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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 13-08-2020 / 00:19 GMT

Help Flutter see the world and earn Bliss while you do so!

Each time you complete a story quest, there will always be a set of "Flutter's Requests" following it.

These are simple "go to X location" quests designed to familiarise yourself (and Flutter) with the world and inhabitants of Reveria, as well as a means of obtaining Bliss for Bliss Bonuses.

In addition, you must complete every new Flutter's Request to unlock the next Story Quest and advance the story. Once you've done so, speak to Flutter in your room, then agree to Save the game when prompted.

Reward for each quest : 10 Bliss

Tale of the Goddess

Your first request from Flutter is to check out the Goddess Statue in Castele Square. Begin heading towards Castele Castle, but stopping at the fountain before the set of stairs.

Inspect the statue in the middle of the fountain to learn a little about the Goddess's history. You will also be asked to choose a wish: pick wisely as wishes cannot be changed.

Next, you will be taught about Requests . Basically the citizens of Reveria are all rather needy and you can fulfil their needs in return for Dosh, items and some experience points.

People with Requests have a thought bubble with "..." above their heads, so you can't miss them. Up to 30 Requests can be accepted at one time and you can fulfil them whenever you feel like it.

Be aware that Requests are completely optionally and there's no penalty for declining a Request before or after accepting it.

Finally you'll receive an accessory: a Charm .

Three new Flutter's Requests will be added.

Whats a... Guild Office?

Busy players will be coming back to the Guild Office a lot.

This quest is pretty straightforward as you've already visited a Guild Office--the Castele branch--when you were applying for your first Life License.

So just hop back to the Castele Guild Office and see what other services they provide. You won't be disappointed!

For starters, the Guild Master behind the left counter will let you change your Life at any time. Except during Introductory Quests or Multiplayer.

Changing your Life allows you to acquire new Skills; after acquiring a Skill, you can use that Skill in any Life role. Just note that Skills grow more slowly if you're not in the relevant Life (eg. Longsword Skill will grow slowly if you're not a Mercenary).

As such we recommend changing your Life often so you can acquire a vast pool of Skills. In particular, make sure to try Angler, Miner and Woodcutter so you have the ability to gather additional resources out in the field.

The Bounty Clerk in the right counter will let you redeem Bounties ; these are important drop items obtained from boss monsters, fish, trees or ore.

In the back are the communications counters. On the left you have the StreetPass clerk, who manages the game's StreetPass features.

By activating StreetPass, you can exchange profiles and items with other Fantasy Life players. Players you StreetPass will shown up as guests in Castele, as indicated by blue dots on the mark.

If you speak with guests, their Friendship may increase--once it reachs 100, you will receive their gift. Each time you change screens, you will have another chance to speak and boost Friendship.

Befriend StreetPass guests and you may receive their gift.

Note that Friendship can go down or remain unchanged, but it usually increases more often than not. Also, if you do not have the "Origin Island" expansion, you cannot receive items exclusive to Origin Island.

In the middle is the lovely Link clerk. Speak with her to learn about Link Mode, Multiplayer or Snapshots.

Link Mode is an interesting social feature that lets you automatically share achievements with your friends online. It's a great way to interact passively or show off how far ahead you are compared to others...

After activating the Snapshot function, you can take screenshots of your game screen by pressing the START or SELECT buttons. Screenshots are saved to your SD card and can be uploaded to the internet by using the 3DS Image Share service.

Last, but not least, the Multiplayer clerk is standing to the right. She's your entrance to Multiplayer adventures, whether local or online. Multiplayer is a great way to tackle tough monsters together, exchange items or just explore Reveria with others.

Shop til We Drop!

Next, it's time to see what the shops are like. Head for the Castele General Goods store, located towards the east of Castele Square, north-east from your house and directly east from the Guild Office.

Inside you'll learn that Dosh can buy you material goods, including HP and SP Potions, as well as Life Cures. You'll be given a couple of samples too, so give them a try before you buy!

If you have the Dosh to spend, we recommend stocking up on these essentials, as you never know when you'll need them out in the Reverian wilderness.

There are a large variety of shops beyond this one that we ought to mention. Just in Castele Square, there's the clothes shop, equipment shop and furniture shop.

To the east, in Castele Artisans' District , you can buy an assortment of crafting materials from the vendors along the south-west.

Meanwhile, heading west takes you to the Castele Shopping District , where you can purchase meat, vegetables and other groceries. Plus there's Alfredo's Bistro for all your dining needs.

As you can see, if you take the time to look around, you can definitely shop 'til you drop!

Looking for more shopping options? Shopping+ is for you!

If that wasn't enough, you can expand the selection of items you can buy from shops by claiming the " Shopping+ " Bliss Reward.

Before we leave, don't forget the secondary feature of shops: the ability to sell your items for Dosh. Any shop works, so there's nothing weird about selling weapons to a grocery store.

As a rule of thumb, we would suggest only selling equipment that have outlived their use or spare items you've crafted. Try not to sell materials, as you may need them later in a different Life.

Time for Adventuring!

As soon as your adventurous spirit rears itself, head for the Castele exit by heading south from Castele Square, into South Castele . Next, follow the path all the way south, past the crossroads, then head east when the path starts to bend.

Welcome to the beautiful East Grassy Plains !

If you're in a combat-based Life, the following controls should be easy for you. Press the A button to draw your weapon, then press it again to attack. The B button will put away your weapon.

To run, press B after moving; to sneak, press B before moving. Finally, when surrounded and with your weapon drawn, press the Y button to switch targets.

The fields are full of monsters--some aggressive, some not. One in particular, the massive Napdragon , should not be provoked unless you seek early retirement.

Additionally, you can forrage around for materials with the A button when unequipped. Try approaching fruit or honey trees or weeds to see what you can find. If you have Angler, Miner or Woodcutter skills, you'll find fish, ores and trees too.

We recommend spending a good amount of time in the plains, getting used to the field controls and gathering all the resources you can find.

Should you encounter the Bandits , be careful, especially if you're not in a combat-based Life. In particular, the Bandit Leader can leave a dent in your HP.

Defeating the Bandit Leader will reward you with a Bounty crate-- don't attack this and instead drag it back to the Castele Guild Office using the A button (when unequipped).

You can speak to the Guide Paladin near the entrance and he can teleport you to Castele Square or a different part of Castele. Even if you're carrying a Bounty!

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