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Pokémon: Sword & Shield


Ben Chard
Vincent Lau


This hold item damages the opponent if they use a direct-contact move. Combine it with Rough Skin for double the pain.

Item Location
Smooth Rock Next to boulder to the right of the entrance.
Rocky Helmet Towards the north-west, in front of a boulder that’s away from the cliff wall.
Flame Orb Between a pair of trees towards the north, west from the largest sand dune.
Fire Stone Towards the far north, next to tree along the western cliff wall.
Protector In front of a boulder at the northernmost part of the desert, halfway across.
TR87 Drill Run Near a boulder towards the far north-east. There’s a Pokémon Den nearby.

Hidden Items

This is an item meant to be held by Cubone, Marowak or Alolan Marowak, doubling their Attack stat.

Item Location
Rare Bone, Soft Sand, etc. In the sand directly north of the entrance, twelve or so paces away. There’s a tree directly west.
Revive From the previous item, face north-east so you’re looking at the top of the largest sand dune. Go forward five or so paces, then search the sand.
Stardust, Rare Bone etc. Near a tree north from the den to the left of the entrance.
Poké Ball, Thick Club etc. In the sand, a few paces north-west from the boulder to the right of the entrance, near the southern wall.
Thick Club To the north of the boulder mentioned above is another boulder. In the sand a few paces west from this second boulder.
Star Piece Directly north of the entrance is a medium-sized sand dune. Go to the top of this dune, then start walking towards the pair of trees in the centre of the desert. In the sand, halfway to the trees.
Rare Bone From the previous item, walk anti-clockwise around the top of the sand dune. It’s a few paces away.
Soft Sand Traveling along the western wall, when you’re near the halfway point, there’s a boulder away from the wall. A few paces east from this boulder.
Stardust, Revive etc. Traveling along the western wall, near the halfway point, in the sand between a Pokémon Den and a tree along the western wall.
Shiny Stone, Stardust etc. Near the north-west corner, to the left of a tree along the western cliff wall. Above is a pair of boulders in the corner.
Rare Bone, Iron Ball etc. Towards the north-west corner. At the top of the medium-sized sand dune. Nearer the north.
Shiny Stone, Revive etc. Same sand dune, nearer the south-east.
Rare Candy, Stardust etc. Towards the far north-west corner. In the sand, a few paces opposite the corner, where the pair of boulders and tree are.
Ultra Ball Roughly halfway across the northern wall, there’s a tall, skinny tree. Walk west two or three paces, then south several paces. There may be a strong Pokémon nearby.
Max Ether, Soft Sand etc. From the previous item, walk south-west two or less paces.
Max Ether From the skinny tree mentioned earlier, a few paces east, in the sand.
Soft Sand From the same skinny tree, go to the nearby boulder to the east. Turn the camera east and position it so you’re looking at the point halfway between a Pokémon Den and the top of the largest sand dune. Walk forward six paces or so and search the sand. There’s probably another strong Pokémon nearby.
Thick Club From the previous item, two or so paces forward.
Max Ether, Miracle Seed etc. Near a boulder towards the far north-east. To the left of TR87 Drill Run.
Stardust In the sand towards the far north-eastern corner. A few paces from the cliff walls.
Iron Ball, Max Repel etc. Towards the north-east corner. Begin heading up the largest sand dune, from the far north-eastern corner. It’s a few paces before reaching the top.
Rare Bone, Soft Sand Towards the north-east corner. At the top of the largest sand dune.
Nugget Towards the north-east corner. From the top of the largest sand dune, head in the direction of the entrance. Near the base of the dune.
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Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Pokémon: Sword and Shield, the latest entries in the Pokémon video game franchise. Our guide also incorporates all the DLC, including the Isle of Armor and brand new Crown Tundra DLC.

In Sword and Shield, you explore the Galar region, based on the United Kingdom, alongside rivals Hop, Bede and Marnie, with the aim to dethrone the Pokémon League Champion.

The games introduce several new features such as Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, functions that increase size and change forms of certain Pokémon; the Wild Area, a large open world with free camera movement; and raids with co-op battling. They also reintroduce features previously seen in Sun and Moon and Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, such as regional variants and roaming Pokémon depicted in the overworld.

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Version 1.2

  • A Complete Walkthrough of the Isle of Armor.
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  • The Isle of Armor Pokédex (featuring 100 Returning Pokémon).
  • Recipes for the Cram-o-matic.
  • A Full Walkthrough featuring Pokémon encounter rates.
  • All Gym Encounters and Strategies.
  • New Items: Mints & Natures Explained.
  • Post Game content including Champion Cup.
  • Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing.
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