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Pokémon: Sword & Shield

Route 5

Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

This route is home to the Pokémon Nursery, the home base for dedicated breeders.

Wild Pokémon - Overworld

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Eldegoss Grass Fixed
Stufful Normal/Fighting 35%
Swirlix (Sword only) Fairy 30%
Spritzee (Shield only) Fairy 30%
Minccino Normal 15% (Sword), 20% (Shield)
Wobbuffet Psychic 10%
Farfetch’d (Sword only) Fighting 5%
Drifloon Ghost/Flying 5%

Wild Pokémon - Random Encounters

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Dottler Bug/Psychic 26%
Espurr Psychic 20%
Nuzleaf (Sword only) Grass/Dark 20%
Lombre (Shield only) Water/Grass 20%
Swirlix (Sword only) Fairy 14%
Spritzee (Shield only) Fairy 14%
Applin Grass/Dragon 10%
Dewpider Water/Bug 5%
Nincada Bug/Ground 5%
Skwovet Normal Berry Tree - 100%

Wild Pokémon - Fishing

Pokémon Type Encounter Rate
Magikarp Water 70%
Chewtle Water 20%
Goldeen Water 10%

Begin by heading east past the number 5 signpost. Immediately, you’ll come across a pair of trainers that you must fight.

Interviewers Gillian and Cam

Pokémon Level Type
Helioptile 18 Electric/Normal
Klink 18 Steel

This is a Double Battle where you battle two opponents at once, using your first two Pokémon. Helioptile is weak to Fighting and Ground only, while Klink is weak to Fire, Ground and Fighting. If you have a Ground-type from Galar Mine, you’ll be smiling. Either way, try to focus on one of your opponents first.

Carry on east from the duo. Soon, there will be a side path towards the south, leading south-east. Meanwhile, along the top is a patch of tall grass. Step into the tall grass first, then skilfully weave your way through the trees on the right. At the end of this area, you can pick up a Shed Shell. Go back onto the main path, then head south along the side path.

When you reach the bottom, there will be some tall grass on the left. Go into the tall grass and grab the 3 Heal Balls besides the tree. Next, go south. If you follow the trail on the left side, there’s a chef wandering around looking for a food fight. Meanwhile, on the right side, there’s more tall grass. Between the two sections, there’s a berry tree.

Cook Stuart

Pokémon Level Type
Applin 20 Grass/Dragon

Applin is a new Pokémon found randomly in the tall grass here. It’s Grass and Dragon, a pretty rare type combination that’s extremely susceptible to Ice. It’s also weak to Flying, Bug, Poison, Fairy and Dragon. Of the lot, you should have a Flying-type. If not, a Fire-type will do OK.

Afterwards, head east, while following the pond in the centre. Towards the south-east corner, there’s a fairly wide stretch of tall grass. Step into the grass and head for the rock in the far corner. It’s a bit tricky to see, but you can obtain TM31 Attract above the rock and on its right. Return to the trail and go up towards the camp site above the pond.

(1 of 2) Attract makes an opposite gender Pokémon fall in love with yours, occasionally stopping it from attacking.

Attract makes an opposite gender Pokémon fall in love with yours, occasionally stopping it from attacking. (left), Don’t sniff these mushrooms, sell ’em for cold, hard cash! (right)

Search the corner to the left of the tent to discover 2 Big Mushrooms. Next, go right and head up the incline. There will be two trainers blocking the road. If you’d prefer not to fight, go backwards until you’re back on the main path before coming down here, then travel east.

Pokémon Breeder Debra

Pokémon Level Type
Minccino 17 Normal
Steenee 19 Grass

Minccino is a Normal-type commonly found here. It’s weak to Fighting-types only, but any half-decent Pokémon should do. Next up, Steenee is an evolve Bounsweet. It’s a pure Grass-type and you already conquered the Grass Gym Leader, so there isn’t much to say.

The next trainer can be skipped if you know what you’re doing. Wait for him to look down, then dash north, while keeping towards the east.

