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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-07-2020 / 17:08 GMT

  • **Life Bonus** : Intelligence +20, Dexterity +10
  • **To Next Rank** : 20000 Stars
  • **New Skills** : None


**Challenge** **Description** **Stars**
Angel Blessings Make 5 Angelic Remedies 3000
Miracle Madness Make 5 Miracles 3000
Blast from the Heavens Make 3 Divine Bombs 3000
Demonic Boom Make 3 Demonic Bombs 3000
A Lucky Experiment Make 3 Luck Potions 3000
A Godly Experiment Make 1 Godly Spray 5000


Ironically, you'll probably have an easier time becoming a God Alchemist than becoming a Legend Alchemist.

To start with, you can collect Gigaga Water from the sparkling spots in the waters around Penguin Beach or buy them from the nearby Fluffkin Grotto. Likewise, you can buy Hot Spring Water from the Forest Shrine shopkeeper in the hot spring area.

Hermit Carrots for the Angelic Remedies are also sold by the Forest Shrine shopkeeper or you beat them out of a Sagely Carrotella in the Central Grasslands. For Rejuvenating Berries , you should revisit the Al Maajik Shady Shop.

Goldweed for the Miracles can be gathered from the golden weeds dotted around the Central Grasslands and the Penguin Beach. As for the Soulweed , you can gather these from Cacto Cove or buy them from the Plushling Camp on Levitania.

When you need to make a Luck Potion, you can obtain Centurial Nuts by shaking the tall nut trees in the Central Grasslands. Cherry Nectar , meanwhile, can occasionally be gotten when picking up the pink Cherrybell flowers in the grasslands or the Forest Shrine.

Careful you don't accidentally blow up the world...

To make your Godly Spray, you will some Divine Pods , which can sometimes be found after murdering the Tribal Tykes in the Forest Shrine. Ultima Alcheweeds don't require any violence; you can buy these from the Plushling Camp with the Shopping on the Go Bliss Bonus.

Quality Minty Ore for Flamel's favourite bombs are sold by a couple of vendors, such as the Port Puerto ore merchant, while you can acquire Golden Droppings from the Angelic Bunnies prouncing around the Central Grasslands.

Finally, you can obtain Spiritual Powder from the Dark Wisps and Darkzine that inhabit the Central Grasslands during the night and Other-Worldly Powder from the Darkzine, Blazine, Gustine or Aquazine found in various parts of Origin Island.

That's the shopping list taken care of. For the crafting itself, you shouldn't run into any problems on account of your high Alchemy skill levels. But if you have the materials, of course do try to craft yourself a better flask if you can.

The Flask of Dawn shouldn't be too hard to make. You can get the Ancient Stone as a rare drop from the Stone Giants in the Central Grasslands, Ancient Coral from the Sea Horse or Sea Mare in the Penguin Beach and White Gels from the Hot Spring Jellings in the Forest Shrine.

Besides your flask, also consider whether your stats are fit for a God-in-Training. Ideally you want 100 points in Intelligence and the rest in Dexterity and Focus. If you've got points in unimportant stats, you can always visit the Tome of Shadows to reset your stats.

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