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First Published: 15-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 02-07-2020 / 16:36 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 16:40 GMT

Gym Challenge (2)


Circhester looks like a typical British city in Winter.

From the entrance, the Pokémon Centre is just ahead and on the left. If you need to go there, be our guest. To the right of the Pokémon Centre is a street leading up to the Steak Restaurant. Let's go that way first. Along the left, there are various houses you can enter. Go inside the first house. Speak to the man to receive TM27 Icy Wind (Sword) or TM48 Rock Tomb (Shield).

The other houses have nothing of interest. Instead, go down the stairs on the right. You'll come to a small side path. Search the little snowman towards the right, below the next set of stairs, for a hidden Snowball. If you continue up the next set of stairs, you'll reach the hot baths. Go back up the previous stairs and continue north towards the restaurant.

Actually, there's nothing interesting in the restaurant, but you can take a peek inside if you'd like. To the right of the restaurant is a path leading to the stadium. For now, continue east to reach the hot baths. At the hot baths, head towards the bottom-left corner. Search the second pillar from the end to find some hidden Lemonade.

Head north along the west side of the baths. Near the top-left corner, speak to the man facing the baths. He'll teach Draco Meteor, which is a powerful Dragon-type move, to certain Dragon Pokémon. Afterwards, go around to the east side of the baths. Pick up TM51 Icicle Spear, below one of the pillars. Once you're all warmed up, exit the baths and head directly south.

You'll arrive at a plaza with a fountain in the middle. Go over to the bottom-right corner. The guy at the ice-cream stand wants to trade his Throh (Sword) or Sawk (Shield) for your Vanillish. You can find Vanillish in Route 8, just outside Circhester. Meanwhile, you can only catch Throh in Shield and Sawk in Sword, so this is a fantastic trade.

Go to the top-right corner next. Over here, is one half of Hotel Ionia. Inside, take the elevator on the right to reach the higher floor. Upstairs, enter the first room on the left. You'll barge into a crime scene. Speak to the man standing below the bed to understand the situation. Next, speak to all three suspects. Then speak to the fourth suspect when it arrives.

This key item boosts your chance of triggering a critical capture.

When you're asked to pinpoint the culprit, choose the fourth suspect. As a reward for solving the crime, you'll receive a Wide Lens. All's well that ends well! Moving on, head into the first room on the right. Speak to the guy inside to receive TM16 Screech. Then go over and check out the second room on the right. You can get TM47 Fake Tears from the bloke with sunglasses.

Exit the hotel back to the plaza. If you go over to the top-left corner of the plaza, you'll find the other half of Hotel Ionia. Inside, it's basically the same place, but mirrored. Go up the elevator on the left. Upstairs, enter the second room on the left. Speak to the doctor standing by the window to receive a Catching Charm. That's all you can do right now; leave the hotel.

Back at the plaza, head east. Around here, there's a hair salon on the right. Below is the exit to Route 9. You can actually go that way, although you can't get too far right now. Unless you're curious, you should go there after beating the Circhester Gym Leader. Instead, head north along the street. On the right are some more houses, but you won't find any freebies.

Go left down the stairs to another side path. Here, search the small snowman on the left for a hidden Poké Doll. Like the other side path, if you go up the next set of stairs on the left, you'll reach the hot baths. Head back up the stairs that you came from, then continue north towards the boutique. When you're ready to proceed, go up the path to the left of the boutique.

At the top of the path, you'll arrive in front of the stadium entrance. Before you enter, run all the way to the west. Search the snow in the nearby corner to find 2 Sp. Atks. That's everything to see here! Unless you've got business elsewhere, step into Circhester Stadium.

Rock or Ice Gym

Depending on if you're playing Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield, the next Gym will be different. In Sword, you'll be traveling through the Rock-type Gym to face off against Gordie. Meanwhile, in Shield, you'll get to enjoy Melony's Ice-type Gym. Make sure you're reading the correct pages of our guide!

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