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Pokémon: Sword & Shield

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Slumbering Weald Revisited

Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

You came here near the start of the game, but times have changed.

Wild Pokémon - Overworld

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Stunfisk" IconStunfisk Ground/Steel Fixed
"Weezing" IconWeezing Poison/Fairy 50%
"Munna" IconMunna Psychic 30%
"Orbeetle" IconOrbeetle Bug/Psychic 15%
"Corviknight" IconCorviknight Flying/Steel 5%

Wild Pokémon - Random Encounters

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Weezing" IconWeezing Poison/Fairy 30%
"Munna" IconMunna Psychic 25%
"Corviknight" IconCorviknight Flying/Steel 20%
"Orbeetle" IconOrbeetle Bug/Psychic 15%
"Butterfree" IconButterfree Bug/Flying 5%
"Stunfisk" IconStunfisk Ground/Steel 5%

Wild Pokémon - Random Encounters

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
"Whiscash" IconWhiscash Water/Ground 60%
"Barboach" IconBarboach Water/Ground 20%
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water 20%

From the entrance, head directly west like last time. There will be some low Level wild Pokémon, which will probably run away in fright. When you reach the corner, head north in the direction of the fog. Eventually, at the end of the narrow path, you’ll reach the area where you blacked out. Keep going north, then take a left turn.

This is where things start getting interesting, as you start to encounter wild Pokémon closer to your Level. Make your way west through the tall grass. Soon, there will be a fork in the path towards the north. Search the floor in-between the two paths to find a hidden Full Restore. Next, follow the right-hand side path. You’ll arrive at another fork.

At this second fork, follow the left-hand side path first. This will take you to a dead end, with a Misty Seed on the ground. Go back and then follow the right-hand side path. You’ll arrive at a stream with a nearby fishing spot. Get on your "Rotom" IconRotom Bike and enter the water, then travel south. On the right, there’s a place where you can return to land. Grab the Life Orb below the tall grass.

Retrace your steps until you’re back at the initial fork, then follow the left-hand side path. Soon, the path will branch off towards the west and the north. Actually, these two paths will intersect. But you want to follow the path towards the west. After going under the fallen tree trunk, there’s a Mental Herb on the ground to the right.

Towards the east, you’ll reach the point the paths intersect; heading south will take you through the path you didn’t go through. Go north instead. The path will branch yet again. Follow the path on the right. You’ll have to walk across a fallen tree to cross the stream from before. On the other side, head south-east to retrieve TM86 Phantom Force, which you probably saw earlier.

Now go back and follow the other path on the left. Soon, the path will appear to branch again, but the path on the right quickly reveals itself to be a dead end with an item capsule up for grabs. Go towards this dead end, but be mindful of a Galarian "Stunfisk" IconStunfisk poking through the ground by the entrance. Scoop up the Smoke Ball, then follow the path on the left.

You’ll run into Hop standing in front of a bridge. The Legendary Pokémon will appear again or so it seems. Afterwards, Hop will run off to chase them. You should go too. Cross over the bridge and cautiously make your way north. If you want to get rid of some stress, there’s a fishing spot on the left. Anyway, keep going and you’ll reach the exit.

Isn't this where they hid the Master Sword?

The area you arrive in is the endpoint of the forest. Run over to where Hop is waiting. He’ll draw your attention to the weapons on the altar. Approach the weapons and you’ll obtain the Rusted Sword in Sword or the Rusted Shield in Shield. Meanwhile, Hop will take the other weapon. Well, you got what you came here for. Kind of.

Next, speak to Hop and he’ll call a flying taxi to take you straight to Hammerlocke. Alternatively, you can go there yourself, in your own time. If you need to quickly leave the forest, you should use the Escape Rope that Sonia gave to you way back (you can’t call a flying taxi yourself, strangely).

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Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Pokémon: Sword and Shield, the latest entries in the Pokémon video game franchise. Our guide also incorporates all the DLC, including the Isle of Armor and brand new Crown Tundra DLC.

In Sword and Shield, you explore the Galar region, based on the United Kingdom, alongside rivals Hop, Bede and Marnie, with the aim to dethrone the Pokémon League Champion.

The games introduce several new features such as Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, functions that increase size and change forms of certain Pokémon; the Wild Area, a large open world with free camera movement; and raids with co-op battling. They also reintroduce features previously seen in Sun and Moon and Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, such as regional variants and roaming Pokémon depicted in the overworld.

Brand New October 2020:

Version 1.2

  • A Complete Walkthrough of the Isle of Armor.
  • Details of all 16 new Wild Areas, including Pokémon encounter rates.
  • All the new Max Raid Dens: Locations and Featured Pokémon.
  • Images and Locations of All 150 of the Missing Diglett.
  • The Isle of Armor Pokédex (featuring 100 Returning Pokémon).
  • Recipes for the Cram-o-matic.
  • A Full Walkthrough featuring Pokémon encounter rates.
  • All Gym Encounters and Strategies.
  • New Items: Mints & Natures Explained.
  • Post Game content including Champion Cup.
  • Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing.
  • The Galar Region Pokédex (featuring 400 Pokemon).

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