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Pokémon: Sword & Shield

Route 10

Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

This route is the closest thing to Victory Road in previous games.

Wild Pokémon - Overworld

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Abomasnow Grass/Ice Fixed
Beatric Ice Fixed
Mr. Mime Ice/Psychic 40%
Snover Grass/Ice 30%
Cubchoo Ice 15%
Sneasel Dark/Ice 14%
Glalie Ice 10% (Before the slope only)
Duraludon Steel/Dragon 1%

Wild Pokémon - Random Encounters

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Vanillish Ice 30% (Sword), 35% (Shield)
Abomasnow Grass/Ice 28%
Beatric Ice 25%
Snom Ice/Bug 10%
Darumaka (Sword only) Ice 5%
Stonjourner (Sword only) Rock 2%
Eiscue (Shield only) Ice 2%

Hop will run off ahead. Before following him, quickly go over to the left. Inspect the wagon at the end to find 2 X Attacks. Afterwards, go back and head east from the train station. Over here, there’s some tall grass by the corner. Step into the grass and grab the Max Revive in the space with no grass. Then head north to face the first trainer.

Doctor Graham

Pokémon Level Type
Gardevoir 45 Psychic/Fairy

This elegant Pokémon is the final evolved form of Ralts; it’s weak to Poison, Ghost and Steel. Hit it hard and fast or it may use Calm Mind to boost its special stats.

After defeating Graham, keep heading north up the long slope. At the top of the slope, there’s a trainer slowly looking left from right. You can run past him when he’s looking in the other direction–you might need to bike it.

Hiker Douglas

Pokémon Level Type
Steelix 45 Steel/Ground
Mudsdale 45 Ground

Steelix is an evolved Onix that has swapped from Rock to Steel-type. It’s weak to Fire, Water, Ground and Fighting. Try to blast it with special attackers because it has terrible Special Defence. Also, it can use Curse to boost its Attack and Defence at the cost of its already poor Speed.

Next up is Mudsdale, an evolved Mudbray. Special attackers are again recommended, not because of its Stamina ability (which this one doesn’t have), but because it may use Counter.

Either way, if you want to catch some Pokémon, head west from the top of the slope. You’ll find a stretch of tall grass. At the end, there’s a wild Level 55 Abomasnow (Grass/Ice). When you’re ready to continue, travel north-east from the slope. Around here, there’s a businessman. If you want to bypass him, wait till he’s standing in the middle of the path, looking at his phone.

Office Worker Ronald

Pokémon Level Type
Weavile 45 Dark/Ice
Claydol 45 Ground/Psychic

First into the ring is Weavile, an evolved Sneasel. It takes 4x damage from Fighting and 2x damage from Fire, Rock, Bug, Steel and Fairy. Ouch, being an Ice-type is miserable. Next up is Claydol, which is an evolved Baltoy. It’s weak to Grass, Water, Ice, Bug, Ghost and Dark.

Comet Shards are treasures that you can sell.

Further north, there’s a large boulder with tall grass on its right. To its left is a trainer itching for a fight. You can go around through the tall grass to avoid this trainer, but you’ll run into a second trainer as you’re about to leave the boulder. So, pick your poison (or have both)! In any case, search the half-buried rock in the middle of the grass path for a Comet Shard.

Cabbie Geoffrey

Pokémon Level Type
Corviknight 45 Flying/Steel
Flygon 46 Ground/Dragon

Corviknight is a fully evolved Rookidee. It’s gained the Steel-type and is thus weak to Fire and Electric only. Watch out for Swagger. As for Flygon, you also fought one of these in Hammerlocke. But if you forgot, it takes 4x damage from Ice and 2x damage from Dragon and Fairy.

