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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 04-07-2020 / 09:03 GMT

Read the letter in your mailbox

The big day has finally arrived and your presence is required.

It's a new day so that can only mean another letter from the King. Hopefully it's good news!

Go to the castle

At long last the Reveria Summit is about to begin, but not without you--the main character--there! So head straight for the castle assuming you've got nothing else to do.

Go to the Great Hall

To pay her respects to all the nations' representatives, Yuelia will change to her original form before entering the castle.

Once that's done, step into the castle and you'll be taken through the big door straight ahead, which is usually kept shut. Let the summit commence!

Go and see Falcon

You'll learn a lot during the course of the summit, but there's also a brand new mystery: the floating island of Levitania. Nobody knows where it is, but Falcon, a retired pilot, claims that it exists.

Only one thing for it then; let's visit Falcon at his garage in South Castele to hear his full story while everyone's taking a break.

Go to see Pam

Who would've though Falcon's story would turn out to be... so long?

After dozing off for a bit, you'll learn that one of Falcon's pupils, Robin, left in search of Levitania, but Falcon doesn't know where he's gone.

Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a wild goose chase.

Pam might though, so head to her house in Castele Square to see if she knows anything.

Return to the Great Hall

Apparently Robin was last seen headed to Port Puerto, which is not a whole lot of information to go off. Instead of searching around aimlessly you should speak to Olivia in the Great Hall , where the summit is occurring.

Go and see Crankshaft

Olivia confirms that Robin is in Port Puerto somewhere and everyone agrees that you should go and find him. It may help if you first head to Port Puerto's Cocina Rica to find Crankshaft, Port Puerto's airship expert.

First, exit the castle so Yuelia can remind you of your current objective. If you bought the Port Puerto holiday home, use the Map to quick travel to there. Otherwise, head to West Castele and book a flight to Port Puerto.

Cocina Rica is located towards the north-east of the Palace Way, before the Port Puerto Palace. Just outside the entrance, you should spot a man with his back facing towards you.

Go to Crankshafts Workshop

Crankshaft is in no shape to help you, but his daughter Aurora is happy to take you to Robin at his workshop. With Aurora in tow, head south into the Marina, then turn right after the fabric stall.

The workshop is the first building on your left. There are two entrances, but it doesn't matter which one you use.

Find Aurora

Turns out Noelia was one step ahead of you and you're almost ready to search the skies for Levitania. However poor Aurora has run off to get some fresh air; maybe you should speak to her.

Exit the Marina and head south into the Beach District, then make your west past Elise's Lighthouse and the Port Puerto airship garage.

It won't lift airships, but maybe it can lift someone's heart.

You should see Aurora staring off into the distance. After learning a bit about her father's history, you'll receive the Keepsake Floatstone .

Go and see Crankshaft

Now that you know a bit more about Crankshaft, you can try speaking to him again outside Cocina Rica . It can't hurt to try, right?

Go to Levitania

Success! Somehow you managed to sober up Crankshaft and now he can help Robin finalise his aircraft. Which means you're all ready to leave for Levitania!

As soon you're physically and mentally prepared, speak to Robin by the aircraft to depart. It might be a long and perilous journey, so bear that in mind.

Find Yuelia and the airship

That was... close. It looks like you're still alive but there's no sign of Yuelia or the airship. Head north and get searching!

Follow that Plushling!

The view from Levitania is quite breathtaking and there are Plushlings here too. Follow the mystery Plushling east to see what's there.

Well, for starters, there's a climbing frame and... a Plushling Camp .

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