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Still-Water Cavern

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the wild Pokémon you can encounter in Still-Water Cavern in the Grand Underground.

(1 of 2) Still-Water Cavern.

Still-Water Cavern. (left), TM09 Bullet Seed. (right)

Still-Water Cavern is a large hideaway, located towards the west side of the Grand Underground. It’s functionally the same as a Riverbank Cave, but just bigger.

How to Reach Still-Water Cavern

Early in the game, you can simply travel all the west along the central band of the Grand Underground, starting from Eterna City. Later on, you can go underground from Iron Island to quickly reach this cavern.

Item Locations

Item Location
TM09 Bullet Seed At the south edge of the cavern, halfway across.
Big Mushroom Near the north-east corner.

Wild Pokémon

Available From the Start

Pokémon Type Notes
399.png"Bidoof" IconBidoof pokemonbdspnormal17.png -
406.png"Budew" IconBudew pokemonbdspgrass17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png -
418.png"Buizel" IconBuizel pokemonbdspwater17.png -
427.png"Buneary" IconBuneary pokemonbdspnormal17.png -
268.png"Cascoon" IconCascoon pokemonbdspbug17.png Shining Pearl only
453.png"Croagunk" IconCroagunk pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspfighting17.png -
401.png"Kricketot" IconKricketot pokemonbdspbug17.png -
198.png"Murkrow" IconMurkrow pokemonbdspdark17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png Brilliant Diamond only
54.png"Psyduck" IconPsyduck pokemonbdspwater17.png -
266.png"Silcoon" IconSilcoon pokemonbdspbug17.png Brilliant Diamond only
265.png"Wurmple" IconWurmple pokemonbdspbug17.png -

Rare Spawns

Pokémon Type Notes
108.png"Lickitung" IconLickitung pokemonbdspnormal17.png -
127.png"Pinsir" IconPinsir pokemonbdspbug17.png Shining Pearl only
123.png"Scyther" IconScyther pokemonbdspbug17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png Brilliant Diamond only

"Scyther" IconScyther is a rare encounter in Still-Water Cavern.

Available After Obtaining Strength

Pokémon Type Notes
339.png"Barboach" IconBarboach pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png -
400.png"Bibarel" IconBibarel pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspwater17.png -
163.png"Hoothoot" IconHoothoot pokemonbdspnormal17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png -
435.png"Skuntank" IconSkuntank pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspdark17.png Brilliant Diamond only
434.png"Stunky" IconStunky pokemonbdsppoison17.pngpokemonbdspdark17.png Brilliant Diamond only

Available After Obtaining Defog

Pokémon Type Notes
446.png"Munchlax" IconMunchlax pokemonbdspnormal17.png -
432.png"Purugly" IconPurugly pokemonbdspnormal17.png Shining Pearl only
278.png"Wingull" IconWingull pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png -

Available After Icicle Badge

Pokémon Type Notes
443.png"Gible" IconGible pokemonbdspdragon17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png -
431.png"Glameow" IconGlameow pokemonbdspnormal17.png Shining Pearl only
279.png"Pelipper" IconPelipper pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png -
72.png"Tentacool" IconTentacool pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png -
73.png"Tentacruel" IconTentacruel pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdsppoison17.png -

Available After Obtaining Waterfall

Pokémon Type Notes
444.png"Gabite" IconGabite pokemonbdspdragon17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png -
458.png"Mantyke" IconMantyke pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspflying17.png -
224.png"Octillery" IconOctillery pokemonbdspwater17.png -
340.png"Whiscash" IconWhiscash pokemonbdspwater17.pngpokemonbdspground17.png -

Available After National Pokédex


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