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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-08-2020 / 05:32 GMT

Password? Nobody told us about a password!

To spice things up, some items can only be obtained from the Password Clerk in the Castele Post Office. Obviously, judging from the name, you need to provide a password before you can get the goods.

Normally passwords are revealed by Nintendo through their official websites and social media, but some eager fans with a bit of technical knowledge obtained all the passwords early by reverse-engineering the game.

The cat's well and truly out of the bag, but if the methods to obtain the passwords go against your ethics, we're not forcing you to use them. Most of the items are nice, but not important or game-breaking (except the Mysterious equipment...).


Note : Passwords are Case Sensitive! Also, because our guide is catered to English-speaking audiences, we have only included the English passwords; passwords are different for the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions.

**Item(s)** **Europe** **North America**
Honey Pudding Reveria Reveria
Snow equipment set Snow joke Snow daze!
Sailor equipment set Seasick sailors Sailor's delight
Summer equipment set Fun in the sun Beach bum
Angel equipment set Angelic chorus I'm finished!
Cowboy equipment set Buckin' bronco Ride 'em cowboy
**Item(s)** **Europe** **North America**
Dancer equipment set Lady of the ball Got the fever?
Demon equipment set Fiery fiend Fiendish fashion
Sheep equipment set A bit sheepish Shear Comfort
Spring Wreath, Grassy Floor Spring flowers Spring Cleaning
Heart Rug Huggable rug Love-ly carpet
Choco Mat Tiny treat A little peckish
Snowman Snowman-ia! Wanna build me?
Paddling Pool Splish splosh Floating fun
Fairy Doll All dolled up Dolled up
Football Pitch On the ball Sports ball
Teddy Bear Yummy honey bear Un-bear-able
Cuddly Sea Turtle Timid turtle Shell of a time
Toy Camel Sandy snuggles Spittin' image
Festive furniture set Chimneypot Claus Just add cookies
Picnic furniture set Life in bloom Spring fling
Frog furniture set Croakie dokie Don Gero!
**Item(s)** **Europe** **North America**
Spooky furniture set Trick or treat? Trick or Treat!
Snack furniture set Sweet treats Sweet Furniture
Resort furniture set Surf's up! Forgot my lotion
Dragon equipment set Dragon tamer Fired up!
Plushling equipment set Plushling parade Pretty in plush
Elegant equipment set Cute chic Strike a pose
Cute equipment set Cutie pie Exceedingly cute
Ninja equipment set Vanishing act Masked Mercenary
Laura's Hat Laura lookalike Hidden princess
Cacto equipment set Prickly poser Pokey pretender
Fluffkin equipment set Fluffkin facade Fur couture
Yuelia's Outfit All of a flutter Moonerfly magic
Prince equipment set Princely threads Not charming
Butler's equipment set At your service Butting in
Frilly equipment set Frilliant! Lace case
Pumpkin equipment set Jack-o'-Lantern Seedy deeds
**Item(s)** **Europe** **North America**
Mysterious equipment set Abracadabra Alakazam
Witch's Hat Toil and trouble Witching hour
Snowman equipment set Slippery snowman Stay frosty!
Festive equipment set Winter wonders Forever festive

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    8 September 2014
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    12 June 2020
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    Vincent Lau

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