This is the closest thing to “Pokémon of the Wild”.

Welcome to the first major “zone” in the Wild Area. Unlike typical routes and similar areas, the Wild Area is very open-ended. You can travel extremely freely and go in pretty much any direction you want. If you’re not careful though, that means you can easily lose your way… Should that happen, try observing your surroundings. For example, using Motostoke as a reference point.

Investigating the Wild Area

There’s much to discover while exploring the Wild Area. When you step foot into the Wild Area, you should spot several beams of red light. These are active dens where you participate in Max Raid Battles. Even if you don’t battle, interacting with them with earn you Watts. There are also inactive dens without beams.

Occasionally, you may find sparkling spots, next to trees, stones, bushes and whatnot. Like the sparkling spot in Wedgehurst, these yield hidden items such as treasure you can sell. Unlike hidden items found elsewhere, these ones will reappear once enough time has passed.

Also, there’s an abundance of Pokémon, in the tall grass for instance. If you enjoy catching Pokémon, you could be here for a while! However, try not to stray too far. As a rule of thumb, the further you go, the higher Level the Pokémon get (and if they’re too high Level, you can’t catch them). Those of you who love to explore, go nuts! But take caution when dealing with Pokémon deeper within the Wild Area.

Strong Pokémon

On top of that, there are some “strong Pokémon” roaming around even in the beginning areas. You’ll know them when you see them. Typically, they’re found in conspicuous areas, all by their lonesome. There may be occasions where you accidently encounter them. To avoid getting wiped out, have a Pokémon with the Run Away ability or some Poké Dolls handy!

The Wild Area In Full

That’s just the basics of the Wild Area; there’s a lot, lot more to talk about. If you want all the juicy details, please check out our Wild Area section, located after this story walkthrough section. Over there, you’ll find lots of details about the wild Pokémon you can find, Max Raid Battles and so forth.

That’s the intro out of the way. Time to get moving! Except… which way? Depending on your preferences, your route can vary wildly. On one extreme, you could beeline it straight to the next area; on the other, you could take every detour known to mankind. There’s no wrong way, but we are writing a guide so we need to suggest something at least!

Here’s the route we suggest, although you’re more than welcome to deviate from it (or ignore it altogether). We’ll go for the more “natural” and straight-forward route, which is by heading north from Rolling Fields into East Lake Axewell, where the entrance to Motostoke is. But first, we’ll take a brief detour to pick up an item.

From the Meetup Spot, with Motostoke directly facing north, turn left so you’re facing west. Your view should look like the screenshot above. There should be a small patch of shrubbery just ahead, with a bunch of trees in the distance.

Go over to the shrubbery. There will be three sparkling spots here. Search ‘em to find two hidden jars of Honey and one Poké Ball. Up ahead is an Onix; this is a strong Pokémon that you don’t want to fight!

Meanwhile, on your left will be the southern wall (if you’re still facing west). Head forward (west), so you’re traveling perpendicular to the southern wall, hugging the wall as close as possible.

This medicine restores a lot of HP, but lowers your Pokémon’s friendship.

As you approach the first tree, go over to the nearby indented area in the southern wall. There should be a sparkling spot containing a hidden Energy Root.

Continue following the southern wall. As you’re traveling, there will be some tall grass to the right (north) of the southern wall. Keep going until the wall opens up to the left (south). Turn left when this happens.

Camping Time!

Whenever you’re feeling tired or bored, you can set up camp by choosing the “Pokémon Camp” option from the main menu. Here, you can admire your Pokémon, attract their attention and/or play with them. It’s a tiny bit like Pokémon Amie or Pokémon Refresh in the 3DS games; basically, a fun little distraction.

For something a bit more substantial, press the X button, then choose “Cooking”. This will let you play a curry-making mini-game using cooking ingredients and/or berries you’ve acquired. After cooking a curry, your Pokémon may recover HP and gain experience points.

