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Pokémon: Sword & Shield

Second Trial: Finding Max Mushrooms

Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

The dojo’s second trial is to find 3 Max Mushrooms, to make a bowl o’ Max Soup. Mustard will have told you to search Warm-Up Tunnel, which you can reach by going through the Forest of Focus. You’ll start directly in front of the forest, but if you left to do something else, you’ll need to pass through the Soothing Wetlands to get back there.

Forest of Focus

It can be easy to get lost in this forest, especially on your first visit.

As you arrive in the forest, there will be a bridge ahead, towards the left. Unless you want to go exploring (feel free!), ignore the bridge and follow the forest path for a while. Keep going, past the berry tree on the right. Soon, you’ll run into a confused dojo student looking left and right. Carry on, past the tall grass on the left.

The path will split; up ahead, there are two branches separated by a body of water. Before going forward, head directly left. Over here, there’s a Hyper Potion on the ground and a berry tree on its left. Go back and approach the body of water. If your bicycle can traverse water, enter the water and retrieve the TR78 Sludge Wave at the end.

From here, follow the branch to the right of the body of water, where there’s a safe passage through the tall grass. Continue going forward, until you reach another split path, with a dojo student standing near the middle. Head through the right branch first and grab the Leaf Stone at the end. Then return to the dojo student and follow the left branch.

Go across the nearby bridge on the right. On the other side, turn right. There should be a berry tree up ahead. Travel along this path. You’ll reach a patch of tall grass, with a female dojo student a few paces ahead and a Pokémon den on her right. Head left from the female student. You should see another bridge; go across this to reach the next zone.

Training Lowlands

The lowlands are more open compared to the forest, so hopefully no getting lost!

When you come here from the Forest of Focus, you might be able to see the entrance to Warm-Up Tunnel in the distance. In front of you, the path will split to the left and right. Go left, down the slope. Next, turn right and carefully wade through the wide patch of tall grass. Once you’re clear, go forward, while keeping towards the right.

Along the right, there’s an item sitting next to a tree, past a bunch of pretty red flowers. Pick it up to find out it’s a bottle of Moomoo Milk. Hmm, how long has this been there? Carry on in the same direction as before, towards the cave entrance. On your left, there will be some more tall grass, teaming with wildlife.

Just before you enter the cave, there’s a guy standing on the right. This is “Digging Pa”. In exchange for Armorite Ore, he’ll help you dig up Watts. He’ll dig free of charge the first time, so you might as well speak to him. But note that you must save your game before each dig, like with the Digging Duo in the main game.

Warm-Up Tunnel

This is a rather short tunnel that leads to Potbottom Desert. You don’t need to visit the desert right now, but you’ll probably need to later. Anyway, we’re here for the Max Mushrooms! Begin by following the tunnel. Before long, you should spot the Max Mushrooms in the distance–you can’t miss the obvious glowing red things!

Around this point, there will be a side path on the left that you can check out. It’s pretty short, so you might as well go there first. At the end, you’ll receive TR76 Stealth Rock as a reward for your brief trip. Now go back and give those Max Mushrooms a good sniff. Klara or Avery will come rushing in to try and steal your ’shrooms.

Pokémon Trainer Klara

Pokémon Level Type
"Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke (Galarian) 18~62 Psychic
"Koffing" IconKoffing 18~62 Poison
"Whirlipede" IconWhirlipede 19~63 Bug/Poison

Klara has stepped up her game a bit, evolving her Venipede and adding a "Koffing" IconKoffing. OK, she’s looking more like a Poison-type trainer now. Anyway, there’s not a lot to watch out for, unless you’ve just arrived here from the very beginning of the game.

Against Koffing, avoid Ground-types because of Levitate. Instead, go with Psychic-types or even Steel, if you have them. But it’s not really a heavy-hitter. "Whirlipede" IconWhirlipede is a bit more dangerous for beginners–try to use Fire, Flying, Rock or Psychic-types.

Pokémon Trainer Avery

Pokémon Level Type
"Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke (Galarian) 18~62 Psychic
"Woobat" IconWoobat 18~62 Psychic/Flying
"Kadabra" IconKadabra 19~63 Psychic

Avery has improved his team slightly, evolving his "Abra" IconAbra and adding "Woobat" IconWoobat to the mix. Unless you’re literally at the beginning of the game, you shouldn’t have much trouble though.

For Woobat, Electric, Ice and Rock are also super-effective. "Kadabra" IconKadabra is evolved and has a fairly damaging move in Psybeam, which can be scary if you’re low Level. Use a Dark-type if you’re struggling.

Defeat Klara/Avery and they’ll flee the scene in disgust. Or something like that. You’ll then have the opportunity to gather your 3 Max Mushrooms in peace. Honey will then call you to remind you to return to the dojo. If you’ve got nothing else to do here, head back for the dojo while the iron’s still hot. Despite being inside a tunnel, you can call the flying taxi.

Master Dojo

Back at the dojo, Honey will prepare the Max Soup for everyone to eat. As luck would have it, you’ll get to keep the 3 Max Mushrooms that you found. You can use these later to make your own Max Soup. Once you’re back in control, go and speak to Mustard, in his room, just past the rest room (where Hyde is). When you’re ready, of course.

Also, if you want to use your Max Mushrooms for something, you can speak to the dojo student in the kitchen. He’ll make Max Soup for every 3 Max Mushrooms you have. Max Soup will provide or remove the ability to Gigantamax for Pokémon capable of Gigantamax. To learn which Pokémon have the ability, you can read one of the books on the right. Or look below!

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