This is the second part of The Sacred Bonds of Sovereign and Steed quest.

Back at Freezington

Once you’ve found your way back to Freezington, hop along to the mayor’s house, atop the slope that’s opposite the base camp. The mayor will be standing outside the door, in anticipation of your arrival. Speak to him and be invited inside. Next, go and inspect the bookshelves on the right.

There are 6 books you can read, all related to the Crown Tundra somehow. The only one you need to read is “Hardy Crops for the Tundra”, but you can read the others if you’re curious. Once you’ve read the book we suggested, exit the mayor’s house. Calyrex will be waiting by the grove to the right of the Freeze Inn again.

If you thought this guy would be generous enough to give you the seeds for free, think again.

Report your findings to Calyrex, selecting “Carrots” as your answer. Legendary Clue 1 will receive another update. Now you need to search for some carrot seeds–perhaps you already know. Your target is the man tending to the fields in the middle of town. He’ll give you Carrot Seeds in exchange for 8 Dynite Ore.

Obtaining Dynite Ore

This ore, which is unique to the Crown Tundra, can be obtained by participating in Dynamax Adventures or Max Raid Battles here. You can acquire 3 from merely reaching the Legendary in a Dynamax Adventure, up to a maximum of 13 for fulfilling certain conditions (like catching the Legendary or playing with others).

You had to complete one Dynamax Adventure to reach this point, so assuming you haven’t spent the ore already, you should have at least 3 on hand. If you managed to catch Suicune, you should have at least 8. Otherwise, you’ll have to do more Dynamax Adventures or Max Raid Battles.

With the Carrot Seeds in hand, go back to Calyrex who’s patiently waiting in the grove. You’ll learn that there are two fields where you can plant the seeds–one is located in Snowslide Slope, while the other is at the Old Cemetery. Both places will be marked on your map; Legendary Clue 1 will receive yet another update as well.

As you exit the grove, the woman sitting atop the boxes by the town entrance will sing a song to give you another hint (wink, wink, nudge) that where you plant the carrots is very important. If you plant them at Snowslide Slope, you’ll get Iceroot Carrots; otherwise, you’ll reap Shaderoot Carrots from the Old Cemetery.

Two Carrots, Two Horses

Depending on which type of carrot you obtain, the Legendary horse Pokémon that appears will be different. If you grow a batch of Iceroot Carrots, you’ll encounter the Ice-type horse, Glastrier. Meanwhile, if you grow the Shaderoot Carrots instead, the Ghost-type Spectrier will show up.

You can only grow one type of carrot, so you can only catch one of these two horses. To obtain the other horse, you can trade with another player. Or you could create another save file, play until you have 8 badges, repeat this story quest and then trade using Pokémon Home (the free version will suffice).

Both horses are strong in their own rights. Glastrier is a slow, but bulky physical attacker. Meanwhile, spooky Spectrier is a fast but relatively fragile special attacker. Choose the one that you like the look of or fits your play style. Once you’ve made a choice, head for the Giant’s Bed once more, by cutting through Frostpoint Field.

If you want to head to Snowslide Slope, head for the centre of the Giant’s Bed, where you spoke to the mayor near the run-down fields. Then continue going forward, while keeping to the higher ground. You should pass by a sizable body of water on the left. When you reach the highest point of this zone, the way to Snowslide Slope is on the left.

Otherwise, to reach the Old Cemetery, turn right just before heading through the road sandwiched by the broken brick walls. This will lead you to the lower half of the Giant’s Bed. Follow the open space until you’re forced to go through a patch of tall grass. On the other side of the grass is a bunch of fencing; go that way to reach the cemetery.

Snowslide Slope

This snowy pathway leads up towards the Crown Shrine. We’ll be heading to the shrine soon enough.

Past the entrance of the slope is a Watt Trader who’s selling familiar wares, plus a spotlight item that changes every day (such as a set of Apricorns from the Isle of Armor). Start by ascending the slope that’s directly ahead. After a short while, there’s a wide patch of tall grass. Look for a Full Heal sitting on the right.

Go through (or around) the tall grass. Well, that didn’t take long. You should reach an area with a small pond, a dilapidated set of buildings and–crucially–the field from Calyrex’s vision. If you’re gunning for the Ice-type Glastrier, go over and plant the carrot seeds here. Calyrex will appear to double-check your choice.

