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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 01-04-2020 / 07:55 GMT

Fantasy Life Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Mythical Land of Levitania

Part 6: Sky Island Hopping (2)

Go to the Mysterious Abandoned Shack

It's mysterious and it's abandoned. Spoo...ooky!

The Plushling Camp sure is something. There’s your airship too and a rather surprising resident.

Still, the airship is out of fuel and Yuelia’s not here, so you should go out and explore Levitania some more. Larkin suggests starting with the abandoned shack not too far away from here.

Robin will leave your party, but there aren’t any monsters about so don’t worry. Exit the camp and head in a north-westerly direction. After crossing the suspension bridge, the shack will appear in sight.

Search for a Floastone

Inside, Noelia will join your party to help you search for clues. You can try inspecting the disheveled area in the top-left corner of the room.

Go outside!

You found your clue alright, plus a loud sound that came from outside. No sense standing inside; exit the shack to find out where the noise came from.

Go to the western forest

A bunch of Plushlings will come and tell you that a Doom Stone fell in the Goddess’s Forest to the far west. Doom Stones are always bad news, so you should locate it as soon as you can.

Head west into Central Levitania, then continue further west into West Levitania . There will be Plushlings standing around stopping you going elsewhere, so you can’t get lost.

Just outside the forest entrance, there’s a line of Plushlings standing guard or just being nosy. One or the other.

According to our plushy friends the entrance is sealed by the Goddess’s magic, but you’ve got a little Goddess friend who can fix that for you…

Find the Doom Stone

The Shadow Wolves pack a bite; you can just flee from them if necessary.

With the entrance unsealed, you’re free to head on inside to look for the Doom Stone. But be careful: where there are Doom Stones, there are shadow monsters. Like the two Shadow Wolves waiting for you.

Besides those two, there are more wolves waiting further inside too. Good thing you’ve got Noelia to help you.

From the entrance, head north towards the edge of the island, then make your way east. You’ll come across a large clearing with a bunch of Shadow Wolves and a Boss Wolf. You can run past them or give them a good beating; it’s up to you.

Next, head towards the path to the north-east, stopping before the massive suspension bridge.

Lift the other seal

Annoyingly, you can’t cross the bridge because of another seal. However, your Fluffkin stalker appears to let you know where the second seal is found.

With Fluffkin in your party, head south through the forest and inspect the stone artifact at the end.

Return to the unbroken seal

Noelia manages to weaken the second seal, which means you can return to the bridge to finish the job.

Keep going

Talk about a brilliant objective.

Noelia completely breaks the seal, so you can now cross the suspension bridge. However Fluffkin refuses to cross, meaning you’ll have to go without him. What’s he so scared off?

Smash the Doom Stone!

The Shadow Dragon is tough even for Heroes or Legends.

A Shadow Dragon and two Baby Shadow Dragons, that’s what! Yuelia will join your party, so it’s three adventurers versus three dragons and a Doom Stone.

You can fight the babies if you want, but the Shadow Dragon is probably too powerful for you right now, so give it up. Maybe you’ll fight it one day under different circumstances…

Anyway, the battlefield is quite spacious so when Yuelia and Noelia are distracting the dragons, just run ahead and break the Doom Stone ASAP.

Find out what Yuelia discovered

Yuelia wasn’t just lazying around while you weren’t here; apparently she found something… interesting further north. Let’s see what it is…

Why of course, it’s the Levitania Floatstone !

Report back to the Reveria Summit

The next time you’re in control, you’ll be right outside Crankshaft’s Workshop. Noelia will leave your party and Robin will join in her place.

A lot of things have happened recently and it would be a good idea to tell everyone waiting back at the Reveria Summit.

So open your Map and quick travel to your home, the Guild Office or whichever place is closest to Castele Castle, then enter the Great Hall for the final time today.

As a reward for your efforts thus far, you’ll be given 20,000 Dosh .

Report to Pam

Everyone at the summit knows what you’ve been up to, but of course Pam still doesn’t know. She’s standing outside her house in Castele Square, so hurry back to see her before you forget.

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