ice Beam (TM13) 3,000
Solar Beam (TM22) 3,000
Psychic (TM29) 3,000
Dazzling Gleam (TM21) 3,000
Gyro Ball (TM74) 3,000
Giga Impact (TM68) 7,500
Hyper Beam (TM15) 7,500

4F: Top

Item Price
Square Pedestal XS 1,000
Round Pedestal XS 1,000
Sturdy Pedestal XS 1,000
Clear Pedestal XS 1,000

4F: Bottom

Item Price
Square Pedestal M 1,000
Round Pedestal M 1,000


Item Price
Fresh Water 300
Soda Pop 300
Lemonade 300

This is the man who'll give you the Sticky Barb.

Talk to the man on the right of 5F to receive a free Sticky Barb.

Other Items

There are some other items you can pick up around Veilstone City.

Item Location
PP Up At the side of the Galactic building
Tiny Mushroom At the side of the Galactic Warehouse
Full Incense Next to the Gym, though you will need Rock Climb
Zoom Lens and Wide Lens Speak to the boy and girl south of the Gym

Other Notable Locations

Like every major location in the game, this town has a Pokémon Center.

One other place to visit is the house to the right of the Veilstone Gym. Inside here, you’ll find the Massage Girl.

(1 of 2) The Massage Girl works for free, but only once a day

The Massage Girl works for free, but only once a day (left), It makes your Pokémon much happier (right)

She can give massages to your Pokémon that will make them warm up to you. This is especially handy for Pokémon that evolve based on their friendship level, such as "Budew" IconBudew into "Roselia" IconRoselia.


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