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Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Version Differences (Diamond versus Pearl)

Vincent Lau

This page outlines the differences between the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versions.

(1 of 2) Cranidos is only found in Brilliant Diamond.

Cranidos is only found in Brilliant Diamond. (left), Shieldon is only found in Shining Pearl. (right)

All mainline Pokémon games are released in two (or more) versions. Both versions are essentially the same game, so you only need to buy one (unless you’ve got siblings etc. who also want to play, for instance).

The main difference between the two versions is that some Pokémon only appear in one particular version or are more likely to appear there. This is meant to encourage trading between players, because you can’t get all the Pokémon with just one game.

Version Exclusives

Exclusive to Brilliant Diamond

Main Story

Pokémon Type
Cranidos Rock
Rampardos Rock
Murkrow Dark/Flying
Honchkrow Dark/Flying
Stunky Poison/Dark
Skuntank Poison/Dark
Dialga Steel/Dragon


Pokémon Type
Raikou Electric
Entei Fire
Suicune Water
Ho-oh Fire/Flying

Exclusive to Shining Pearl

Main Story

Pokémon Type
Shieldon Rock/Steel
Bastiodon Rock/Steel
Misdreavus Ghost
Mismagius Ghost
Glameow Normal
Purugly Normal
Palkia Water/Dragon


Pokémon Type
Articuno Ice/Flying
Zapdos Electric/Flying
Moltres Fire/Flying
Lugia Psychic/Flying

Which Version to Pick?

With the advent of online trading, it’s fairly easy to obtain any version exclusives you want, except for the Legendary Pokémon. Because you only get one of each and they’re extremely powerful.

Therefore, if you’re undecided about which version of the game to buy, get the one with the Legendary Pokémon that you want. Unless you can’t trade online; in which case, follow your heart.


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