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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Obtain the Secret Medicine

Vincent Lau

After obtaining the first four Gym badges, you might be unsure where to go next.

Where to Go After Maylene and Crasher Wake?

(1 of 2) Look for this suspicious Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City.

Look for this suspicious Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City. (left), He means “follow him”. (right)

Head towards the entrance of the Great Marsh in Pastoria City, but don’t go inside. Speak to the suspicious Team Galactic Grunt who’s usually standing around there.

If you spoke to him earlier, nothing happened. But now that the time’s right, he’ll begin his next operation. Noticing your presence, the Grunt will run off towards the eastern gatehouse. Follow him.

You’ll find him near the gatehouse entrance. Make sure your team is healthy and prepared, then speak to him again. He’ll run away, but before you can give chase, your rival will rudely interrupt you. Not now! Get out of the way!

Pokémon Trainer Rival

(1 of 2) Your rival loves to show up when you least expect it.

Your rival loves to show up when you least expect it. (left), Your rival leads with his Starly like before. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Starly 26 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.pngpokemon_bdsp_flying17.png
Buizel (you didn’t choose Chimchar) 26 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png
Roselia (you didn’t choose Piplup) 26~27 pokemon_bdsp_grass17.pngpokemon_bdsp_poison17.png
Ponyta (you didn’t choose Turtwig) 27 pokemon_bdsp_fire17.png
Grotle (you chose Piplup) 31 pokemon_bdsp_grass17.png
Monferno (you chose Turtwig) 31 pokemon_bdsp_fire17.pngpokemon_bdsp_fighting17.png
Prinplup (you chose Chimchar) 31 pokemon_bdsp_water17.png

Your rival’s team hasn’t changed much since Hearthome City.

For some reason, he still hasn’t evolved Starly yet. Punish it with Electric, Rock or Ice moves. Be wary that it has a Quick Claw, so it rarely goes first even if you’re faster. When combined with Endeavor, which reduces your HP to Starly’s HP, and Quick Attack, this can be annoying. However, it shouldn’t survive a hit.

Buizel doesn’t have much going for it, except Aqua Jet, which has increased priority. Zap it with Electric moves or whip it with Grass moves and it’ll be down before you know it.

Roselia can use Stun Spore to inflict Paralysis. Compared to Gardenia’s Roserade, it’s not nearly as scary. Strike it down with Fire, Flying, Ice or Psychic moves.

Ponyta is easy prey for your Water, Rock or Ground-types. The best it can really offer is Flame Wheel for OK damage and Agility to quickly boost its Speed. But we doubt it’ll last a round.

Finally, your rival will rely on his starter Pokémon. If you didn’t have a plan earlier, sure you have one by now?

Against Grotle, you should field a Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison or Bug-type. There’s plenty to choose from (although not many Fire-types or, right now, Ice-types). Besides Grass-type moves, Grotle can also use the Dark-type Bite.

Versus Monferno, we suggest Water, Ground, Flying or Psychic-types. Currently, Monferno is his only starter with a second type: Fighting. Be wary of Power Up Punch, which deals low damage, but boosts Monferno’s Attack, plus Mach Punch, which has increased priority. Basically, focus your attacks for a quick KO.

Meanwhile, if you’re facing Prinplup, you’ve only got Grass and Electric-types as the main counters. Of the two, Grass is better defensively. But Prinplup itself isn’t that threatening, so Electric-types should suffice. Physical attackers should be cautious in case Prinplup uses Charm to greatly lower Attack.

Route 213

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Grunt near the start of the narrow seaside path.

You’ll find the Grunt near the start of the narrow seaside path. (left), Afterwards, you must cut through the hotel at the end of Route 213. (right)

After dealing with your rival, enter the gatehouse to reach Route 213. Make your way south along the sand, then east along the narrow path between the cliff and the sea. Lo and behold, the Grunt is taking a pit stop here. Say “hi” to make him dash off.

As before, follow the Grunt east, then north towards the hotel at the end of the route. Feel free to heal up inside, by speaking to the fella behind the counter. Leave the hotel via the north exit and carry on north into the next area.

Valor Lakefront

Head towards the Seven Stars Restaurant, then go down the steps to the east. Hey look, it’s your “friend”, the Galactic Grunt again! When you speak to him, he’ll begrudgingly run off towards the north. You know the drill: after him!

Oh wait, he hasn’t gone that far… When you speak to him yet again, he’ll give up and finally battle you.

Team Galactic Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Glameow 25 pokemon_bdsp_normal17.png

After that long chase, the battle itself is completely unremarkable.

(1 of 2) Cynthia has come here to visit Lake Valor.

Cynthia has come here to visit Lake Valor. (left), You can use the Secret Medicine to cure the Psyduck on Route 210. (right)

After humbling his team, the Grunt will retreat further north. However, you won’t see him again. Instead, you’ll run into a familiar face: Cynthia. She’ll hand you the Secret Medicine, which you can use to fix up the Psyduck who’re blocking the road halfway up Route 210.


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