You should see a glowing den in the deepest part of this area. Go that way, but be mindful as you enter. There will be a strong Pokémon here: usually a Roselia, although it depends on the weather. Unlike the Onix near the beginning, you can actually catch this Pokémon. However, it’s pretty high Level (15), so you must be really skilled or high Level yourself.

In any case, make your way towards the tree and the den at the far end. Check the log next to the tree to find TM84 Tail Slap. That’s the item we’re looking for; now to actually head for Motostoke!

Rotate the camera so it’s facing north (towards Motostoke). Admittedly, it’s kind of hard to see Motostoke from here. But basically you want to see a bunch of trees. In the distance, there should be two dirt paths, one going left (west) and the other right (east). In the middle of these paths is a glowing den. Head forward (north) between the trees, towards the den.

Stop before you reach the wide patch of tall grass surrounding the den. Look for two nearby trees, next to where the path leading left (west) begins. At the base of the right-hand side tree is a sparkling spot. Check it out to find a hidden Tiny Mushroom. Then wade through the tall grass to reach the den.

Upon reaching the den, you ought to be able to see a tower-like structure in the distance, on the other side of the lake. That’s the Watchtower Ruins. Meanwhile, towards the top-right corner of the screen should be Motostoke in the distance. Tilt the camera so it moves slightly left. A conspicuous tree should come into view. Let’s go there and have a look!

Berry Nice!

This is one of many berry trees. If you shake a berry tree, random berries will fall down. You can shake the tree multiple times, to get more berries. But be careful, because if you shake the tree too many times, a wild Pokémon may come leaping down!

After battling the wild Pokémon, some (or all) of the berries that fell down will have been taken by other wild Pokémon. Otherwise, if you stop shaking, you can collect all the berries that fell. But you can’t shake the tree again for a while. So there’s a risk and reward element involved.

From the berry tree, spin the camera so it faces the den you came from. You should be facing east now. Return to the den. Now cross through the tall grass directly ahead, to reach the dirt path.

If possible, turn your camera slightly to the right, so that it’s pointing north-east. Assuming Motostoke is visible, you want it to be on the left side of your screen. Meanwhile, there should be what looks like a small mountain directly ahead. Head forward (north-east) along the dirt path. There may be some wild Pokémon at the start of the path.

Check out the next tree on the right side of the path. Behind the tree, there should be a sparkling spot that’s hiding a Tiny Mushroom. Nearby, there will be another strong Pokémon in the middle of the path–usually a Diggersby. Do not engage it; instead, carefully navigate around it. If it’s safe, go over to the other tree on the right. Search its base for another Tiny Mushroom.

Once you’ve gone past the overwhelming Pokémon, the stairs to Motostoke should be visible in the distance. There will also be a glowing den nearby on the right side. Meanwhile, there’s a bridge along the left side.

What are Watts?

If you inspect a glowing den, you’ll receive Watts. You’ll also get more Watts than usual if the den has a beam emerging from it (which means a Max Raid Battle is available). Another way to earn Watts is by defeating Pokémon with a glowing aura around them on the overworld–known as “Brilliant Pokémon”.

But what are Watts used for? Well, there are several Watt Traders scattered around the Wild Area. You can speak to them to modify your bike (when you get it) or buy rare items, in exchange for your Watts. In Bridge Field, there’s also the Digging Duo who provide an excavation service by paying them Watts.

Go over to the glowing den. If you head towards the bridge, you’ll arrive at West Lake Axewell, which has higher Level Pokémon. Those of you who are feeling daring can enter West Lake Axewell, then follow the central lake clock-wise to quickly reach Motostoke. However, we’ll be taking the safer, albeit slightly longer, route.

While standing near the den, rotate the camera so it faces east. You want Motostoke to be out of view now; instead, you should see patches of tall grass in front, with a path in-between them. There will also be a fourth strong Pokémon along the left side of the screen–generally a Ninjask. Confident players can try to catch this one.

