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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 15-07-2020 / 05:39 GMT

Having completed your Introductory Quest, you should have Leveled Up for the first time. Congrats!

Leveling Up and Stats

When you Level Up, you have the freedom to distribute your stat gains.

Like other RPGs, your character with Level Up when they have gained enough experience points . These can be obtained by defeating monsters, crafting, gathering or completing Requests from citizens.

Each time you Level Up, your Maximum HP will increase and you will gain 2 allocatable stat points (3 if your Level is a multiple of 10).

How you spend these stat points depends on how you intend to play the game.

If you're planning to stick with one Life most of the time, you will probably want to focus on the extreme and mainly allocate points to one stat. Whereas if you're mixing and matching all the time, you may want to spread your stats evenly.

Basically, there is no right or wrong way to distribute stats.

Furthermore, after you've beaten the game, you can reset your stats and re-distribute your stat points at any time (for a hefty sum of Dosh, mind you).

What does each stat do though?

Well, if you go to the " Status " section and try to allocate stat points, the game will helpfully inform you what characteristics each stat improves. However that's not quite the full story, so also check out our handy guide below!

**Stat** **Improves** **Slightly Improves**
Strength Attack (Longsword, Greatsword), Mining, Woodcutting Attack (Bow, Dagger), Smithing, Carpentry
Vitality Attack (Greatsword), Defence, Smithing, Carpentry Mining, Woodcutting
Intelligence Magic Attack, Magic Defence, Alchemy Fishing, Cooking, Sewing
Focus Fishing, Cooking Attack (Longsword, Bow, Dagger), Magic Attack, Mining, Smithing, Sewing, Alchemy
Dexterity Attack (Bow, Dagger), Sewing Attack (Longsword), Woodcutting, Fishing, Cooking, Carpentry, Alchemy
Luck - Critical rate, Rare item rate, Crafting quality

Improving Yourself

You will then receive information about Stars, Life Ranks, Skills and Leveling Up.

Stars are acquired by completing Life Challenges--quests unique to your current Life. Challenges are automatically obtained when you Rank Up or gotten from Life colleagues--NPC characters who share your Life.

You can check your Challenges by tapping "Quests" on the bottom screen.

When you have enough Stars, you can ascend to the next Life Rank. Your current Life Rank is Fledgling , but your eventual aim is to become a Master or beyond. So get collecting those Stars!

Stars are tied to your current Life Rank, so if you change to a different Life, you will be collecting a different set of Stars for that Life.

Skills are obtained by acquiring a new Life; these let you equip new weapons or tools or let you craft new items. For example, the Paladin's Longsword Skill lets you equip Longswords.

Once you've obtained a Skill, you will keep it even if you change Life, but note that some items are restricted to certain Life roles (you can check the item to see who can equip it).

...And we've just discussed Leveling Up a few moments ago!

So if you want to allocate your stat points now, open the Menu and navigate to the "Status" section. Then use the arrows to adjust your stat points. Press "Confirm" when you're happy!

Back Home

Once all's well and done, it's about time you headed back home. Follow the red arrow on the bottom screen, back to Castele Square where you started and then upstairs to your humble, little attic room.

Upon arrival, you will find Pam already inside. To get you started on the road to stardom, she gives you a little house-warming gift: a Worn-Out Chair . Er, it could have been worse.

You can buy furniture or make it yourself as a Carpenter!

Now you can rearrange the furniture in your room by pressing My Room near the bottom of the bottom screen. You can also use this feature to check your mail, store or withdraw items.

For now, try placing the Worn-Out Chair somewhere.

Go to My Room, Rearrange, then Decor and select the Worn-Out Chair. You can then move the chair with the D-Pad or Circle Pad and place it with the A button. If you don't like where the chair is, hover over it and press the X button to store it.

After confirming you know how to place furniture, Pam leaves, but not before reminding you to collect Dosh and Bliss . Hang on, what's Bliss? (You may know already, but just bear with us.)

Luckily Flutter knows all about Bliss and she even offers her special Bliss Check service. Better try it out then!

As it happens, Bliss is a measure of how "happy" you are. Once you've collected enough Bliss, you can use it to redeem Bliss Bonuses--features that enhance your game experience--after requesting a Bliss Check from Flutter in your room.

Bliss can be obtained by achieving milestones, such as "Leveled Up for the first time", or by completing Flutter's Requests .

Which brings us to our next subject, but for now you need to get some rest!

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