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Pokémon: Sword & Shield
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First Published: 15-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Pokémon: Sword & Shield Guide

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Pokémon Battles

Weather and Terrain

Pokémon are pretty amazing creatures. One of the crazier things they can do is change the weather, by using a particular move or because of their Ability. Similarly, some Pokémon can change the properties of the terrain they’re battling on. Hmm, that’s a lot of power in the hands of somebody who apparently skips school…

Weather Conditions

A lesser known detail about Sandstorm is that Rock-types have boosted Special Defence.

Changes to the weather will apply to all Pokémon in battle. Only one weather condition can be present at one time. If a Pokémon’s move or Ability changes the weather, it will replace the previous weather condition.

Name Effect Trigger(s)
Intense Sun The power of Fire-type moves increases to 2x.
The power of Water-moves is reduced to 0.5x.
Solar Beam/Blade do not require charging.
Thunder and Hurricane have reduced accuracy.
Sunny Day, Max Flare, Drought
Rain The power of Water-type moves increases to 2x.
The power of Fire-moves is reduced to 0.5x.
Thunder and Hurricane have 100% accuracy.
Rain Dance, Max Geyser, Drizzle
Hail Non Ice-types suffer residual damage.
Blizzard has 100% accuracy.
Hail, Max Hailstorm, Snow Warning
Sandstorm Non Rock, Ground and Steel-types suffer residual damage.
Rock-types gain 50% extra Special Defence.
Sandstorm, Max Rockfall, Sand Stream

What Weather?

If a Pokémon with the Cloud Nine or Air Lock Ability is present during battle, the weather will revert to normal and Pokémon will be unable to change the weather.

Terrain Effects

In addition to restoring HP, Grassy Terrain also makes Grass-type moves a bit stronger.

Terrain effects apply to all non-Flying or Levitate Pokémon in battle. Like weather conditions, there can only be one terrain effect at a given time. However, terrain effects can overlap with weather conditions (for example, there can be Intense Sun and Psychic Terrain simultaneously).

Name Effect Trigger(s)
Grassy Terrain The power of Grass-type moves increases by 30%.
Pokémon slowly restore health.
Grassy Terrain, Max Overgrowth, Grassy Surge
Electric Terrain The power of Electric-type moves increases by 30%.
Pokémon cannot fall asleep; sleeping Pokémon will wake up.
Electric Terrain, Max Lightning, Electric Surge
Psychic Terrain The power of Psychic-type moves increases by 30%.
Priority moves used by an opponent will fail.
Psychic Terrain, Max Mindstorm, Psychic Surge
Misty Terrain The power of Dragon-type moves is reduced by 50%.
Pokémon are immune to new status conditions.
Misty Terrain, Max Starfall, Misty Surge

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