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First Published: 15-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-07-2020 / 17:43 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 05:19 GMT


First Trial: Chasing the Slowpoke

After visiting the Master Dojo, you'll be tasked with hunting down three troublesome Slowpoke, who ran off with Klara or Avery's Dojo Uniform. These Slowpoke are unlike the others--able to reach top speeds of, we're guessing, 60 mph. Anyway, you'll want to head to the Soothing Wetlands, not far from the dojo.

Soothing Wetlands

The Isle of Armor has some unique habitats compared to the main game.

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This area is fairly open, with some shallow bodies of water here and there. From the entrance, there will be a dojo student on the left, standing by a tree. She mentions it might be faster to catch the Slowpoke if you had a bike. Perhaps, but there's a better way than that. Which is good to know if you don't have a bike.

Anyway, stand around here for a bit. You should see two fast-moving dust clouds in the distance; one towards the left and another towards the right. Those are two of your targets. You can head for either, but we recommend the one on the right side first. In any case, go directly forward. There should be a large shallow pool in the centre.

Go over to the fallen log in the left part of the pool and retrieve the item next to it: a Damp Rock. Now head right from this pool, towards the moving dust-cloud. You'll approach the eastern side of the wetlands, near the entrance to Brawler's Cave. Just before the cave, there should be a smaller pool, with a log by the edge.

You want to be standing more or less here.

Below the log are a couple of yellow flowers. Stand in the middle bunch of these flowers and the Slowpoke should run straight into you. The Slowpoke all follow a pre-determined path, so if you miss the Slowpoke by a hair, just re-adjust for its second approach.

Mischievous Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
Slowpoke (Galarian) 17~60 Psychic

Fighting the Slowpoke should be easy as pie, although it might be quicker than you'd expect! Note that you can't catch them, since they belong to Mustard.

Win and you'll take back Klara or Avery's Dojo Jacket. One down, two more to go! If you want, stroll up to the log that's in front of you and check the other side. You'll discover TR45 Muddy Water. If you're facing the central pool, turn left. You should see a large patch of tall grass, with some tall vegetation towards its left side.

Head towards the vegetation and scoop up the bottle of Protein next to it. Afterwards, turn back towards the central pool, where the Damp Rock is, then start heading for the second moving dust-cloud. Up ahead, there's another shallow pool, with a giant tree in the middle. To the left of this pool is a big stretch of tall grass.

Always go for the minimum effort approach where possible. Save the effort for when you really need it!

Approach the tall grass and stand inside the yellow flowers below it. You probably know what's going to happen next. With luck, the Slowpoke will come rushing straight into you. If it goes past slightly you, just wait for it to loop back around--it's much faster and less effort than chasing after it! This time, you'll take back the Dojo Tee and Shorts.

Just one more fastpoke remaining. Go over to the giant tree, then continue past it. You want to head in the direction of the tall tower in the distance. Before long, you should spot a third moving dust-cloud, towards the left. It's going around a big patch of tall grass up ahead. Below the tall grass is a smaller patch of yellow tall grass.

Actually, shouldn't it hurt if you get hit by a Slowpoke at 60 mph?

You know the drill. Stand along the bottom part of the yellow tall grass. Then wait for the sucker to crash into you. Vanquish the uniform-stealing fiend and you'll take back the Dojo Gloves and Legwear. That should be all three Slowpoke dealt with. Once you're done here, backtrack to the Master Dojo to carry on your quest.

If you're curious, there's a nearby item, next to some vegetation in the direction of the distant tower. Pick it up to find it's a Poké Doll, used for escaping from wild Pokémon. Also, while you're here, you can follow the nearby river, towards the entrance to Courageous Cavern. At the very far end, you can grab TR26 Endure, to the left of the cave entrance.

Pokémon Checklist

There's a good chance you'll run into Lickitung, Dunsparce and even Lickilicky. While exploring, beware of Bouffalant chasing after you. When it's raining, look forward to Marill, Poliwhirl and Politoed.

Master Dojo

If you didn't know, you can get Charmander during the post-game.

When you arrive back at the Master Dojo, Honey and Mustard will welcome you back. Klara/Avery and the rest of the students will also return, empty-handed of course. You'll dutifully give back the Dojo Uniform to your flabbergasted rival. In recognition of your efforts, you'll be given the chance to receive a Bulbasaur or Squirtle that can Gigantamax.

You can only choose one, but don't think too hard, as you can always trade for the other. Also, after completing this trial, you can give any Gigantamax-capable Pokémon the ability to Gigantamax. As for Charmander, well, Leon already took it years ago. Next, Mustard will announce the details of the second trial: you must find 3 Max Mushrooms.

Before you go, Honey will give you 5 Armorite Ore, which is a special currency used here on the Isle of Armor. One use for Armorite Ore is to teach your Pokémon brand new moves, from the Move Tutor to the right of the door to the Battle Court. After leaving the dojo, Mustard will guide you to the entrance of the Forest of Focus.

Move Tutor

The moves that you can learn from the Move Tutor are all completely new, so they're extremely exciting for seasoned Pokémon trainers. Many of these moves have new effects too, so be sure to give them a proper gander when you're not busy.

Which moves are worth learning depends on your team and playstyle. If you enjoy terrain effects like Electric Terrain, check out Rising Voltage, Grassy Glide and Expanding Force. If you hate terrain, you can combat them with Steel Roller.

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