Pokémon Breeder Adrian

Pokémon Level Type
Stufful 17 Normal/Fighting
Cutiefly 18 Bug/Fairy
Ralts 19 Psychic/Fairy

Stufful is cute-looking, but packs a mighty punch! If possible, hit it with Flying or Psychic-types. Next can be Cutiefly. This lil’ critter is weak to Fire, Flying, Poison and Steel. Finally, Ralts is weak to Bug, Dark, Ghost and Steel (and Poison, but it’s risky).

If you really want to use Toxel, it might help to feed it the experience candies you receive alongside it.

Continue north and you’ll reach the Pokémon Nursery. You can also get here by heading directly east along the main path. In any case, let’s go inside and take a look! Speak to the breeder lady on the right to receive a Level 1 Toxel and 5 Exp. Candies XS. Toxel is a new Electric and Poison-type. If you want to use it, you must be patient as it’s incredibly weak until it evolves at Level 30.

When you’re ready to continue your adventure, carry on heading east from the Pokémon Nursery. Before long, you’ll reach a large bridge that goes across the Wild Area. However, there seems to be a ruckus going on…

Team Yell Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Zigzagoon (Galarian) 17 Normal/Dark
Thievul 18 Dark

Once again, Team Yell makes it obvious that they’re Dark-type fans. In particular, Galarian Zigzagoon takes heavy damage from Fighting-types. Otherwise it’s also weak to Bug and Fairy. Meanwhile, Thievul is an evolved Nickit. This conniving fox is weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy.

Team Yell Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Sableye 18 Dark/Ghost

Sableye is a troublesome ghoul that’s only weak to Fairy-types. If you have a Fairy, nice. But if not, your strongest Pokémon (such as your starter) ought to do the trick.

Send Team Yell packing and you’ll be rewarded with a Rotom Bike.

The bridge is pretty long, so this is a great opportunity to test out your fancy new bike. Either way, make your way east. About halfway along the bridge, you’ll be stopped by Hop. He’ll warn you that a battle is coming up.

Pokémon Trainer Hop

Pokémon Level Type
Wooloo 18 Normal
Corvisquire 19 Flying
Drizzile (if you picked Grookey) 14 Water
Thwackey (if you picked Scorbunny) 14 Grass
Raboot (if you picked Sobble) 14 Fire

Hop basically has the same team as always, but he’s evolved two of his Pokémon. By this point, you should be way ahead of him though. If you need a refresher though, Fighting-types are ideal for Wooloo, use Electric or Rock for Corvisquire and unleash your starter against his starter. Note that he has a Super Potion and isn’t afraid to use it.

After defeating Hop, you’ll receive a Revive from him. Once he’s gone, continue traveling east across the bridge. When you approach the end of the bridge, you may see a floating ball-shaped thing coming your way. This is a wild Eldegoss. Try and catch it if you can (wait until it flies low), especially if you’re lacking a strong Grass-type for the Water-type Gym up ahead.

On the other side of the bridge, there’s a small patch of tall grass to the north. Meanwhile, towards the east is a female breeder. Unless you’re lazy to battle, head east and engage the breeder.

Pokémon Breeder Denise

Pokémon Level Type
Cherubi 18 Grass
Woobat 19 Psychic/Flying

Cherubi is a Grass-type that occasionally drops from shaking berry trees. It’s a pure Grass-type so weak to the usual suspects: Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug and Poison. As for Woobat, you may have bumped into one in the Galar Mine. This floofy bat is weak to Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost and Dark.

If the Pokémon holding this is hit by a Water move, their Special Attack will increase. But the Absorb Bulb will disappear.

Pick up the 3 X Sp. Atks past Denise. Next, go up to the tall grass and search the space without grass for a hidden Absorb Bulb. Afterwards, go east. Around here, there’s a trainer strolling along the top of the path.

Office Worker Gabrielle

Pokémon Level Type
Croagunk 19 Poison/Fighting

This dodgy-looking Pokémon is exceptionally weak to Psychic. Otherwise, it’s weak to Ground and Flying. Avoid using Water-types because it’ll take no damage thanks to its Dry Skin ability.

Further east is the exit to Hulbury.


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