After some TLC, an Iceroot Carrot will grow from the field. Well, time to harvest your crop! Once you’ve pulled up the carrot, Glastrier will come running in. But for some reason, it chooses to head straight to Freezington. Legendary Clue 1 will be updated again, but your next course of action should be clear: return to Freezington ASAP!

Pokémon Checklist

If you venture further up the slope, you can find the entire Beldum line. A word of caution: all three Pokémon have an exceptionally low catch rate, equal to a lot of Legendary Pokémon (such as Calyrex, the Regi, birds and Swords of Justice). So try not to be alarmed if they keep breaking out of your balls.

Old Cemetery

Gulp… Why did we decide to come here at night again?

Coming from the Giant’s Bed, you should arrive at the front of the cemetery. There are many lines of gravestones, surrounded by a mini-maze of fences.

Start by going through the centre, where there’s a wide gap in the fences. Take the path on the right, as the one on the left quickly leads to a dead end. Search the base of the tree that’s a bit further in for a hidden item. Then go around the fencing on the right to retrieve the visible Poké Doll. C-creepy!

Next, head towards the nearby max raid den. If you want, go up to the nearby tree that’s along the left. Search the base for another hidden item. Now head along the path that’s parallel to the max raid den. Search the middle of the gravestones on the left, near one of the trees for a third hidden item.

From there, go around these gravestones towards the item ball behind the tree. Grab it to find a Soothe Ball. Was this another offering for the departed? Oh well, it’s just a game! Also, search the nearby corner, where the fence meets the brick wall for a fourth hidden item.

Finally, head over to the dilapidated building behind the cemetery. There’s an entrance on the right side. The field you’re looking for is immediately on the left. If you head further into the building on the right, you can find a TR33 Shadow Ball in the corner and a hidden item in a different corner.

Approach the field if you want to grow the Shaderoot Carrots and catch the Ghost-type Spectrier. Before you plant the seeds, Calyrex will show up to confirm your choice. There’s no going back now!

Pokémon Checklist

There’s nothing new in the cemetery. However, if you like catching evolved Pokémon, you can encounter Polteageist during most weather conditions. Also, Shield players can run into the majestic Galarian Rapidash when it’s foggy.

Horsing About in Freezington

Back at Freezington, go over to where Glastrier or Spectrier is, in the middle of the fields. The Legendary horse will notice your delectable carrot and attack you.

Legendary Pokémon

(1 of 2) Glastrier

Glastrier (left), Spectrier (right)

Pokémon Level Type
Glastrier (Iceroot Carrot) 75 Ice
Spectrier (Shaderoot Carrot) 75 Ghost

Your aim here is to defeat the Legendary horse; it’s not in the mood to be caught right now. As with Calyrex, this probably won’t be a hard fight, since it’s 6 versus 1 and your opponent’s not absurdly strong.

If facing Glastrier, the usual Fire, Fighting, Rock or Steel-types are ideal, to shatter its ice. For attacks, it can use Thrash, Avalanche, Stomp and Icicle Crash. It’s strong and bulky, but also very slow, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get some hits in.

Against Spectrier, it’s a Ghost so don’t hit it with Normal or Fighting-type. Go for Dark instead or, if you’re confident, your own Ghost. The Spectrier you face can use Thrash, Shadow Ball, Hex and Double Kick. Shadow Ball is the only real threat here; its Attack is too low for Double Kick to really hurt Dark-types.

Succeed and the horse will bolt off into the distance. Once it’s gone, you’ll automatically receive some White Mane Hair or Black Mane Hair. Before you challenge it again, Calyrex needs another helping hand from you. Go over to the grove and speak to Calyrex once more.

Your new task is to obtain a Reins of Unity, so Calyrex can control the horse. Calyrex will have given you a Radiant Petal for this. Now go and pay the mayor another visit at his home. By some mad fortune, you’re able to make the Reins of Unity. Step outside and Calyrex will come to check on you.

Legendary Clue 1 will be updated again. Your final task is to head for the Crown Shrine, at the northernmost part of the Crown Tundra. You’ll need to pass through the Snowslide Slope, the Tunnel to the Top and the Path to the Peak to reach there. If you grew the Iceroot Carrots, you’ll have visited Snowslide Slope already.

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