If it’s Legendary and rare Pokémon you’re after, then you’ll be coming back here often!

When you enter, Peony will be arguing with a scientist. Agree to listen to the scientist’s explanation about Dynamax Adventures. Otherwise Peony will be be stuck here all day. We’ll cover the basics of Dynamax Adventures in this page, but if you need more help, please refer to our dedicated page!

Dynamax Adventures

This is a new mode where you team up with 3 other players to challenge 4 consecutive Max Raid Battles–the last being a Legendary Pokémon battle. The catch is that everyone uses rental Pokémon, not their own Pokémon. Also, Pokémon are not healed between battles and your team has 4 lives for the entire adventure.

Your goal is to navigate a map with multiple branching paths. At each branch, players vote for which path to take, which determines the Dynamax Pokémon you’ll face. After defeating a Pokémon, you can choose to catch it. Players can request to swap their current Pokémon with the newly caught one (but only one player may borrow it).

So far so good? Well, Peony completely botches the explanation and runs straight in anyway. Oh gosh, you’d better chase after him before he makes a mess of things. Speak to the scientist again. Before you begin each Dynamax Adventure, you must save your game. Unless you’ve changed your mind, save so you can enter.

You’ll be shown a familiar menu screen, if you’ve done any Max Raid Battles. Here, you can choose to invite other players or not. You can also set a Link Code to match with other players who have also set the same link code. You can play with others locally or online, depending on your communication settings in the Y-Comm.

Solo? Oh No…

Unless you’ve got no choice, we highly recommend doing Dynamax Adventures with other–human–players. In most scenarios, this would be via online. (Bear in mind, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required for online play.)

If you’ve ever done any high level Max Raid Battles solo, you can probably imagine why. The AI partners you get are god awful and their awfulness is magnified here since you have to do 4 battles in a row. On the plus side, the AI will always agree with your votes.

For your first Dynamax Adventure, you don’t have to worry about winning or losing, so just go with the flow. Try to catch all the Pokémon you find, unless you really dislike them. After the adventure, you can only choose one Pokémon to keep. This will probably be the Legendary Pokémon if you made it far enough or a shiny Pokémon if you’re lucky!

(1 of 2) This is where you’re trying to go. A Water-type Legendary awaits!

This is where you’re trying to go. A Water-type Legendary awaits! (left), But to get there, you need to choose your paths carefully! Hmm, Electric could be useful against the Water Legendary. (right)

At the start of each adventure, the map will scroll up to show you the branching paths. The game will also emphasise the Type of the Legendary Pokémon at the end. If the Pokémon you’ve chosen at the start isn’t the right Type to deal with the Legend, you’ll probably want to swap partway through.

When you’re in control, you can use the right circle stick to scroll the map yourself. Like the Legendary Pokémon at the end, you can see the Types of each Pokémon on the map. Also note the location of NPCs and berries along the paths–if you happen to bump into them, you can acquire certain, often useful, bonuses.

Be Cautious of Dual-Type Pokémon

Very often, the Pokémon that you encounter will have two Types. However, the map will only show one of their Types. This can put a spanner in the works if one of the unseen Types nullifies your Type advantage or, worse, is strong against most of your team.

There’s no way to really know, until you begin the fight. Although, for the non-Legendary Pokémon along the way, you may be able to guess their identity through the dark fog, especially if they’re large or have distinctive features.

On the map, you’re given a limited amount of time to vote for which path to follow. Depending on the layout of the current map, choosing a certain path right now may prevent you from going through other path(s) later on. So keep that in mind. Once the votes have been tallied, you’ll automatically move to the path with the most votes.

The Max Raid Battles themselves work just like normal ones. To begin with, Player 1 will have the option to Dynamax. If they decline, Player 2 can Dynamax on Turn 2 and so forth. If a player’s Pokémon faints, they will be out of action for one turn, before returning with full HP. But fainting will consume one of the team’s four lives, which is a no-no.

The key difference is that the opposing Dynamax Pokémon will not put any shields up. That means you can safely use status afflicting or stat lowering moves. However, your opponent can still neutralise these from time to time, so your mileage may vary. Also, you have a guaranteed catch rate–and this applies for every type of Poké Ball.

You can encounter the same Legendary Pokémon multiple times, but you can only catch and keep it once.

With luck, you’ll safely reach the 4th and final Dynamax Pokémon, which for your first encounter should always be a Suicine. This Legendary dog is defensive based, so your chances of winning are fairly decent. Hopefully your team has plenty of lives and health by this point. If you lose, no big deal; you can always come back.

Shiny Adventures!

A nice bonus of Dynamax Adventures is that the Pokémon you catch have a 1/300 chance of being shiny. Or 1/100 if you have the Shiny Charm. Shiny Pokémon are determined at the end of an adventure, not when you encounter them in battle.

So don’t reset your game if the Legendary Pokémon isn’t shiny during the fight! Now, if a Legendary Pokémon isn’t shiny at the end, don’t fret either. Just pick a different Pokémon or no Pokémon to keep. Afterwards, the scientist will save the location of the Legendary Pokémon (up to 3) so you can re-challenge it.

Once the adventure is complete, you can choose one of the Pokémon you’ve caught to keep. You’ll also receive an amount of Dynite Ore depending on your progress, whether you played with other human players or not and if you somehow managed to win with all 4 lives remaining. After that, your game will be saved.

Penalty for Resetting

If you close the game before the Adventure is fully complete, when the game forces you to save, the scientist will scold you when you speak to her again. Do this 3 times and you won’t be able to start a Dynamax Adventure until you pay 3 Dynite Ore. This penalty will keep increasing, until you successfully finish an adventure.

One legitimate reason to reset before saving is when you use a rare ball (eg. Moon Ball) on a Legendary Pokémon. To avoid this penalty, always finish one adventure after every two resets. It helps if you keep a location of a Pokémon that requires no rare ball as a back up.

In the very depths of the Max Lair, you’ll bump into Peony’s daughter. She’ll ask you a big favour: to keep her dad company while she runs off to have fun. You’ll return to the entrance of the Max Lair, where Peony is lying on the ground. We could just leave him there, but… Aw, heck, let’s go this over and done with!

Speak to Peony and he’ll learn about what you and Peonia discussed. Despite his disappointment, he decides to let you go exploring with him. As a welcoming gift, you’ll also receive Peony’s League Card. Peony will run out of the Max Lair, towards Freezington. When you’ll ready, follow him outside.

Hidden Ability Pokémon aren’t usually found in the wild–you can get them from places like the Dream World, Friend Safari etc. Or, in this game, Max Raid Battles if you’re lucky.

Dynite Ore

This is the new fangled “rare currency”, which works like Armorite Ore in the Isle of Armor. You can acquire it by participating in Dynamax Adventures or through normal Max Raid Battles in the Crown Tundra.

To spend Dynite Ore, speak to the backpacker on the right. She’s selling lots of useful items for experienced trainers, including the new Ability Patch, which gives any Pokémon their Hidden Ability! It’ll cost you 200 ore apiece though, so be prepared for a grind.

Slippery Slope

Back outside, you’ll watch as Peony jogs across the snow, towards Freezington. Head straight forward to begin with, across the wide open space. When you begin to reach the trees, look out for a line of wooden fencing along the left. There’s also a max raid den near the fences.

Head towards the wooden fence and go down the slope on its right. At the foot of the slope, you’ll arrive at your destination.

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