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First Published: 15-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-07-2020 / 17:43 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 15:10 GMT

Gym Challenge (2)

Glimwood Tangle

Before the release of the game, this location was featured in a famous 24-hour video stream.

Wild Pokémon - Overworld

PokémonTypeEncounter Rate

Wild Pokémon - Random Encounters

PokémonTypeEncounter Rate
ShiinoticGrass/Fairy20% (Sword), 15% (Shield)
HattremPsychic15% (Sword), 10% (Shield)
Ponyta (Shield only)Psychic10%
Swirlix (Sword only)Fairy10%
Spritzee (Shield only)Fairy10%
Passimian (Sword only)Fighting9%
Oranguru (Shield only)Normal/Psychic9%

Random Encounters Only

Unlike other areas in the game, the wild Pokémon here are generally very shy and love to hide in the grass. So you'll be encountering most of the Pokémon like in the older games. That said, there are a few hiding above ground.

Head north-east from the entrance. Soon, there will be a green glowing mushroom on the left and a red mushroom on the right. Around here, there's a few patches of tall grass. If you touch the green mushrooms, they will briefly illuminate the surrounding area, so you can see a bit better.

Meanwhile, if you poke the red mushroom, you'll be attacked by a wild Imdipidimp (which you may want to do). Continue north, for a short distance. You'll arrive at a T-junction with a green mushroom in the centre. Go left first. After going behind a tree trunk, there will be a small crossroad.

It's a bit hard to see, but go south towards the tall grass below. Follow the extremely dark path as it goes west. You should reach a glowing mushroom. From there, continue following the path north, then around to the east. Pick up the Bright Powder next to the edge. After that, jump over the ledge on the right. You'll land on some tall grass. Go south; you'll be back at the crossroad.

Next, head west from the crossroad. If you want to battle, there's a trainer standing here, looking for something.

Cook Derek

Pokémon Level Type
Milcery 33 Fairy
Sinistea 33 Ghost
Shiinotice 34 Grass/Fairy

Derek's first Pokémon is Milcery, a Fairy-type found on Route 4. Next, he may send out Sinistea, a new Ghost-type lurking in this forest. Finally, he has a Shiinotic, which is an evolved Morelull and can also be found here. It takes 4x damage from Poison and 2x damage from Fire, Flying, Ice and Steel.

A Pokémon holding this will restore more HP than normal if they use moves that drain HP from their opponent.

Head east back towards the first T-junction. Then continue east. Along the south, there's a path through the tall grass. Walk past it and search the nearby dead end on the right to find 2 Full Heals. Now you may go south. Follow the path as it bends around to the north. Soon, you'll reach a small glowing mushroom on a tree root, with an item capsule on the left, which contains a Big Root.

Go around the tree root via the right. When you reach the next glowing mushroom, there's a path going north, where two trainers are waiting.

Daring Couple Jacqueline and Robert

Pokémon Level Type
Kirlia 34 Psychic/Fairy
Ninetales 34 Fire

This will be a Double Battle. Kirlia is an evolved Ralts; it's weak to Poison, Ghost and Steel. Meanwhile Ninetales is an evolved Vulpix. Kirlia plays the role of support, by using Life Dew to restore HP for its party. On the other hand, Ninetales is the damage dealer, using Nasty Plot to greatly boost its Special Attack.

You can go north if you want, but we'll be going left. Poke the mushroom if you need a hint. As you travel through this dark path, there are two tree trunks above. In-between these tree trunks is a second path going north.

This moves only works if your Pokémon is asleep. It works great in combination with Rest.

Before going that way, carry on west. Grab TM24 Snore at the end of the dead end, below the base of a ledge. Then go right and follow the dark path in-between the two tree trunks. Ahead, there's a tree root that's kind of obstructing the path. Turn left. Retrieve the 2 Hyper Potions sitting to the left of a glowing mushroom. Next, head south. On the left, there's a trainer in the way.

Madame Judy

Pokémon Level Type
Indeedee 33 Psychic
Indeedee 33 Psychic

This Madame has two Indeedee, which is a rare Pokémon found here. It's a pure Psychic-type, so whack it with Dark, Bug or Ghost-types if possible.

Head left from Madame Judy. After going behind a tree trunk, you'll run into a Level 38 Morgrem, which is an evolved Impidimp. Further left is a glowing mushroom. Give this a poke to reveal a hidden path on the left. Before going that way, go forward and search the sparkling spot for some Luminous Moss. If you head right, you'll reach a ledge that takes you back to where you found the Hyper Potions.

Go left instead and follow the path around to the north-east. At the end, you'll find TM56 U-Turn. Continue right a short distance and jump over the ledge below. Then jump over the ledge on the right. You'll land north of the obstructing tree root from before. If you go south-east, you can turn left to reach Madame Judy or continue south-east to bump into the pair of trainers.

If you're all finished up here, head north-east, then follow the long passageway towards Ballonlea.

Pokémon Checklist

This enchanted forest is rich with new Pokémon! Impidimp is a crafty Dark and Fairy-type; you can also run into its evolved form, Morgrem. Sinistea is a new Ghost-type shaped after a tea cup. Indeedee is a rare Psychic-type. Shield players can also encounter the Psychic-type Galarian Ponyta.

There are some old faves too. Shiinotic (Grass/Fairy) is an evolved Morelull; beware of its Strength Sap, which lowers Attack and heals Shiinotic. Phantump is a Ghost and Grass-type that needs to be traded to evolve. Finally, you can find Passimian (Fighting) in Sword and Oranguru (Normal/Psychic) in Shield.

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