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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-07-2020 / 06:53 GMT

Origin Island is safe, which can only mean one thing: some more Flutter's Requests to wrap up the story proper.

Goddess Ancient Tower

Don't panic; you don't have to climb the entire tower again... yet.

You're probably not looking forward to returning to the Ancient Tower after the arduous climb moments earlier, but this request is relatively simple.

Head to the Ancient Tower in the north-most part of Origin Island, then step in the central warp circle to instantly travel to the top floor.

There, Celestia will explain there's more to the Ancient Tower than what you explored before; in fact, there are three separate "trials" that you can undertake.

The first trial, the "Trial of Time" is unlocked from the start and can be challenged by heading west from the central warp circle on the bottom floor of the tower. Meanwhile, two more trials will be unlocked once you reach a high enough Level.

For more information about the Ancient Tower trials, please check the next chapter of our guide, " DLC: Trials and Treasures" .

Before you leave, Celestia gives you a heavenly Lunares Pie as encouragement. To be honest, you deserve more than a pie for your efforts, but beggars can't be choosers.

Additionally, if you ever want to invite Grace or Dogu to your party, you can find them on the top floor of the tower (via the central warp circle).

When you return to your house, Pam will appear out of nowhere and add another Flutter's Request to your list.

Pams Errand

Speak to Pam behind the main counter in her house and she'll ask you to run a very simple errand: bring her 10 HP Potions.

If, for some reason, you don't have 10 HP Potions on your person, you can buy some from the nearby General Goods for little more than pocket money.

Later, Pam will be asking for a lot more than just HP Potions...

To reward your meagre efforts, Pam gives you a strange Silver Lunares Coin . According to Pam, long ago, people used these coins to pray at Goddess statues. Not only that, but Pam explains that she has a lot more of these coins stashed away.

If you speak to Pam afterwards, you can undertake new " Pam's Requests ", which involve bringing Pam a certain number of a certain item. This can range from the easy "10 HP Potions" like you did earlier to the harder "1 Bone Dragon's Horn".

Each time you complete a request, you will receive 2 Silver Lunares Coins . As you complete consecutive requests, she'll eventually reward you with 3 Silver Lunares Coins instead and finally 5 Silver Lunares Coins .

Note that you can only complete one Pam's Request per day, but if you want, you can sleep in the inn or your house to quickly get a new request.

Also, if you don't like a particular request or find it impossible, you can decline the request-- after accepting it--and get a new request the next day.

After speaking to Pam, a new Flutter's Request will be added.

The Castele Goddess Statue

You've been here a few times during the course of the story, but at last it finally has some practical use. We are, of course, referring to the Goddess Statue in the central plaza, along the way to Castele Castle.

On this occasion, you'll bump into Fred and receive a Gold Lunares Coin from him.

The game will also teach you about using Lunares Coins: at certain Goddess Statues like this one, you can inspect it to exchange a Silver Lunares Coin or Gold Lunares Coin for prizes.

The prizes you can obtain are random and depend on the type of coin you offer (Gold coins generally give better prizes). To find out which prizes are available and from which coins, you can choose the "Check prizes" option before making an offering.

That sword looks spiffy, but if you're unlucky, you could waste a hundred coins to get it.

Beware! The Lunares Coin prizes are pre-determined, so even if you save your game before offering a coin and reload your save file in hopes of getting different prizes, you will always get the exact same sequence of prizes.

To further add insult to injury, it is possible to get duplicate prizes.

After checking out the Castele Goddess Statue, three more Flutter's Requests will be added.

The Port Puerto Goddess Statue

Having seen one Goddess Statue, Yuelia wants you to visit all of them!

As it happens, each Goddess Statue has its own unique prize pool, so it's well worth finding the location of each. For your information, the Port Puerto one is near the south exit of the Port Puerto Marina (where the market stalls are).

This time, you'll receive a Silver Lunares Coin from Pepperonita too; not as great as a gold one, but better than nothing.

The Al Maajik Goddess Statue

Al Maajik's Goddess Statue is a little ways south from the north exit of the Al Maajik Sandtown (the middle area).

Here, you'll find out even cats can offer to the Goddess; plus you'll get another shiny Silver Lunares Coin .

The Elderwood Goddess Statue

To complete your trip, head for Elderwood Village and check out the Goddess Statue near the entrance, just past the wooden plank bridge.

Whoa... Danuta can move!? Anyway, if you hand over 150 Dosh to one of the greedy Leafes, you'll receive yet another Silver Lunares Coin .

After completing the above three Flutter's Requests, a new request will be added.

The Origin Island Goddess Statue

Ask Fred if you need some currency converting.

Oh, there's actually another Goddess Statue that we neglected to visit.

For this final statue, use the portal in Pam's Storage Room to enter Origin Island, then make your way east towards the Rocky Hill Shrine .

Beyond, continue east for a bit, then head north and north-west. You should arrive at a small settlement and, sitting in the centre, Origin Island's own Goddess Statue.

Fred is here too and he'll give you one last "free" Silver Lunares Coin , before telling you he can exchange silver coins for gold ones.

Afterwards, if you chat to Fred, he'll exchange four Silver Lunares Coins for one Gold Lunares Coin. No, that's not a mistake in our guide! Although Fred says he'll swap five silvers for one gold, he'll alter the rates if you go ahead with the transaction. Sneaky guy...

Since Gold Lunares Coins are generally superior, if you get lots of Silver Lunares Coins from Pam, feel free to speak to Fred to convert them to gold ones.

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