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Pokémon: Sword & Shield

The Sacred Bonds of Sovereign and Steed

Ben Chard
Vincent Lau

Whew, this is a bit of a mouthful. Basically, you’ll learn the truth behind the King of the Crown Tundra and their loyal steed.

This is one of the three story quests available from Peony. It’s automatically triggered when you speak to Peony inside his base camp at Freezington. Firstly, inspect the weird bowl-shaped item on the table inside the house where Peony is stationed. Ignore his complaints and take the Wooden Crown with you.

Leave the house, back to the cold exterior. The camera will pan out, showing various vistas from the Crown Tundra. Pretty cool, although it’s kind of weird if you’ve already been everywhere before starting this quest. It’ll end with a zoom in of Freezington’s famous horse and rider statue. Go up to the statue and place the crown on top.

Well, what do you know, it’s a perfect fit! A mysterious Pokémon will appear behind the statue, before heading inside the grove to the right of Peony’s house. Follow the Pokémon into the grove. You’ll find it facing the hedge at the very end. Don’t be shy and say “hello”. You’ll be asked if you want to battle it. Why not?

Unknown Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
??? ??? Psychic

How very mysterious. Minor spoilers (you’ll find out immediately afterwards), this is "Calyrex" IconCalyrex, a new Pokémon introduced in the Crown Tundra. No Level is displayed, but it has to be at least 60. Maybe 80 at a stretch. You can’t catch it, so just focus on defeating it.

For attacks, it can use Psychic for STAB or Giga Drain to restore some HP. Unless you came here really early, you shouldn’t have a hard time, since it’s only one Pokémon and not terribly strong. Dark-types are best, doubly so if they’re resistant to Grass as well.

After passing the test, Calyrex will speak to you about the sorrowful state of things. Naturally, as the protagonist, it’s your job to fix things. Since nobody else is going to… Legendary Clue 1 will become updated; your next task is to speak to the inhabitants of Freezington, to ask about Calyrex.

You’ll need to speak to everyone who’s outside, minus the peddler. This includes the two women chatting the day away by the slope to the mayor’s house, the mayor who’s standing in front of his house and the woman sitting atop the boxes. Once you’ve spoken to them all, the game will let you know.

Return to Calyrex and inform it of your findings. Moving on, you’re asked to speak to the mayor to learn about Calyrex’s old horse buddy. Go back to where the mayor was. As you approach the slope to his house, the two women who are chatting will tell you he’s away. Somehow, when you weren’t looking, he scootered off to the Giant’s Bed.

The camera will pan out to show you the Giant’s Bed. It’s a verdant plain located in the southern hald of the tundra. You can reach it by taking one of the two exits. There’s one to the left of the mayor’s house and another just past Peony’s base camp. The first one is closer, but you might want to go through the second exit if you’re multi-tasking.

Frostpoint Field

This small snowfield is a buffer zone between Freezington and the warmer, southern part of the Crown Tundra.

It doesn’t matter which exit you take, as they both lead to the same place. If you head past the second exit, you’ll be alerted to some Pokémon footprints next to a tree. Approach the footprints and Sonia will show up out of the blue. This only happens after you’ve progressed the main story–possibly after becoming Champion.

When prompted, go up close to the footprints and inspect them. They’re kind of small, but are rainbowy coloured and should stand out from the snow. These are footprints belonging to the Iron Will Pokémon, "Cobalion" IconCobalion. Afterwards, Sonia will retreat into the middle house. Once you’ve collected enough footprints, you can speak to her inside.

In any case, make your way through Frostpoint Field, which is the small area of snowland between Freezington and the Giant’s Bed. Frostpoint Field is divided into two halves–which half you end up in depends on the exit you took from Freezington. Both parts will lead to the Giant’s Bed, so don’t worry about it.

If you followed our suggestion and took the right-hand side exit, there should be some tall grass ahead. You can go straight through the grass or, if you want to avoid wild Pokémon, you can go around the longer path on the right. When the paths converge, the way to the Giant’s Bed is just ahead, towards the left.

Alternatively, if you went through the left-hand side exit, near the mayor’s house, you’ll be greeted with a fairly narrow path. When the path widens, the Giant’s Bed is directly ahead. You should be able to see it, unless the weather is bad. Along the way, be sure to pick up the Max Revive on the left, in front of a tree.

Giant’s Bed

The Crown Tundra isn’t all snow and ice. The southern half is made up of grasslands and a pretty lake.

As you enter the Giant’s Bed from the right-hand side exit, look towards your right. You’ll come across one of the many ruins here–the Iron Ruins. If you like multi-tasking, go up to the ruins to trigger the second story quest, which we’ll cover next. In any case, when you’re ready to continue this quest, turn left and keep going forward, following the open space.

If you took the left-hand side exit, as you enter the Giant’s Bed, go forward a bit, then turn left towards the road with broken brick walls on both sides. You’ll also reach this point if you came from the right-hand side exit. Be mindful of a strong Pokémon wandering here–usually a "Stonjourner" IconStonjourner or "Snorlax" IconSnorlax.

Past the strong Pokémon, you should see the mayor on the left, who’s staring at some run-down looking fields. Go over and see how he’s doing. After he notices you, he’ll ask you to go visit him back at his house in Freezington. Talk about going round in circles! Call a taxi if you can.

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