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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Route 217 (Encounters & Items)

Vincent Lau

This is a walkthrough for Route 217, including what Pokémon you can encounter and items you can find.

(1 of 2) Route 217.

Route 217. (left), Its located between Route 216 and Acuity Lakefront. (right)

Route 217 is a long, vertical route that follows Route 216. Here, there’s a thick blizzard that makes it somewhat difficult to see what’s ahead. Unlike fog, you cannot dispel the blizzard, so you’ll simply have to live with it.

Where to Find HM Rock Climb

(1 of 2) TM100 Rock Climb.

TM100 Rock Climb. (left), Icicle Plate. (right)

Roughly halfway up Route 217, there’s a cabin on the left side. The poor Hiker inside has dropped his TM100 Rock Climb somewhere outside.

If you search around the north-east side of the cabin, you can find the TM100 Rock Climb. Afterwards, the Hidden Move will be added to your Pokétch.

By the way, you don’t need to report back to the Hiker, to let him know you’ve found his TM. But if you do so, he’ll appreciate your dutifulness and give you an Icicle Plate as a gift.

Pokémon Encounters

Wild Pokémon - Tall Grass

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
67.pngMachoke pokemonbdspfighting17.png 20% (Morning/Day), 10% (Night)
308.pngMedicham pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png 20%
307.pngMeditite pokemonbdspfighting17.pngpokemonbdsppsychic17.png 10% (Morning/Day)
164.pngNoctowl pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 10% (Night)
215.pngSneasel pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png 25%
459.pngSnover pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png 25%
41.pngZubat pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png 10% (Night)

Wild Pokémon - Mass Outbreak

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
220.pngSwinub pokemonbdspice17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png 40%

Wild Pokémon - Poké Radar

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
361.pngSnorunt pokemonbdspice17.png 12%

Item Locations

(1 of 2) TM07 Hail.

TM07 Hail. (left), Spell Tag. (right)

Item Location
DreamNuggetSprite.pngNugget Hidden in the corner north-west from Skier Madison, near the entrance.
BagFullHealSprite.pngFull Heal Hidden near the south-east corner, between Ninja Boy Antonio and Skier Shawn.
BagIronSprite.pngIron In the snow after going past the thick line of trees along the west.
DreamCalciumSprite.pngCalcium Hidden near the corner south from the Hiker’s cabin and Ninja Boy Ethan.
BagTMIceSprite.pngTM07 Hail In the snow south-east from the Hiker’s cabin.
Normal.png TM100 Rock Smash In the snow a short distance north-east from the Hiker’s cabin.
DreamIciclePlateSprite.pngIcicle Plate From the Hiker after obtaining TM100 Rock Smash.
DreamProteinSprite.pngProtein Hidden in the snow south-east from the Hiker’s cabin. Near TM07 Hail.
MaxRepel.pngMax Repel Hidden in the snow east from the Hiker’s cabin, about halfway across.
UltraBall.pngUltra Ball Hidden to the east of the pair of trees east-south-east from the Hiker’s cabin.
MaxPotion.pngMax Potion Hidden near the bordering trees, directly east from the Hiker’s cabin.
DreamMaxReviveSprite.pngMax Revive Hidden in the snow between the Max Potion and Skier Bjorn.
UltraBall.pngUltra Ball Hidden in the snow south from Skier Lexie, near the northern exit.
DreamSpellTagSprite.pngSpell Tag From woman in the far north-eastern cabin.

Trainer Battles

Ace Trainer Dalton

Pokémon Level Type
26.pngRaichu 34 pokemonbdspelectric17.png
279.pngPelipper 36 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
449.pngHippopotas 38 pokemonbdspground17.png

Skier Shawn

Pokémon Level Type
459.pngSnover 34 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png
459.pngSnover 34 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png
55.pngGolduck 34 pokemonbdspwater17.png
459.pngSnover 35 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png

Ninja Boy Antonio

Pokémon Level Type
41.pngZubat 33 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
42.pngGolbat 33 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
41.pngZubat 34 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
453.pngCroagunk 36 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png

Skier Madison

Pokémon Level Type
459.pngSnover 37 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png

Ninja Boy Ethan

Pokémon Level Type
451.pngSkorupi 35 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspbug17.png
42.pngGolbat 35 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png

Skier Bjorn

Pokémon Level Type
458.pngMantyke 36 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png
215.pngSneasel 38 pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspice17.png

Skier Lexie

Pokémon Level Type
183.pngMarill 35 pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspfairy17.png
35.pngClefairy 35 pokemonbdspfairy17.png

Black Belt Luke

Pokémon Level Type
453.pngCroagunk 36 pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png
95.pngOnix 35 pokemonbdsprock17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png
67.pngMachoke 37 pokemonbdspfighting17.png

Axe Trainer Olivia

Pokémon Level Type
315.pngRoselia 37 pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png
119.pngSeaking 37 pokemonbdspwater17.png


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