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First Published: 15-11-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Pokémon: Sword & Shield Guide

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Traveling in Galar

Galarian Forms

A Galarian Ponyta.A regular Ponyta (from Let's Go).

This is a very similar concept to the Alolan Forms introduced in Sun and Moon. The idea is that some pre-existing Pokémon have completely different appearances because they’ve adapted to Galar’s unique environment. You’ll find these new Galarian Form Pokémon naturally in the wild, while the original forms cannot be obtained (although there are exceptions).

Galarian Form Pokémon share the Pokédex numbers of the original Pokémon, but their stat distribution, types and Ability are usually different. They are technically the same Pokémon, but functionally, they might as well be different Pokémon. A new feature is that certain Galarian Form Pokémon can evolve into brand new Pokémon.

Hidden Abilities are denoted by an asterisk (*).

List of Galarian Forms

Pokémon Type Ability
Zigzagoon, Linoone Dark/Normal Pickup, Gluttony, Quick Feet*
Meowth Steel Pickup, Tough Claws, Unnerve*
Farfetch'd Fighting Steadfast, Scrappy*
Stunfisk Ground/Steel Mimicry
Corsola Ghost Weak Armor, Cursed Body*
Weezing Poison/Fairy Levitate, Neutralizing Gas, Misty Terrain*
Yamask Ground/Ghost Wandering Spirit
Ponyta Psychic Run Away, Pastel Veil, Anticipation*
Rapidash Psychic/Fairy Run Away, Pastel Veil, Anticipation*
Mr. Mime Ice/Psychic Vital Spirit, Screen Cleaner, Ice Body*
Darumaka Ice Hustle, Inner Focus*
Darmanitan Ice Gorilla Tactics, Zen Mode*
Slowpoke Psychic Gluttony, Own Tempo, Regenerator*

List of Galarian Evolutions

Pokémon Type Ability Evolves from
Obstagoon Dark/Normal Reckless, Guts, Defiant* Linoone
Perrserker Steel Battle Armor, Tough Claws, Steely Spirit* Meowth
Sirfetch'd Fighting Steafast, Scrappy* Farfetch'd
Cursola Ghost Weak Armor, Perish Body* Corsola
Runerigus Ground/Ghost Wandering Spirit Yamask
Mr. Rime Ice/Psychic Tangled Feet, Screen Cleaner, Ice Body* Mr. Mime

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