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Pokémon: Sword & Shield


Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

Welcome to Lon… we mean Wyndon!

The impatient lad he is, Hop will dash off ahead to Wyndon Stadium. It’s hard to miss–you’re looking for the giant rose-shaped stadium located towards the east side of the city. If you’re impatient like Hop, you could head straight there. But this is probably your first time in Wyndon, so why not go around and see all the sights first?

The area you begin in is a plaza that’s faintly reminiscent of Trafalgar Square in London. There may not be "Pidove" IconPidove everywhere, but the bird statues are a clever nod. First things first, make your way towards the back of the plaza. On the left, there’s a Pokémon Centre that you may want to visit. Inside, the right Poké Mart clerk sells special Poké Balls and vitamins.

Next, the large building to the middle (to the right of the Pokémon Centre) is Wyndon Station. You won’t find any freebies inside, but compared to the other train stations in Galar, it’s much bigger and fancier. Inside, if you go up the stairs, there’s also a monorail entrance directly ahead (resembling an elevator), which instantly transports you to other landmarks in Wyndon.

Moving on, start heading west from the Pokémon Centre. Over here, there’s a street going north, in-between buildings with giant advertisments on them. The buildings with advertisments are straight out of Picadilly Circus, while the winding street is basically Regent Street. Before going into the street, continue west from the classic British red phone box.

At the far corner, search below the black bins for a hidden Max Revive. Now follow the winding street above. Just after the first pedestrian crossing, there’s a Battle Café on the right. Like previous cafés, you can battle the proprietor once per day; your prize is a random food-related item.

Café Master Richard

Pokémon Level Type
"Slurpuff" IconSlurpuff 47 Fairy
"Alcremie" IconAlcremie 47 Fairy

This is a Double Battle against two evolved Fairy-types. "Slurpuff" IconSlurpuff can support "Alcremie" IconAlcremie with Helping Hand, which boosts damage by 50%. It can also hit both of your Pokémon with Dazzling Gleam or tickle Steel-types with Flamethrower. Meanwhile, Alcremie can also spam Dazzling Gleam and it can use Recover to heal itself too.

Further north, before the next pedestrian crossing, there’s the final boutique on the left. Then after the pedestrian crossing, there’s another hair salon, also on the left. After that, you’ll reach the end of the street. To the north is a bridge that leads to a hotel called The Rose of the Rondelands. It’s the place with the spire shaped like Big Ben and ferris wheel on the right.

Meanwhile, to the east is a pathway going along the river. Let’s check out the hotel first! When you reach the front of the hotel, don’t go inside just yet. Instead, head left from the parked "Corviknight" IconCorviknight. Search the nearby corner for a hidden Big Nugget. Then go all the way to the right. Here, there’s a monorail entrance in front of the ferris wheel (sadly you can’t ride the ferris wheel).

To the right of the monorail entrance, grab the Air Balloon below the red phone box. Now enter the hotel. Wow, talk about fancy. Unfortunately, there’s nothing really to do at the hotel; you can’t even use the lifts to go upstairs. Boo. Once you’ve seen enough, exit the hotel and go back across the bridge. Then head east towards the riverside path.

The camera will change so you’ll need to travel north-east. While you’re admiring the sights, search the top of the second manhole cover to find some Black Sludge. Relax until you’re near the end. Just before the camera turns again, search below the 3rd lamp post from the right to find a shiny Nugget. Then go up the stairs on the right to return to the main street.

On the other side, Wyndon Stadium will be directly north, across a bridge. For now, head the other direction: south. You’ll be walking along a residential district. On the left side are a bunch of houses that you can visit. If you’re a fan of "Rotom" IconRotom, be sure to visit the 2nd house from the north. Inside, there’s a League staff member who you can battle.

League Staff Isaac

Pokémon Level Type
"Rotom" IconRotom (Mow) 34 Electric/Grass
"Rotom" IconRotom (Wash) 34 Electric/Water
"Rotom" IconRotom (Heat) 34 Electric/Fire

Isaac uses Rotom exclusively, but his Rotom will be different forms. The first one is Rotom (Mow), which has swapped its Ghost typing for Grass. As such, it’s weak to Fire and Ice only. Physical attackers should be careful as it knows Will-O-Wisp. But special attackers aren’t immune because it can put up Light Screen. It can also pivot out with Volt Switch.

Next, he’ll send out a different Rotom, but it’s hard to tell which one he’ll send out. Most likely it’ll be one that has an advantage to your Pokémon. So if you currently have a Fire Pokémon out, he’ll send out Rotom (Wash). But if you have an Ice-type, it’s gonna be Rotom (Heat).

Rotom (Wash) is a tricky beast, because it’s only weak to Grass. If you’re burned, it can deal more damage with Hex. Meanwhile, Rotom (Heat) is weak to Water and Rock. Obviously, Water-types have a slight disadvantage because it can zap ’em with Volt Switch.

After the battle, you’ll receive the Rotom Catalog.

Inside the 4th house from the north, there’s an Artist who wants to trade his "Duraludon" IconDuraludon for your "Frosmoth" IconFrosmoth. You can evolve a "Snom" IconSnom from Route 8 or 10 into Frosmoth during night time, when it’s happy enough. Meanwhile, Duraludon is a rare overworld encounter on Route 10. Unless you’re desperate, we suggest waiting; a strong Duraludon will spawn in the Giant’s Seat during the postgame.

The other houses don’t have anything of interest. So you may as well visit the park on the right. You can enter the park by following the zebra crossing near the house with the Duraludon trader. Towards the north, there’s a small courtyard for (pretend?) Pokémon battles. Standing in-between the benches is a man who will teach “ultimate moves” to certain Pokémon.

Also, search the bottom of the tree on the right for a hidden Balm Mushroom. Near the centre of the park, there’s a tiny, tiny hedge maze. You’ll want to enter it from the north-east entrance. Go down, then navigate around the trees by going along the bottom-right corner. From there, you can reach the middle and grab the Grassy Seed lying there.

A Pokémon holding this will receive a Defence boost when Grassy Terrain is triggered. But the item will vanish.

Meanwhile, along the south of the park are a row of benches–and that’s everything to see. You can leave the park to the left of here, towards the second zebra crossing. From here, if you head south, you’ll leave the residential district and arrive back at the plaza near the entrance. So instead, go north through the residential district, back towards Wyndon Stadium.

Head across the bridge to reach the front of the stadium. Around here, there are various stalls. But you can’t actually buy anything from them. But if you want a souvenir, head over to the top-right corner, before the stairs leading up to the stadium. Search to the left of the banner for 2 X Sp. Atks. Next, go over towards the left side of this area.

Here, there’s a second Pokémon Centre, to the left of the stairs. Inside, the right Poké Mart Clerk is selling some pretty expensive TMs. These include the elemental punches, moves that require charging up or recharging and moves that swap stats. If you’ve got excess money, the punches could be useful for coverage, but that’s about it.

To the left of the Pokémon Centre is another monorail entrance. Meanwhile, below is more parking space for Corviknight taxis. Search the 2nd parking bay from the parked Corviknight to find a hidden X Speed. Well, that’s everything in Wyndon that you can see right now. Once you’re fully prepared, go up the stairs and enter Wyndon Stadium to begin the semifinals!

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The games introduce several new features such as Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, functions that increase size and change forms of certain Pokémon; the Wild Area, a large open world with free camera movement; and raids with co-op battling. They also reintroduce features previously seen in Sun and Moon and Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, such as regional variants and roaming Pokémon depicted in the overworld.

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