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How to Get Riolu & Lucario

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to obtain "Riolu" IconRiolu and "Lucario" IconLucario in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

Riolu Location

(1 of 2) As thanks, Riley will give you a Pokémon Egg.

As thanks, Riley will give you a Pokémon Egg. (left), Keep the egg in your party and it'll hatch into a "Riolu" IconRiolu. (right)

The only way to get your hands on "Riolu" IconRiolu is to hatch the Pokémon Egg obtained from Riley at the end of Iron Island. As with all Pokémon Eggs, it’ll eventually hatch if you walk around with it in your party.

After hatching "Riolu" IconRiolu, you can obtain more "Riolu" IconRiolu by evolving it into "Lucario" IconLucario and breeding it. (You can’t breed "Riolu" IconRiolu itself since it’s a baby.)

How to Get Lucario

(1 of 2) With some love and affection…

With some love and affection… (left), You can get your own "Lucario" IconLucario like Riley! (right)

Once you’ve got a "Riolu" IconRiolu, it’ll evolve into "Lucario" IconLucario when it gains a level during the Day and its Friendship value is 160 or over. Thankfully, it’s not a difficult task, since the "Riolu" IconRiolu will start with 100 Friendship after it’s hatched.

Anyway, here are the ways to improve Friendship, from most to least effective:

  • Let "Riolu" IconRiolu hold a Soothe Bell (obtained from the Pokémon Mansion on Route 212).
  • Feed "Riolu" IconRiolu Grepa, Hondew, Kelpsy, Pomeg, Qualot or Tamato Berries.
  • Level Up "Riolu" IconRiolu in battle.
  • Feed "Riolu" IconRiolu vitamin items (eg. Calcium) or Rare Candy.
  • Use Battle Items (eg. X Attack) on "Riolu" IconRiolu.
  • Walk around with "Riolu" IconRiolu in your party.

(1 of 2) If you have lots spare, the friendship-increasing berries are great.

If you have lots spare, the friendship-increasing berries are great. (left), Speak to this lady at the Pokémon Fan Club if you need a hint. (right)

If you want to check "Riolu" IconRiolu’s Friendship, we suggest taking a trip to the Pokémon Fan Club building in Hearthome City. It’s located east from the Poké Mart. Inside, there’s a lady in the top-left corner who’ll comment on the first Pokémon in your party.

Message Friendship
Oh, my… I think this one really hasn’t taken too kindly to you. 0
Hmm… It seems to dislike you a little. 1 to 49
It’s feeling neutral toward you. It’s up to you to change that. 50 to 99
It’s warming up to you. That’s my impression. 100 to 149
It’s quite friendly to you. It must be happy being with you. 150 to 199
It’s very friendly toward you. I can tell you treat it kindly. 200 to 254
It simply adores you! Why, I feel like I am intruding! 255

The main comment to look out for is the 150 to 199 one, which begins “It’s quite friendly”. That means you don’t have long to go to hit 160. Of course, if you over-shoot the required Friendship and get one of the later messages, that’s fine as well.


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