Postman Harper

Pokémon Level Type
Pelipper 46 Water/Flying
Noctowl 46 Normal/Flying

Do you remember Pelipper from the Hammerlocke Gym mission? This one also has Drizzle, which summons rain. Better than hail, if you ask us! Anyway, it takes 4x damage from Electric and 2x damage from Rock. Noctowl is an evolved Hoothoot. Like its earlier form, it’s weak to Electric, Ice and Rock. If you have Thunder, this battle is as good as won.

Once you’ve got past the boulder, make your way west. There will be a stretch of tall grass that starts at the top of the path, but then overlaps with the bottom. As you’re traveling, keep an eye out below. Before the tall grass stops, there’s a path below leading south-east, which can be easy to miss. Follow this narrow path to find a Power Herb at the end.

(1 of 2) A Pokémon holding this does not need to charge up certain moves like Solar Beam. But the item will disappear afterwards.

A Pokémon holding this does not need to charge up certain moves like Solar Beam. But the item will disappear afterwards. (left), Use one of these to permanently increase the PP of a move. (right)

Afterwards, go back and continue west from the end of the tall grass. Beware of a Level 55 Beartic around here. You’ll reach a camp site, which acts as a landmark for the Flying Taxi. So if you need to return to get more supplies, now’s your chance! Also, go left from the tent and search the snow near the end to discover a hidden PP Up.

When you’re ready to proceed, begin heading north up the nearby slope. This is the final gauntlet; up here are a string of powerful trainers that you must defeat to reach the exit.

Hiker Donald

Pokémon Level Type
Gigalith 46 Rock
Rhydon 46 Ground/Rock

Gigalith is another Pokémon you battled during Raihan’s Gym mission. This one also has the Sand Stream ability, which changes the weather condition to sandstorm. On top of that, it has Stealth Rock to damage switch ins. Rhydon is an evolved Rhyhorn; it takes 4x damage from Grass and Rock and 2x damage from Ice, Fighting and Steel.

Gentleman Glenn

Pokémon Level Type
Darmanitan (Galarian) 46 Ice
Falinks 46 Fighting
Grapploct 46 Fighting

Glenn’s first Pokémon is a Galarian Darmanitan, which is evolved from Galarian Daramuka. When it drops below 50% HP, it will change into Zen Mode and gain the Fire-type. Its weaknesses will then become Rock (4x damage), Water, Ground and Fighting.

His next two Pokémon are both pure Fighting, although we don’t blame you if you mistake them for Bug and Water. Falinks can use First Impressions to attack first and deal big damage, but this only works once. As for Grapploct, its Octolock will steadily lower your Pokémon’s defensive stats and stop them escaping.

Interviewers Gillian and Cam

Pokémon Level Type
Heliolisk 46 Electric/Normal
Noivern 47 Dragon/Flying
Klinklang 46 Steel
Togedemaru 47 Electric/Steel

Double Battle time! Gillian uses Heliolisk and Noivern, while Cam uses Klinklang and Togedemaru.

Heliolisk is an evolved Helioptile; it’s weak to Ground and Fighting. It can use Parabolic Charge to hit all Pokémon in battle (including its ally), stealing their HP, and Eerie Impulse to greatly lower a Pokémon’s Special Attack.

Klinklang is the final evolved form of Klink. It can use Shift Gear to boost its Attack and greatly boost its Speed, plus Zap Cannon to cause damage and paralysis if it hits (50/50 chance).

Next, we’ve got Noivern, an evolved Noibat. It has the same weaknesses: Ice (4x damage), Rock, Dragon and Fairy. Of note, it can use Tailwind to raise its party’s Speed and Super Fang to reduce a Pokémon’s HP by 50%.

There’s also Togedemaru, which is weak to Ground (4x damage), Fire and Fighting. Pretty much the worst it can do is Nuzzle, which deals low damage, but inflicts paralysis. If you’re slower (thanks to paralysis or Tailwind), it would joyfully spam Zing Zap to try and cause flinching.

After showing off your skills to the interviewers, you’ll reach the top of the slope. From here, make your way north to reach Wyndon, your next destination.


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