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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Hidden Moves (HMs) List

Vincent Lau

This page explains the purpose of the Hidden Moves (HMs) and where to find them.

(1 of 2) Hidden Moves allow you to travel across water…

Hidden Moves allow you to travel across water… (left), …and ascend rocky cliffs, besides other things. (right)

Back in the days of Pokémon Red and Blue, Hidden Machines were items that can directly teach certain moves to Pokémon that can learn them, similar to Technical Machines (TMs). Unlike TMs, HMs can be used infinitely; also, the moves taught via HMs can be used outside of battle, to get past obstacles etc.

The last time HMs appeared was during the generation of Pokémon X and Y. If you’ve played the earlier Pokémon games, you may remember that HMs were rather cumbersome, often wasting valuable space in a Pokémon’s moveset. Or in the extreme case of the original Diamond and Pearl, encouraging you to drag a "Bidoof" IconBidoof or "Bibarel" IconBibarel with you…

Since Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a remake of one of these earlier games, HMs have returned. Although thankfully you no longer need to drag a Bidoof or other HM slave with you!

How to Use Hidden Moves

After obtaining a HM, it will be automatically be registered to the Hidden Moves app in your Pokétch. While this app is open, you can freely use any of the registered HMs by selecting them. A wild Pokémon will then come and use the HM for you.

To save time, you can also press the A button to inspect the obstacle etc. where you can use a Hidden Move, to use the Hidden Move there and then.

Available Hidden Moves

HMs How to Obtain Requirement
Rock Smash From Hiker at Oreburgh Gate Defeat Roark (Oreburgh Gym)
Cut From Cynthia at Eterna City Defeat Gardenia (Eterna Gym)
Fly Inside Team Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City Defeat Maylene (Veilstone Gym)
Defog From Ace Trainer in Great Marsh Defeat Crasher Wake (Pastoria Gym)
Surf From Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town Ruins Defeat Fantina (Hearthome Gym)
Strength From old woman on the top floor of the Lost Tower (Route 209) Defeat Byron (Canalave Gym)
Rock Climb Route 217, behind the western house Defeat Candice (Snowpoint Gym)
Waterfall From Jasmine on the beach east of the gym Defeat Volkner (Sunyshore Gym)

HM Rock Smash (TM 98)

How to obtain: From Hiker as you enter Oreburgh Gate.
Required Badge: Coal Badge (from Roark).
What it does: Use it to smash the small, cracked boulders blocking your path.

HM Cut (TM93)

How to obtain: From Cynthia when you walk near the Galactic Building in Eterna City.
Required Badge: Forest Badge (from Gardenia).
What it does: Slice the small trees blocking the way.

HM Strength

How to obtain: From an old lady at the top floor of the Lost Tower on Route 209.
Required Badge: Mine Badge (from Byron).
What it does: Gives you the strength to push spherical boulders forward one square. After using Strength, you can continue pushing boulders without triggering it again, until you exit the area.

HM Fly (TM94)

How to obtain: Inside the Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City. Accessible after defeating Maylene.
Required Badge: Cobble Badge (from Maylene).
What it does: Lets you select any town/city you’ve visited and instantly return to the Pokémon Center located there. Cannot be used when you’re indoors.

HM Defog (TM97)

How to obtain: Speak to the nearest woman after entering the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.
Required Badge: Fen Badge (from Crasher Wake).
What it does: Removes any fog obscuring your vision. When there’s fog, your moves are liable to miss during battle.

HM Surf

How to obtain: From Cynthia’s grandmother after defeating the Galactic Grunts at Celestic Town.
Required Badge: Relic Badge (from Fantina).
What it does: Lets you traverse bodies of water. Can only be used when you’re level with the water and there are no fences or other obstructions in the way. Cannot be used if there’s a ledge separating you and the water.

HM Rock Climb

How to obtain: On the ground just outside the cabin on Route 217.
Required Badge: Icicle Badge (from Candice).
What it does: Allows you to quickly climb up (or down) cliffs that have a trail of protruding rocks.

HM Waterfall

How to obtain: Speak to Jasmine at the beach in the north part of Sunyshore City, after defeating Volkner.
Required Badge: Beacon Badge (from Volkner).
What it does: Lets you quick ascend (or descend) waterfalls, when you’re surfing.

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