Regardless, go forward (east), ideally through the path between the grass. You’ll be traveling along the south side of the central lake. As you get near the end of the patch of tall grass on the right, you may see a Butterfree flying above. Next, there will be a fairly wide dirt area. In the middle is another strong Pokémon–probably a Diggersby. Whoa, these things are everywhere!

Cautiously go over to the tree ahead, facing the lake. The base of this tree should have two sparkling spots. You know the drill! Search these spots to find two hidden Tiny Mushrooms. Nearby, there might be a fisherman. If you speak to her, you can buy a random item in exchange for some Watts. Usually, it’s a good deal, provided you have ample Watts.

Now head on over to the next tree at the corner of the lake. There will be a man standing next to a tree. This is the Ingredient Seller. Feel free to buy some of his wares. His ingredients can be used to conjure up new recipes when cooking at your camp site. Also, his items will change daily, so you may want to come back here another time.

At this point, you’ll be directly north from the Meetup Spot. Turn your camera right (towards the south) and you should see the entrance to the Meetup Spot in the far off distance. If you need to rest up, now’s your chance to run back there and speak to the lady by the train station. Then to get back here again, just run straight north (towards the lake).

From the ingredient seller, turn the camera so it’s facing east. There should be a stretch of tall grass in front of you, by the corner of the lake. Go forward and follow the path as it bends to the left (north). You can either cut through the tall grass or go around it from the right (south). If avoiding the grass, watch out for another strong Pokémon–possibly a Diggersby.

Stop when you reach the next tree by the lakeside. Make sure you’re facing north (towards the general direction of Motostoke). Up ahead, there should be some tall grass next to the lake and a glowing den to its right (east). Search the tree to find a hidden Poké Ball. Now head for the glowing den. There may be a strong Pokémon around (for example a Mudsdale), so be careful.

Motostoke is getting closer and closer! From this den, you should see a dirt path up ahead. Go forward (north) towards that path, then follow it in the direction of Motostoke. Keep an eye out for the trees on the right side of the path. Once you get near enough to the trees, there should be a person standing in front of the left-hand side tree. Speak to her for a battle.

Pokémon Breeder Chloe

Pokémon Level Type
Grookey 13 Grass
Scorbunny 13 Fire
Sobble 13 Water

Wow, this lady has all three Galarian starter Pokémon! They’re also significantly higher Level than your last battle with Hop. So be careful–and don’t hesitate to come back later if you don’t think you’re ready. That said, if you’ve been catching plenty of Pokémon, this shouldn’t be an impossible affair.

Grookey is a Grass-type and thus weak to Fire, Flying, Ice and Bug. Obviously, if you have Scorbunny, this will be easy. Common Pokémon you could use include Rookidee and Blipbug. If it’s sunny, there’s also Vulpix/Growlithe from Rolling Fields.

Fire-type Scorbunny is weak to Water, Rock and Ground. Likewise, Sobble users will shine here. Otherwise Chewtle is a great choice. If it’s raining or there’s a thunderstorm, you can catch Wingull in Rolling Fields as well.

Lastly, we have the Water-type Sobble, who’s weak to Grass and Electric. Sounds like it’s Grookey time! Alternatively, Yamper will zap the sad boy silly. Seedot or Lotad are decent choices as well.

After defeating Chloe or otherwise, continue following the dirt path towards Motostoke. As you approach the next glowing den by the lakeside, you will transition into the next area.

Pokémon Checklist

The amount of Pokémon you can catch, even in Rolling Fields, is vast. That said, don’t feel obliged to catch everything straight away, as you can always come back to the Wild Area later. Plus, certain Pokémon only appear during specific weather, so you’ll have to come back anyway!

Anyway, the next three Gyms are Grass, Water and Fire, so try to focus on Pokémon that beat those types. Of note, when it’s sunny (as indicated by harsh sun in battle), you can encounter Vulpix or Growlithe. Perfect for burning Grass-types. Meanwhile, the strong Roselia that’s usually next to TM84 can dry up Water-types.

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