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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 15-08-2020 / 20:32 GMT

Go and meet the Woodcutter master, Heyho

Heyho is living with his daughter in a humble cottage in East Castele.

To learn the way of Woodcutting, you must pay a visit to Heyho, who's living in East Castele . From your current position, exit Castele Square via the south.

Continue south through South Castele until you reach the crossroad with the Save crystal nearby. From there, make your way east into East Castele and you'll find Heyho's House directly to the north-east when you emerge.

Speak to Forrest the Woodcutter in East Castele

Heyho gives you the Worn Axe to get you started, but his Woodcutter's heart is pretty worn out too, so he tells you to learn from Forrest instead.

Leave the house and head in a north-easterly direction towards the woods. Just before the archway, further in, you'll bump into Forrest and Heyho's daughter, Monika.

Head into the woods of East Casele

Having learned the Woodcutting skill from Forrest, your next objective is to a suitable tree to use it on.

Continue north through the woods, to where Monika is waiting for you.

Practice your swing and collect 3 Oak Logs

As Monika cleverly points out, there are plenty of Oak Trees here to practice on. Firstly though, if you haven't equipped your Worn Axe, do so by opening the Menu and going to the " Gear " section. Then select the Worn Axe as your Tool.

To help you, Monika will give you Apple Juice in case you need to replenish SP.

Oak Trees are the easiest trees to fell, so this shouldn't take long. Approach an Oak Tree, then press the A button when the axe prompt appears to target the tree. Pressing the A button now will swing your axe; keep going until you shout "timber!"

Don't forget to use the A button to pick up the Oak Logs that appear from the tree, then repeat until you've got three.

Go and see Forrest in East Castele

Once you have 3 Oak Logs, run back to Forrest near the archway to show him your progress.

See the wood merchant in the Artisans District

Selling lumber is the number one way to make money as a Woodcutter.

Next up, you'll be asked to make a trip that many Woodcutters will frequently make during their career: to the wood merchant in the Castele Artisans' District .

While the wood's still fresh, exit the woods via the south, then do a U-turn and follow the dirt road north, before turning left into the Artisans' District.

Continue west through the busy streets until you reach the Save crystal in front of the Royal Workshop, then head south into the stalls. The wood merchant you're supposed to visit is in the bottom-left corner.

You'll receive 90 Dosh in exchange for 3 pieces of quality Oak Log. Later on, you can sell your timber to any shop or you can keep them for the Carpenter Life.

Head to the workshop in the Artisans District

Gathering Oak Logs was for babies; for your next task, you'll have to visit Forrest again. Except this time he's at the Castele Royal Workshop , directly north from your current position.

Speak to Forrest

Inside, head downstairs to the right to the Carpenter's workshop, where Forrest seems to be having a busy conversation.

Head to The Crown in the Shopping District

To fulfil the Minister's request, you need to find a rare Elder Log. However a log of that calibre is almost impossible to find unless you're the Forest Protector--in other words, Heyho.

At this time of day, Heyho is probably boozing at The Crown .

Heyho must have been hit hard to be reduced to this state...

Leave the workshop and head west into Castele Square, then further west into the Castele Shopping District. Here, make your way south-west, into the back alleys and The Crown will be the first building on your right.

Talk to Heyho

As we suspected, Heyho is drowning his sorrows inside. Quick, try and stop him!

Try talking to Heyho again

That was no help at all, but you can't give up that easily. Keep pestering the man!

Go and find the Forest Lady

You tried your best, but it looks like Heyho won't be helping you anytime soon. You'll just have to do your best to find an Elder Log without him.

Leave The Crown and a passerby will bring to your attention a strange occurrence at the nearby water fountain. Well, what do you know? Heyho managed to summon the Forest Lady after all.

Since she's here, you may as well ask her about finding an Elder Log.

Go and look for an Elder Log

The Forest Lady, or Elmie as she's otherwise known, knows just the place to find an Elder Log and tags along to guide you.

From where you are now, head in a north-westerly direction towards West Castele. Once there, follow the trodden path south, past the Airship Dock, then turn left towards the wooden bridge.

Obtain an Elder Log from a tree in West Castele

On the other side of the bridge, you'll find your source of Elder Logs in the bottom-left corner: a rare Elder Oak Tree .

Large trees like this are more likely to yield rarer materials, such as Elder Logs. Trouble is, they're harder to cut down compared to normal trees.

After a couple of trees, you should get the swing of things.

When faced with big or higher level trees, the key to success is to locate the tree's " sweet spot ". After locking onto a tree, you can circle around the tree with the Circle Pad.

As you do so, try attacking the tree from different angles to find the sweet spot. In total, there are eight possible angles: above, below, the two sides and diagonally between.

You'll know you've hit the sweet spot when you hear a satisfying "crunching" sound and your Axe does increased damage . Once you've found the sweet spot, obviously keep plugging away at it.

Next, rhythm is important as well. If you mash the A button quickly, your character will rapidly chop at the tree, but for little damage.

Slow down a little and, with the right timing, your character will perform wider swings that deal greater damage. It's these wider swings that will let you cause more damage for the least effort.

Last but not least, if your final swing deals a lot of damage in relation to the tree's remaining HP (overkill, in other words), you will receive more materials than usual. This will be indicated by an "Excellent!" message at the end.

The recommended technique is to carefully watch the tree's HP gauge and switch over to weak axe swings as the tree's HP gets closer to 0. Then once the tree's HP is almost 0, finish it off with the best attack you can muster.

Anyway, that's a lot to digest, but just try your best to fell the Elder Oak Tree. You've got plenty of time to master everything afterwards!

Speak to the Minister in the workshop

Not bad! You finally got the Special Elder Log you were looking for. Head back to the Castele Royal Workshop and show the Minister who's an amazing Woodcutter. As thanks, you'll be given 500 Dosh .

Go and see Forrest

Finally, you should let Forrest know you've completed the job. He's waiting in front of the archway in the East Castele woods, where you first found him.

Lo and behold! Heyho finally sobers up and begins acting like a proper master. In recognition of your efforts, you'll be promoted from Novice Woodcutter to Fledgling Woodcutter ! Those trees had better watch out...

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