Rapid-Strike Style.

When we last left off, you should have become best buds with Kubfu. With Mustard’s permission, you can now challenge the Tower of Water or the Tower of Darkness, which will unlock Kubfu’s true potential.

Two Towers, One Destiny

In one playthrough, you can only challenge one of the two towers. If you clear the Tower of Water, Kubfu will evolve into the Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu, which is a Fighting and Water-type.

Meanwhile, conquering the Tower of Darkness will evolve Kubfu into the Single-Strike Style Urshifu, which is a Fighting and Dark-type. Both versions of Urshifu are solid, so you can’t really go wrong.

Before heading for your chosen tower, you should Level Up Kubfu to at least Level 30 before defeating the Champion or Level 70 after defeating the Champion. There are numerous ways to do so, such as defeating trainers in the main story or feeding it Exp. Candy from Max Raid Battles (there was also a limited-time Mystery Gift that rewarded 100 large candies).

To the Tower of Water

Here’s a shortcut you can use, if you’d rather not navigate the forest.

From the Soothing Wetlands, turn left and head in the direction of the distant tower. If you don’t have the water upgrade for the bike, enter the Forest of Focus along the right side. Go across the first bridge on the left, then turn left when you reach the berry tree. After exiting the forest, you’ll emerge at Challenge Beach, with the tower on your right.

If you DO have the water upgrade, go all the way to the river at the far end of the zone, near the forest entrance, and follow it left. Eventually, the land will become low enough for you to enter the water with your bike. Cross the river to the other side. You’ll arrive at Challenge Beach. From here, turn slightly right and head over to the tower in the far distance.

No matter how you arrived, you must go across a sandbar to reach the tower itself. Before entering the tower, go around to the back of the tower. Somebody has sneakily hidden a TR98 Liquidation and Mystic Water there. Return to the tower entrance and speak to the diligent dojo student to begin the trial. Make sure you’re fully prepared as you can’t leave midway through.

Kubfu’s Trial

During the trial, you can only use Kubfu. Before entering the tower, you must remove all other Pokémon from your party.

To complete the trial, you must defeat five trainers, each located on a different floor of the tower. After defeating a trainer, you can ascend to the next floor.

Tower of Waters

Come this way to become at one with the flow of water.

Know Your Match-Ups: Water

Unsurprisingly, the Tower of Waters is full of Water-type trainers. Kubfu, a Fighting-type, is both neutral towards Water-types and takes neutral damage from Water moves.

Master Dojo Student

Pokémon Level Type
Psyduck 23~65 Water

Seriously, a Psyduck is your first opponent? That said, it does carry Confusion to deal super-effective damage. But it shouldn’t do too much. Knock it around a bit with your best Fighting-type moves.

Master Dojo Student

Pokémon Level Type
Krabby 24~66 Water

Krabby isn’t much of a step up–it might even be a step down. Again, pummel it with Fighting-type moves. Close Combat should deal hefty damage, but it will make Kubfu slightly vulnerable. If in doubt, use Brick Break.

Master Dojo Student

Pokémon Level Type
Marill 25~67 Water/Fairy

Don’t underestimate this cute-looking thing. It might not be particularly strong, but since it’s a Fairy-type, it’ll resist your Fighting-type moves. Use Headbutt if you learned it. Or you could try to brute force it…

Master Dojo Student

Pokémon Level Type
Poliwhirl 26~68 Water

Poliwhirl is the only evolved Pokémon in this trial, although it’s not fully evolved. If you let the battle drag, it can use Whirlpool in combination with Protect to steadily reduce your HP.

Dojo Master Mustard

Pokémon Level Type
Kubfu 30~70 Fighting

It’s Kubfu versus Kubfu! If you kept Aerial Ace, it’s super-effective against Kubfu. But it’s not necessary as even Brick Break does similar damage with STAB. Due to the Defense drop, don’t use Close Combat unless your Kubfu is much higher Level than its opponent OR to strike the final blow.

Mustard’s Kubfu will probably spam Aerial Ace for super-effective damage. But if you trained your Kubfu well, it should survive with plenty of HP. Note that if you somehow deal enough damage to one-shot Mustard’s Kubfu, it will survive with 1 HP thanks its Focus Sash.

Wash away Mustard and you’ll be able to read the Scroll of Waters at the back of the room. This will instantly evolve Kubfu into the Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu. You’ll also receive Mustard’s League Card. Afterwards, you’ll be instantly transported to the Fields of Honor, outside the dojo.

Scroll of Water

After conquering the tower of your choice, the doors of that tower will remain open. This is useful if you obtain another Kubfu (via trading, for instance) and you want to evolve it into Urshifu.

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