Any combination of 4 items that doesn’t fall into Simple Recipes or Apricorn Recipes will create a specific item depending on the hidden “type” of the first item and the combined, hidden “value” of all 4 items. In the majority of cases, using the same ingredients (in the same order) will always produce the same result (the sweets to evolve Milcery are the sole exception).

If you pay Hyde 100 Watts, he’ll give you a recipe for a certain item. While these are sure to work, there are two flaws. Firstly, it’s random what recipe you get from him. Secondly, the ingredients that he suggests may not be the best ones. For instance, he may suggest a Choice Specs, which costs 25 BP at the Battle Tower. However, you can substitute it for a Star Piece, which you can easily find lying around.

No, don’t use any PP Maxes; they’re too valuable. Use a Rare Candy or Bottle Cap if you must.

Instead, we recommend carefully reading through this page and making your own recipes. To begin with, the first ingredient that you choose is always the most important one, because its “type” will determine the list of items you can get. From there, you need to pick 3 other ingredients so that the combined “value” of all 4 ingredients adds up to the “value” that you want; these ingredients can be any type.

Choosing Your Ingredients

Where possible, try to pick ingredients that you have large quantities of–or ones that are trivial to replace. Have lots of Nuggets? Great! Although they have a high value, do not use the Memory items for Silvally, because you can’t get them back! Or even worse, the Rusted Sword or Shield…

If you’re struggling to find high value items, consider combining lower value items up. Most of the time, it’s less cost-efficient; for instance, it takes 3 Nuggets (worth 16 each, so 48 altogether) to make a Big Nugget (worth 38). However, when you need to make up those numbers, you can’t be picky!

Table of Item Types and Values

Results, sorted by Type and Value

Value Normal Fire Water
1~20 TR85 - Work Up TR88 - Heat Crash Sea Incense
21~30 TR14 - Metronome Flame Orb TR04 - Surf
31~40 TR26 - Endure TR41 - Blaze Kick Shell Bell
41~50 TR13 - Focus Energy Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
51~60 TR27 - Sleep Talk TR02 - Flamethrower TR16 - Waterfall
61~70 TR35 - Uproar Balm Mushroom TR98 - Liquidation
71~80 TR01 - Body Slam TR36 - Heat Wave Prism Scale
81~90 TR19 - Tri Attack Red Card Mystic Water
91~100 TR29 - Baton Pass TR15 - Fire Blast Pearl String
101~110 TR30 - Encore Charcoal TR45 - Muddy Water
111~120 TR20 - Substitute TR55 - Flare Blitz TR84 - Scald
121~130 TR00 - Swords Dance TR43 - Overheat TR03 - Hydro Pump
131~140 TR42 - Hyper Voice Rare Candy Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up
Value Grass Electric Ice
1~20 Grassy Seed Electric Seed Snowball
21~30 TR59 - Seed Bomb TR80 - Electro Ball Icy Rock
31~40 White Herb Cell Battery Never-Melt Ice
41~50 Wishing Piece Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
51~60 TR77 - Grass Knot Magnet Star Piece
61~70 TR50 - Leaf Blade TR86 - Wild Charge Balm Mushroom
71~80 TR65 - Energy Ball Upgrade Razor Claw
81~90 Absorb Bulb Light Ball Snowball
91~100 Pearl String Pearl String Pearl String
101~110 TR72 - Power Whip Dubious Disc TR05 - Ice Beam
111~120 Comet Shard TR08 - Thunderbolt Comet Shard
121~130 TR71 - Leaf Storm TR09 - Thunder TR06 - Blizzard
131~140 Rare Candy Rare Candy Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up
Value Fighting Poison Ground
1~20 TR07 - Low Kick Black Sludge Stardust
21~30 TR56 - Aura Sphere Toxic Orb TR23 - Spikes
31~40 Muscle Band TR91 - Venom Drench Big Mushroom
41~50 Wishing Piece Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
51~60 TR48 - Bulk Up TR54 - Toxic Spikes Light Clay
61~70 TR21 - Reversal Smoke Ball TR87 - Drill Run
71~80 Macho Brace TR57 - Poison Jab TR67 - Earth Power
81~90 TR99 - Body Press Quick Powder Terrain Extender
91~100 Expert Belt Poison Barb Pearl String
101~110 TR64 - Focus Blast TR22 - Sludge Bomb TR94 - High Horsepower
111~120 TR39 - Superpower TR78 - Sludge Wave Comet Shard
121~130 TR53 - Close Combat TR73 - Gunk Shot TR10 - Earthquake
131~140 Rare Candy Rare Candy Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up
Value Flying Psychic Bug
1~20 Pretty Feather TR12 - Agility TR60 - X-Scissor
21~30 Sharp Beak TR34 - Future Sight TR18 - Leech Life
31~40 Big Mushroom TR40 - Skill Swap Bright Powder
41~50 Wishing Piece TR82 - Stored Power Wishing Piece
51~60 Air Balloon TR44 - Cosmic Power Silver Powder
61~70 Blunder Policy TR83 - Ally Switch Balm Mushroom
71~80 Grip Claw TR25 - Psyshock TR61 - Bug Buzz
81~90 Air Balloon TR69 - Zen Headbutt Shed Shell
91~100 Weakness Policy TR17 - Amnesia Pearl String
101~110 TR89 - Hurricane TR38 - Trick TR96 - Pollen Puff
111~120 Comet Shard TR49 - Calm Mind Comet Shard
121~130 TR66 - Brave Bird TR97 - Psychic Fangs TR28 - Megahorn
131~140 Rare Candy TR11 - Psychic Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up
Value Rock Ghost Dragon
1~20 Float Stone Odd Incense TR47 - Dragon Claw
21~30 Oval Stone Adrenaline Orb Dragon Fang
31~40 Hard Stone Ring Target Big Mushroom
41~50 Wishing Piece Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
51~60 Everstone Star Piece Star Piece
61~70 Protector Balm Mushroom Balm Mushroom
71~80 Rocky Helmet Cleanse Tag Dragon Scale
81~90 TR63 - Power Gem Spell Tag Life Orb
91~100 Wishing Piece Cracked Pot TR62 - Dragon Pulse
101~110 Eviolite Reaper Cloth King’s Rock
111~120 TR76 - Stealth Rock Comet Shard TR51 - Dragon Dance
121~130 TR75 - Stone Edge TR33 - Shadow Ball TR24 - Outrage
131~140 Rare Candy Rare Candy Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up
Value Dark Steel Fairy
1~20 TR37 - Taunt TR31 - Iron Tail Stardust
21~30 Wide Lens TR46 - Iron Defense Misty Seed
31~40 TR68 - Nasty Plot Metal Powder Big Mushroom
41~50 Wishing Piece Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
51~60 Star Piece Utility Umbrella Sachet
61~70 Balm Mushroom Metal Coat Room Service
71~80 TR81 - Foul Play TR52 - Gyro Ball Whipped Dream
81~90 Scope Lens Assault Vest Destiny Knot
91~100 TR95 - Throat Chop TR79 - Heavy Slam Strawberry, Love, Berry, Clover or Flower Sweet
101~110 TR58 - Dark Pulse Amulet Coin TR92 - Dazzling Gleam
111~120 TR32 - Crunch TR70 - Flash Cannon Strawberry, Ribbon or Star Sweet
121~130 TR93 - Darkest Lariat TR74 - Iron Head TR90 - Play Rough
131~140 Rare Candy Rare Candy Rare Candy
141~150 Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
151~ PP Up PP Up PP Up

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